Uploan PH Evolves into employee wellness platform SAVii Asia

Apr 19, 2022 | Likes

Uploan PH Evolves

SAVii Asia, formerly known as Uploan PH, evolved during the pandemic by providing financial empowerment to over 400,000 employees in the Philippines.

Uploan PH Evolves into employee wellness platform SAVii Asia

As a startup company established in 2017, SAVii Asia saw the need to provide employees with no prior access to formal credit (the usual prey of toxic alternative lenders) a safe & affordable formal lending solution. 

“Financial demands heightened by the pandemic threatens employee well-being. We are a platform that delivers financial services to employees that other formal financial institutions are unable to service.” Liam Grealish, the CEO and Founder of SAVii said. 

The SAVii platform provides financial education, mental health awareness training, and financial services. Their services aim to enhance employee well-being and reduce workplace stress. Liam Grealish explains that “This builds a resilient workforce that can maintain focus and engagement that redounds to the benefit of the business.” 

Uploan PH Evolves into employee wellness platform SAVii Asia
Uploan PH Evolves into employee wellness platform SAVii Asia

Grealish also described a quiet revolution in employee behavior toward financial products beneath the surface; preferable to receive services through their employers as an employee benefit deducted from their pay rather than going directly to suppliers outside of their company. This results in a more convenient and affordable consumer experience. 

According to a SAVii survey of 10,000 employees, 90% of working Filipinos prefer to access financial products through salary deduction. A SAVii spokesperson further stated that when the fintech started, 40% of employees did not access financial products through salary deduction, and that number is now down to 18%.

Increased Financial Stress on Employees during the Pandemic

Back in 2017, only 3% of all active loans in the Philippines were bank-issued. 

Predatory lenders within the workplace were a problem for workers as they were the only available option. This caused them more pain financially than aiding them. The founders of SAVii Asia were compelled to establish a startup to simplify salary loans and provide emergency financing services for employees who wouldn’t be eligible for bank loans. 

Another problem was raised when the pandemic started in 2020, both companies and the workforce were affected by lay-offs and closures. Companies faced the obstacle of taking exceptional care of the remaining employees they feared might get sick. On the other hand, employees had heightened financial stress since they had to deal with the uncertainty of covid and had to support a family who had lost their jobs or got ill. With the challenge that employers and employees were experiencing, the team expanded its service offering to help BPO companies and large enterprises to improve employee well-being by expanding their services with COVID-19 insurance, mental health support, and more detailed financial education. 

The Category Leader

SAVii doubled its customer base during the pandemic to become the category leader. This brings them closer to its goal to transform the lives of its partners’ employees by reliably providing access to the financial power of their salary when they need it. In addition, HR departments benefit from the boost to employee well-being which betters loyalty and engagement. 

SAVii is an innovative platform that empowers HR leaders with 360-degree salary-linked wellness services. They have helped hundreds of thousands of employees in the Philippines and continue to provide safe, convenient, and affordable loans, advances, extra support, and financial empowerment, wherein employers have no risks or liability of any kind. 


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