MOMI SMILES| benefits of having siblings

Aug 14, 2017 | Life, Likes, Love, Only Berlin

The good thing about having a sibling is that there would always be an extra hand to offer help on either household chores or even on assignments and projects.  Bunso was extra thankful to his kuya Firstborn for helping him with his Filipino project.

Bunso needs to create a patalastas / announcement.  I mentioned to him before that I will not help him with his project but he could always approach his brothers for help.  His kuya Firstborn was kind enough to accommodate him.  They researched on the internet about ways to create a patalastas, brainstormed together, and made a mock-up presentation.  Later, after having their mom’s approval, Bunso started with his project.  To make it more interesting, husband provided wood stand for the cartolina to stand on its own.

MOMI SMILES| benefits of having siblings

MOMI SMILES| benefits of having siblings


MOMI SMILES| benefits of having siblings

MOMI SMILES| benefits of having siblings

Aside from doing school works, what are the benefits of having a dear sibling?  Momi Berlin enumerates a few:

benefits of having siblings

extra helping hands

Just like with the assignment, having a brother means an extra set of hands to help especially if the parents are busy with other things.  After all, family means working together. And no one teaches that lesson faster than a sibling!

instant friends

When two boys first attended school, they weren’t too afraid to be left alone because they have a bigger brother attending in the same school.  They also have an instant companion and friend at the school service.  And wherever they go – mall, parties and even park – they have instant playmates.

full of laughter

Honestly,  I love to hear the laughter of my boys.  They are simply contagious.  They would laugh while washing the dishes and even while doing the laundry.  They giggle and laugh harder as they see something funny.  They would even laugh at their silly jokes.

Momi smiles

Our small house may be messier and noisier with five boys living with their mom and dad.   The laughter may irritate me sometimes when I need to concentrate.  The mess irritates me even more when I would just like to sleep in a tidy house.  But still, I wouldn’t trade the noise and mess for anything else.  They are the laughter and mess of the children I call my boys and who call me “mama.”


  1. Michi

    Good to know that your kids help each other, parang hindi ko naexperience yan nung bata ko, hehehe! Kanya-kanyang sikap kami sa pag-aaral or project since my mom is working overseas. But I agree with instant friends and instant playmates. 🙂

    • momiberlin

      our house can be real noisy and sometimes they would fight. but then i like the sight that they help each other. i didn’t experience that as well because i am an only child. masarap pala may kapatid. ihihi.

  2. Gilian

    Instant friends. My sons play with each other and I love that they help and love each other (not every day, but most of the time.) It’s true that having siblings have great benefits, especially when parents mold them to love each other. I’ve seen some families where kids just really hate each other, and it can be sad because it is possible for kids to cultivate a strong bond of love at an early stage. Keep inspiring. =)

  3. Bea

    I remember when my siblings and I help each other din with our projects back then. I have to make a comics and my little sister needs to do a reflection paper. Since my sister is good with arts and I’m better with writing, we exchanged projects. HAHA! There is so much more benefits pa in having a sibling esp when you grow. Someday, they’ll help each other naman with girls. :)))))))

  4. Dew@MomsterTeacher

    Hay, all the more I get pressured to get preggers already. 🙁 At first I also thought my son is enough (because he makes us sooo happy already). But as time goes by we realize the importance of having siblings, beginning with the Instant Friend rationale.

    I pray God would bless us with a baby girl soon. Kainggit family nyo!


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