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Sep 3, 2016 | Life, Only Berlin

Today is Sunday.  And it is somehow gloomy.  This momi baked some carrot cake and banana cake to perk up the sleepy souls of the boys. I made use of our waffle maker as we do not have an oven.  Learned just now that making waffles was not easy  if you were the impatient mother that I was on the first try.

When the boys made our waffles last Sunday, they presented almost perfect-looking waffles.  It was because they listened to my instruction.   I prepared waffles today and the first batch was below quality.


Brush the waffle iron with butter.  I told the boys to brush with butter the top and bottom plates of the waffle iron.  I strictly told them that they have to do this before making each waffle or it is very likely that the waffles will stick.  I didn’t follow my own instruction.  For my first attempt, most of my waffles with the carrot cake mix stuck on the plate.

We brush the iron plate with butter first before pouring in the carrot cake mixture.

Close the lid and wait for the waffle to cook.   I told the boys never open the waffle maker again and again.  They should wait for at least three minutes for the waffles to form.   I, being the too impatient mother, opened the waffle maker at least three times in the span of just a minute or two.  Learned that if the waffle iron is somehow “resisting” to open, the waffles aren’t properly formed yet.  It is because waffles get less sticky once properly cooked.


Our carrot waffle cake. We do not have an oven thus this momi uses a waffle maker instead.

Place the waffle iron on a paper towel or cutting board.   As the surface of the waffle maker gets hot, some batter may drip off and the paper towel or cutting board will “catch” the mess.   This means less cleaning of the tile counter from the drips of the waffle batter.  I did exactly the opposite and though it took only a minute or two for me to wipe clean the tile counter, still I consumed time to clean a mess I should have avoided if only–

PATIENCE is a virtue.  I repeatedly reminded the boys that in making waffles, patience is the key.  Doing “nothing” or “waiting for the proper timing” can be the most difficult thing to do.  But still, sometimes, waiting is the most proper thing to do.  I didn’t use that patience.


The first batch of our carrot waffle cake are below quality as described by the boys.

So on my next attempt to make waffles for the boys, I will be patient.

The first batch of Banana waffle cake and most of them are beyong perfect. Wee.

The first batch of Banana waffle cake and most of them were beyond perfect. Wee!!!


  1. Wendy

    The waffles look yummy ha. Curious ako sa carrot.

    • momiberlin

      Masarap sya. How i wish i could do my grocery this week so when we meet this saturday i could give you some.

  2. Alex Rosh

    Hehe You live and you learn! Great post!


    Practice makes perfect and when momi is the one who keep opening the lid then the boys will follow. LOL! So yes, I agree, the first batch do look … I ain’t saying anything else. But good job still especially on the second batch.

    Biggest takeaway? What momi does, kids follow!

  4. Nilyn Matugas

    You really write beautifully, precious! hehe. And speaking of waffles, we’re planning to buy one soon. The cheaper, the better. For alternative to our pancakes, as it seems that Nate is loving pancakes even more! On my first attempt, I’ll go back here and follow your instructions! haha!

    • momiberlin

      Buy sandwich maker instead. You could do more from grilled ham and cheese to cheesy bacon etc etc. ehehe.

  5. Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

    They look deliscious! You are very creative, I would have never thought to use the waffle maker to do this but an excellent idea that works! Will have to try it !

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. We just tried it if the waffle maker could do the trick and yes it did. And they are honestly delicious. Ihihi. We used pre mix already. Ihihi.

  6. Mirriam

    The waffle maker *bow* Robert’s right, practice makes perfect. Another correct thing is practice what you preach but I guess, everyone becomes impatient once in a while. I beat impatience by opening Facebook and Instagram when cooking/baking. It helps kill the time. I hope it works for you too.

  7. Iris

    Hmmm 2 lessons I learned from this post… Practice what you preach and patience is a virtue LoL… But the waffle looks yummy though.

    • momiberlin

      Haha. You are so right on practice what you preach. Yup, yummy waffles.

  8. Sydney Fashion Hunter

    I love it! Do what I say not what I do lol. Fantastic ingenuity uses a waffle maker to bake cakes when you don’t have an oven. Makes me feel a bit guilty as I can’t remember the last time I used mine or baked or the kids!

  9. Ferna

    I’m curious with the carrot 🙂 haven’t tried, though. And yes, it takes a lot of patience to make waffles, I did that before, and it made sense when you are patient enough in cooking not just for waffles. All The Best for the next batch of your waffles! 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Haha. Thanks. Or I will let the boys do it. seriously, though, patience is needed not only in cooking and baking but in our every dealings with just anything.

  10. grace

    I want a waffle maker, too! It’s so nice to serve beautiful and yummy breakfast for our families, noh?
    And thank you for reminding us to follow instructions and be consistent! Hehe 🙂

  11. Fenrile

    They look delicious! My girlfriend is following some receipes there and there recently. She wants to do me a Star Wars food day for when we’ll have our Star Wars movie marathon. But those waffles look delicious and I’d love to taste them. I’ll just ask her without bananas. Unfortunately I can’t stand them specially because of the smell

  12. Zwitsy

    I haven’t tried using other recipe in making waffles. But this sounds interesting, huh. As for the patience, well lahat naman siguro ng bagay kelangan ng pasensya for us to see its worth. And yep, patience is a virtue indeed. Uso ba talaga hugot these days? hahahaa

  13. Maerose JS

    Those looks yummy, especially that bananas are one of my favorite fruits. Waffles is an important part of Norway’s diet — waffles and Norwegian pancakes, which are super thin and eaten with jam, maple syrup, sugar, or bacon! Norwegians also have just pancakes or just waffles for dinner from time to time. Weird diet culture, if I may say. But who wouldn’t love dessert for the main course? (After moving here from the Philippines, I only eat rice twice or thrice a month.)

    • momiberlin

      Learning of new things everyday. Thanks for that. I also eat pancakes for dinner or lunch. Ihihi. My three boys attend school whole day so I am left alone at home. Most of the time, I just eat whats left for breakfast (pancakes) or prepare pancakes. Ihihi


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