MOMI SHARES| 4 best tips to encourage creativity in kids

May 3, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

MOMI SHARES| 4 best tips to encourage creativity in kids

Are you wondering why your child’s inquisitive about things? Does he ask a lot of questions? Can you notice the creative flair?

Growing kids have a natural proclivity toward addressing curiosity as they are young minds trying to make sense of things around them. Engaging youngsters early in the creative process is vital for their self-expression, emotional well-being, and mental growth. Today, we will share four handy tips to encourage creativity in our little ones.

Productive Play

Make sure your kids are involved in imaginative, role-play that stimulates their creative parts of the brain. Productive play allows children to analyze situations from different angles and find solutions to problems that require critical thinking and a bit of ingenuity. Hand your boys a pair of sunglasses, knixteen boyshort, and a tee for an exciting treasure hunt in the garden.  Or give them a pirate hat for an exciting pool-play. Engage with the kids, even if you have your basket full to encourage them to unleash their creative talent. Hand-pick their costumes with them and help them dig up playthings for their puppet play or toy story imitation.

MOMI SHARES| 4 best tips to encourage creativity in kids

MOMI SHARES| 4 best tips to encourage creativity in kids

Educational video or board games


Another great way to foster creativity in children is by exposing them to gaming that helps them explore ideas and think out of the box. Educational games like Minecraft and monopoly are interactive ways of providing hours of fun-based learning where kids use construction blocks to make complex buildings while improving their engineering skills or learn about real estate and finance through trading & investment. A simple game like charades also enables kids to take on the role of different individuals or represent places in unique ways through their creative talent.

Expand the imaginative horizon

Engage the kids in a question & answer session to allow them to unravel their curious and inquisitive thoughts.  This also attempts to address their queries as comprehensively as possible as a parent. Creative questioning is a great approach for letting kids think about an aspect in different ways and analyze it from various angles. Encourage them to answer open-ended questions about simple things like ‘How would you feel if you were a star up in the sky’? or ‘What does the kid in the picture trying to do?’. This empowers them with creative thinking abilities allowing them to enhance their imaginative realm.

Memorable experiences

MOMI SHARES| 4 best tips to encourage creativity in kids

MOMI SHARES| 4 best tips to encourage creativity in kids

Taking the kids out to a great place like their favorite exhibition, a science museum or a theme park where they can engage in interactive activities is another way of letting kids think in creative ways. Show them stunning artifacts at a history museum so they can ask questions and have them try gadgets at a local technology center. Let them observe the exhibits around and watch interactive videos and demos that explain different concepts. Then ask them to jot down these memorable experiences so that they can be part of their personal scrapbook or travel journal. Encourage them to record their thoughts and opinions in such places. This engages the creative areas of the brain facilitating cognitive development and ingenious potential.

Encourage creativity in kids

There are a dozen and more ways to encourage creativity in kids.  These are just four of the many things you may want to explore.  Creative play provides a positive outlet to express emotions and also helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  This physical development can help in all sorts of situations in later life.  Encourage your youngsters then to explore their environment and even ask questions if they find things difficult to understand.  It is when we encourage them more that we help boost their confidence and promote their curiosity. 


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