Finding Support in Motherhood: PLDT Home’s Heartfelt Mother’s Day Video

May 9, 2024 | Life

PLDT Home’s Heartfelt Mother’s Day Video

Motherhood is an extraordinary journey, but it can also be overwhelming at times. There’s no manual for raising children, and the pressure to be the perfect mom can feel daunting. That’s why PLDT Home’s new Mother’s Day video is a touching reminder of the importance of finding support in the journey of motherhood.

Finding Support in Motherhood: PLDT Home's Heartfelt Mother's Day Video

Backstage MOMS

The video celebrates the concept of “backstage moms” – the unsung heroes who support and uplift other mothers as they navigate the challenges of raising children. It opens with Jaclyn, a mother who appears to be the picture-perfect mom for her daughter, Lottie. However, behind the scenes, Jaclyn struggles to keep it all together, revealing the real emotions that come with motherhood.

But Jaclyn is not alone. As she reaches out for support, her fellow moms, including her own mother, rally around her with words of encouragement: “It’s okay to ask for help. We are here for you.” This heartwarming moment highlights the power of community and reminds moms that they’re never alone in their journey.

PLDT Home’s Mother’s Day Video

Finding Support in Motherhood: PLDT Home's Heartfelt Mother's Day Video

PLDT Home’s message is clear: no matter how tough motherhood may seem, there’s always a community of parents ready to offer online and offline support. By coming together and sharing their experiences, moms can find strength and reassurance to overcome any challenge.

To watch the touching Mother’s Day video, visit PLDT Home’s YouTube channel. For more heartwarming stories and inspiring content, follow PLDT Home’s official Facebook page.


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