Stay Germ-Free with Lifebuoy’s New Bigating Champion: Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+

May 9, 2024 | Likes

Stay Germ-Free with Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+

In today’s world, where stronger germs threaten our health, maintaining proper hygiene is more important than ever. That’s why Lifebuoy, a trusted name in germ protection, introduces their latest innovation: Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+.

Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+

Designed to be every Filipino family’s bigating champion against germs, Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+ is available in bar soap, body wash, and hand wash variants. With its unique multivitamin formula, including Vitamins B3, C, and E, this new range not only cleanses but also boosts skin immunity for bigating germ kill action.

“Using ordinary soap may no longer be enough to protect yourself against today’s evolving germs,” says Lifebuoy Brand Manager Anthony Chiang. “Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+ is your bigatin champion that keeps you clean and fresh and enhances your skin immunity to protect it from germs.”

Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+

To bring the benefits of their new product closer to families, Lifebuoy is hosting the Lifebuoy Bigatin Games in barangays and cities. These engaging events aim to educate communities on health, hygiene, and germ protection while having fun together.

Now available nationwide, Lifebuoy with Multivitamins+ 100g Antibacterial Soap bars offer effective germ protection at an affordable price. Don’t miss out on staying germ-free and healthy with Lifebuoy’s new bigating champion! Visit Lifebuoy’s official Facebook Page for more information.


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