Importance of milk for growth and development

Aug 12, 2022 | Live

milk for growth and development

We grew up drinking a glass of milk before bedtime. I remember our mom telling us over and over how milk will help us grow stronger and healthier. I’m glad that my boys have also adopted this practice and are enjoying this night time treat.

Importance of milk for growth and development

Not all milk products, though, are equal.

With all the brands in the market, it can be overwhelming and confusing to determine which ones are good for us. Thus, we’re grateful to be part of a children’s story book launch last week, where we learned a lot about what to look for when buying milk.

What to look for in your milk?

Moms like us give our youngsters milk because we believe this provides the added calcium and protein they need. But did you know that the calcium in milk brands with less natural dairy may not be easily absorbed by the body? There are also milk products filled with additives and substitutes that simply do not deliver.

Now, let me share how we were taught to read the label.

How can milk help our body?

Importance of milk for growth and development
Importance of milk for growth and development

Milk should be closest to its natural form. So, if the carton says it is from 100% milk, the sole ingredient should be 100% milk. An excellent example is any milk brand with the Real California Milk seal.

Real California Milk products are produced from wholesome dairy from 100% Real California Milk. But that’s not all; these dairy farms from the Golden State are also at the forefront of the effort to create a cleaner, more sustainable future. That’s a win-win and a wonderful cause to support!

A serving of California milk means getting the many essential nutrients the body needs, including:

  • 25% daily value of calcium which our body needs to build and maintain strong bones and teeth.
  • 20% daily value of Pantothenic Acid, which helps our body use carbohydrates, fats, and protein for fuel.
  • 20% daily value of Phosphorus to help build and maintain strong bones and teeth, and support tissue growth.
  • 30% daily value of Riboflavin helps our body use carbohydrates, fats, and protein for fuel.
  • 16% daily value of Protein helps build and repair tissue and maintain a healthy immune system.
  • 50% daily value of Vitamin B12, which helps with normal blood function as well as helps keep the nervous system healthy.
  • 15% daily value of Niacin is used in energy metabolism in the body.
  • 15% daily value of Vitamin A helps keep our skin and eyes healthy and helps promote growth. Vitamin A also helps us maintain a healthy immune system.
  • 10% daily value of Zinc helps maintain a healthy immune system and helps support average growth, development, and maintenance of healthy skin.
  • 10% daily value of Selenium which helps maintain a healthy immune system. Selenium also helps regulate metabolism and protect healthy cells from damage.
  • 60% daily value of Iodine is necessary for proper bone and brain development during pregnancy and infancy. Iodine is also linked to cognitive function in our childhood.
  • 10% potassium helps us maintain healthy blood pressure and support heart health. Potassium also helps regulate body fluid balance and maintain normal muscle function.
  • 15% daily value of Vitamin D helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D also helps maintain a healthy immune system.

Why do my boys love Real California Milk?

Importance of milk for growth and development

My boys and I love California Sunshine Milk the best! It’s so delicious, they drink it any time of day. It is also best for our cereals and champorado (chocolate rice porridge). We even use our milk in our cooking and baking.

We urge you to get a copy of “Ang Natatagong Lakas ni Bulas Gatas”, the first story book by Olympic Nutrition Coach Jeaneth Aro. It will help you and your kids better understand the wonderful benefits of drinking REAL milk. It’s only P250 per copy, and a percentage will go to a Milk Feeding Program for young athletes. If interested, call 0919-6767840.

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  1. Erica Sosing

    Napaka halaga po tlaga ng gatas sa ating katawan mommy hindi lang sa ating mga anak kundi Pati na Rin po sa atin matatanda. Dahil nagbibigay lakas, resistensya at sustansya po eto saten katawan.Kaya mahalaga po na suriin natin ang gatas na ipapa inom natin sa ating sarili at sa ating mga chikiting.

  2. Ruby Grace Pagar

    Wow this is the best milk and ito ang isa sa mga dapat nating tangkilin dahil from pack to inside is very true next time will try california sunshine too

  3. Ana Marie Cherie R. Lumibao

    mula ng maging nanay ako na realize ko na sobrang halaga pala talaga ng gatas lalo na sa mga bata..kaya ung importance na un tinuturo ko sa mga anak ko para dala nila gang sa kanilang lang pag tanda.

