Ease the Burden with Singlife’s Cash for Funeral Costs

Mar 22, 2024 | Life

Singlife’s Cash for Funeral Costs

When faced with the loss of a loved one, financial worries shouldn’t add to the emotional strain. Singlife Philippines understands this, introducing the Cash for Funeral Costs plan to empower families to confidently prepare for end-of-life expenses.

Ease the Burden with Singlife's Cash for Funeral Costs

Shielding Families from High Expenses

Filipinos prioritize family above all else, striving to provide dignified farewells despite the soaring costs of funerals. Singlife’s Cash for Funeral Costs offers beneficiaries up to ₱300,000 cash benefit, starting at premiums as low as ₱447 per month. This financial assistance allows families to honor their loved ones’ final wishes or handle unexpected end-of-life expenses without added stress.

Tailored Benefits for Peace of Mind

This product is designed with customers in mind, offering a range of benefits to simplify funeral arrangements:

  • Meaningful Financial Support: Receive up to ₱300,000 cash benefit for funeral expenses, with plans starting at ₱447/month.
  • Yearly Coverage Boost: Enjoy increasing coverage at no extra cost to address potential price hikes in funeral arrangements.
  • Flexible Payment Duration: Choose between 5 or 10-year payment terms, extending coverage until age 120.
  • Disability Coverage: In the case of permanent disability, unpaid premiums are waived while coverage remains intact.
  • Family Inclusion: One plan covers spouses or life partners, with children covered for free from the second year onwards.
  • Immediate Assistance: Upon confirmation of death, beneficiaries receive prompt funeral cash assistance.
  • Memorial Care Support: Singlife’s dedicated team assists families with funeral arrangements, guiding during difficult times.

Real-life Financial Protection

Consider John’s story—a young provider for his senior parents. Despite his sudden passing, Singlife’s insurance policy granted his parents almost ₱1.5 million in benefits, easing their financial burden and allowing them to mourn without additional strain. Singlife’s foresight and support prepared John’s family for the unforeseen, underscoring the value of financial planning.

Empowering Financial Security with GCash

Singlife Philippines partners with GCash to extend financial security to more Filipinos. Together, they offer a hassle-free, digital solution for funeral planning, ensuring a dignified farewell without financial distress.

A Seamless Purchase Journey

Cash for Funeral Costs allows customers to select preferred arrangements and coverage seamlessly through GInsure on GCash, completing the process in under 5 minutes.

Peace of Mind for Every Filipino

Ease the Burden with Singlife's Cash for Funeral Costs
At the launch of our Cash for Funeral Costs plan

Life’s uncertainties remind us of the importance of preparation. Choosing Cash for Funeral Costs is a testament to our love for those who will carry our legacy forward.

Singlife Philippines’ financial products cater to the diverse needs of Filipino consumers, offering tools to secure their financial future and protect what matters most. Whether safeguarding income, saving for education, or ensuring family well-being, Singlife has a solution tailored to every need.

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