Globe steps up in protecting Pinoy kids against cyberbullying

Aug 23, 2022 | Live

Globe steps up advocacies vs online bullying to protect Filipino children

Digital solutions platform Globe strengthens its commitment to online safety. In a recently concluded online event, it gathered the academe, guardians and parents, mental health professionals, and key partners to protect Filipino children against online bullying.

Globe steps up in protecting Pinoy kids against cyberbullying

Globe acts 

The pervasiveness of cyberbullying, hurtful teasing, or threat on digital platforms drove Globe to gather parents and caregivers and let them understand their role in keeping kids safe online.

Globe urges everyone to use digital communication channels for the good cause and teach the youngsters to do the same. After all, communicating with respect, intention, and impact is first taught at home. “Let us be responsible digital citizens,” says Yoly Crisanto, Globe To Globe Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer, to Globe’s 92 million customers.  

Globe launches 

To make this initiative worthwhile, Globe launches the portal. The portal aims to stop cyberbullying by making the A-Z of Cyberbullying glossary available. The glossary is buildable. Anyone has access and can add words to inform co-parents about the terms to watch out for. The microsite has received 12,000 hits since its launch last July 18.

Through the parent-focused Globe Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) e-modules on the microsite, parents can get more guidance on helping their kids be safe and responsible online. DTP nurtures digital citizenship and cyber safety among adolescence and kids. 

Globe partners 

It is worthy to note how Globe leverages technology to protect the youth. The company helps its customers understand the rapidly developing online language kids use through channels. It partners with two of the most influential Facebook parenting communities, Glam-O-Mommas and Usapang Nanay. Glam-O-Mommas is a community with 44,500 active members owned by model and TV personality Amanda Griffin-Jacob. Usapang Nanay, on the other hand, is a community of 519,000 members. Husband and wife duo Mommy GL and Daddy Ranilo Guardiano run Usapang Nanay.

Globe also started sharing its new #makeITsafePH campaign materials on cyberbullying to partners in the academe. In addition, such materials are shown to teachers and parents during parent seminars. Reportedly over the past one and a half months, the materials have collectively been viewed 113 million times on social media, particularly TikTok and Facebook. The #makeITsafePH campaign is among its many initiatives to protect minors from cyber violence. 

The advocacy receives strong support from well-known celebrities, movie personalities, and athletes. Among them are Arlene Muhlach, Cai Cortez, Edu Manzano, and Gretchen Fullido. Gillian Vicencio, Kim Atienza, Kiray Celis, Pia Guanio-Mago, and Ryan Eigenmann among others also support. Some social media influencers who gave their commitment to the advocacy are Dr. Kilimanguru, Mela Habijan, and Reb Atadero.

Globe understands

Globe understands that violence against children, such as cyberbullying, has devastating effects on young people’s physical and emotional well-being. And to provide mental wellness support to parents, guardians, and victims of cyber violence, Globe partners with telemedicine platform KonsultaMD. Globe users can redeem one free session with a licensed KonsultaMD mental health professional 24/7 using the promo code MAKEITSAFEPH.

The Digital 2022 report from We Are Social and Hootsuite ranks the Philippines as the second most active country on social media. We are also behind Thailand’s ranking of countries worldwide where children are highly exposed to online risks. This includes the report of no sufficient skills to cope with cyber threats.

A poll conducted by the United Nations Children’sChildren’s Fund (UNICEF) a few years ago showed one-third of cyberviolence experienced by Filipino children is in the form of verbal abuse over the internet or cell phone, while a fourth is through sexual messages.

Another study by Cornell University and the University of California, Berkeley found that parents underestimate how often their child becomes the victim of cyberbullying. In addition, the parents and guardians are not also aware that their kids may be exposed to sexual imagery and be approached by strangers.


Globe steps up in protecting Pinoy kids against cyberbullying
Globe steps up in protecting Pinoy kids against cyberbullying

Case studies and reports already stressed that cyber violence against children has devastating effects on their physical and emotional well-being. As parents, let us safeguard our kids’ well-being. They deserve a friendly and caring community where they can grow beautifully and safely. 

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