  4. Owen Ponce

    All considered and checked! Awareness and understanding about each nutritional value/ content are the most important thing! Milk as one of the major factor on our kids , growth and development!

  5. Renalou Tacayon

    We all love milk. Its the best for our bodies. Hope we can try tbis California sunshine milk. Good for cereals champorado too.

  6. Judylyn padilla

    Isa sa pinakamahalagang bagay ang gatas sa ating anak para sa knilang development kaya nman talagang basahin dn natin ang label at piliin natin ang gatas na naayon sknla .. thank you for sharing this momi ..big help po ito sa lahat ..

  7. Janice Malayang

    Maraming salamat sa pag share nito momi napaka importante po tlga na malaman ang kahalagahan ng gatas na ating ipina painom sa mga kids kung ito ba ay tlagang masustansya

  8. Ma Gercel Elueso

    Yes po mi,napaisaip tuloy ako na dapat ko ngg piliting umiinom Ng gatas ang mga anak ko,nakakatulong talaga sa development at paglaki nilasalamat po for sharing this

  9. merrynell serrano

    mahalagang malaman din talaga ang bawat label ng gatas lalo na kung ipapainom sa ating mga anak, at nadiscover ko nga itong California sunshine milk merong top 3 benefits ang pwedeng makuha sa gatas na to

  10. Cabs Melodey

    Ang dami pong benefits ni california sunshine,magkano po yan momsh?gusto ko din ipa try sa anak ko,para hindi na po ako magtitimpla.

  11. Lorenda Failano

    Dapat pala hindi basta-basta rin na gatas, dapat yung talagang 100% full of nutrients at sure na ma-absorb din ng body ang mga nutrients nito. It is always right to choose the right milk for the family.

  12. Jcka Ranum

    Mahalaga talaga na malaman natin kung ano ang ingredients at benepisyo ng gatas na ating pinapainom sa ating mga anak … Dapat dilang basta gatas .. dapat healthy milk … Thanks for sharing mommy

  13. Louie Ann Advincula Valencia

    Thankyou MomiBerlin sa pagshare sa aming mga nanay na tulad po sainyo ❤️❤️❤️ mahalaga po talaga at alamin kung ano ano yung mga best na pagkain at inumin Ng ating mga anak .. lalong Lalo na kung itoy nakakabuti oh nakakasama sating mga kalusugan .. Salamat momi.❤️

  14. andrea reyes

    salmat mi dto ngayon lam nten qong anu yung mas dapat nten painom..
    mhlaga tlga ang gatas sa ktawan

  15. Jenalyn Cordovez Sayod

    Ang daming benefits ng gatas na ito Mommy ah,at napaka importante sa ating katawan ang gatas Lalo na sa mga kids para maging malusog malakas lagi ang pangangatawan

  16. Amelia lacson

    Akala natin basta mabigyan natin cla ng gatas ok na un marami pa tlgang dapat suriin sa pag bibigay ng gats mommy B kaya naman highly recommend. Tong gatas na to mommy B at magugustuhan ng buong pamilya

  17. Hazel Mary Ruiz

    Thank you for sharing this mommy B. Kailangan ko talaga tong reco ngaun. Lalo pa im choosing pa and finding new milk brand para sa mga babies ko.

  18. Jen Guzman

    Mahalaga po talaga sa bata ang pag inom ng gatas makakatulong po ito sakanilang development growth. At dapat tignan din natin ang label ng nutrients sa gatas na pinapainom natin❤️

  19. Dhel Manog

    Very importantant talaga ang pag inum ng gatas,pero dapat icheck din natin kung 100% milk ito at sapat yong mabibigay na nutrisyon sa buong pamilya.Must try this Real California Milk,magugustuhan ito ng buong pamilya.

  20. Lailanie Ramos De Vera

    dapat pala talaga na piliin ang tamang gatas para sa tamang nutrisyon na makukuha natin dito. We have to check the label for proper nutrient na makukuha natin sa pag inom nito.

  21. Donna Ria Mahayag

    each of everyone need ng milk iba iba at ayon sa ating katawan, maganda nito merong book launch to gain and guide us about milk. thanks for sharing. di tayo mapapahiya sa Real California Milk


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