Sharp Washing Machine is your All-Season Laundry Solution

Oct 28, 2022 | Life

Your all-season laundry solution

Your all-season laundry essential is here with Sharp providing the best solution to your laundry needs while providing comfort and convenience for all lifestyles. With the many challenges arising due to changing weather conditions, Sharp is here to provide the best quality of life, uplifting daily households and providing a life of ease through its reliable products.

Sharp Washing Machine is your All-Season Laundry Solution

Sharp remains one of the top brands in market share for washing machines in the Philippines. It has a wide range of high quality and innovative offerings from its Semi-automatic to Top Load products. The brand is also recognized as the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ for washing machine by Reader’s Digest for 11 consecutive years. It continues its local production and recently marks its 10th million production, providing only the best products to every Filipino.

Looking for the best fully automatic washing machine products in the market? Sharp is definitely the best choice with its one of a kind innovative and problem solving features.

Works with Low Water Pressure

Sharp solves your problem with its Low Water Pressure Operation feature wherein its valve operates for as low as 0.01 MPa or 1.45 PSI (water pressure). This means the machine can still operate even on areas with low water pressure or low electricity flow. 

Tough and Durable Rust-Free Body

Sharp products are ready for all weather conditions in the Philippines. Its product is equipped with a plastic body and rust-proof feature that makes the item perfect for any season. Also, it has a stainless tub making it the best option for long-time use with its durability. 

Energy Saving and Gentle on Clothes

Models with Direct Drive Inverter Motor are also more efficient, save energy, and provide bigger savings. It also has a variable speed wash feature that freely adjusts the flow intensity and speed of water according to the material. To add, it boosts its Ultra Wash technology for more efficient washing. Models with Direct Drive Inverter include ES-JX105A9(GY)(10.5kg), ES-FA10AX-GY(10kg), and ES-FA90AX-GY(9kg).

Your best choice for Fully Auto Washing Machine Products

Sharp Washing Machine is your All-Season Laundry Solution
Sharp Washing Machine is your All-Season Laundry Solution

Sharp is proud of its original No Holes Tub (ES-S115HP-SL(11.5kg), ES-S95HP-GY(9.5kg), and ES-U75GP-BL(7.5kg), wherein it is equipped with No Holes Tub Technology providing more hygienic laundry, is gentle on clothes, and lets you save up to 30% more water.

In partnership with Procter & Gamble (P&G), one of the leading consumer goods brands, the model ES-PG750P(7.5kg) was developed. This unit has its very own Ariel Wash Cycle that can deliver superior wash cleaning and stain removal with the use of Ariel detergents. Also, when you buy this model on selected Sharp Koten events, you will get free 2pcs of 1kg. Liquid Ariel detergent (*while supplies lasts).

To surely match your efficient laundry experience, Sharp Laundry Basket comes with every purchase of any Fully Automatic Washing Machine until December 31, 2022. Both rain or shine, Sharp is indeed your best laundry partner providing you with only the best and most convenient solutions.

Air Purifier with Dehumidifier

Aside from providing instant laundry solutions and convenience, Sharp also provides the best deal to its customers with its Air Purifier with Dehumidifying feature.

Sharp provides a total solution to your laundry problem with its Air Purifier with Dehumidifier (DW-E16FP-W, 24sq.m). After laundry time, one problem with drying clothes, especially this rainy season is the increased moisture in the environment causing mold build-up and bad odor. This product is equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology which is proven to deactivate 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria. It controls the humidity level in the air so you can freely dry your clothes without worrying about odor or even mold build-up due to the wet environment.

Sharp Washing Machine is your All-Season Laundry Solution
Sharp Washing Machine is your All-Season Laundry Solution

Truly, Sharp provides the best solution for all weather conditions, providing only quality products for your everyday needs. Sharp will continue its commitment to delivering comfort, convenience, and innovation to every Filipino household providing reliable and value-for-money products.

All washing machine and air purifier models are available at leading stores nationwide including the Official Sharp Flagship Store on Lazada and Shopee.

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  1. Jenny cancio

    sobrang Ganda po talaga ang brand na sharp po Hindi lang sya maganda matibay pa at hinding Hindi agad nasisira.yan lagi pinili Ng mga tao na brand, gusto ko rin sya etry pag may budget na po kame.

  2. Jenny

    sobrang Ganda po talaga ang brand na sharp po Hindi lang sya maganda matibay pa at hinding Hindi agad nasisira.yan lagi pinili Ng mga tao na brand, gusto ko rin sya etry pag may budget na po kame.

  3. Jen Guzman

    wow iba po talaga pag Sharp siguradong subok na at alam natin na mabitay po talaga

  4. Lorenda Failano

    Indeed Sharp is our most trusted brand of every Filipino household when it comes to appliances. And if I were to buy my own washing machine someday, I would gladly choose Sharp.

  5. JenalynCordovezSayod

    ang ganda naman netong automatic washing machine ng sharp dahil pwede sya sa low pressure ang water and bukod pa don subok na matibay talaga ang brand ni sharp

  6. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Wow Talaga namang ang ganda ng brand na sharp Kahit anong product nila super ganda ng quality

  7. Ruby Grace Pagar

    iba ang tibay ng sharp subok na at mapagkakatiwalaan ng mahabang panahon

  8. ellaineparame

    Maaasahan talaga sa lahat ang SHARP appliances,napatunayan na ito ng karamihan dahil super high quality at pangmatagalan talaga.Kaya kung papiliin man ako ng appliances I switch to SHARP brand best investment para di sayang ang pera


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