AlphaMom’s Guide to Raising Fast-Thinking AlphaKids

Apr 18, 2022 | Live, Only Berlin

Raising Fast-Thinking AlphaKids

Promil Gold Four defines the Golden Window of Opportunity and how AlphaMoms can use this period to Unlock their AlphaKid’s Fast Thinking Skills

AlphaMoms want only the best for their youngsters. Because they want their children to grow independent, smart, and confident, they willingly invest in the best opportunities, products, and experiences.

Guide to Raising Fast-Thinking AlphaKids

Fast Thinking Unlocked: Raising an AlphaKid

To help more #AlphaMoms unlock their AlphaKid’s fast-thinking skills, Promil Gold Four recently hosted an online event called Fast Thinking Unlocked: Raising an AlphaKid. In the webinar, child and family expert and educator Dr. Gail Galang discussed the critical period of a child’s development called the Golden Window of Opportunity. 

According to Dr. Galang, the first five years of a child’s life present a Golden Window of Opportunity. “This period is when 90% of brain connections are formed, and optimal development occurs. In addition, this stage is when at least 1 million brain connections are made every second — more than at any other period in one’s life,” she explained. 

Promil Gold Four

To support children’s brain nutrition, they need phospholipids for brain development. These are found in α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids), a unique, brain-boosting ingredient in Promil Gold Four.

“Since becoming a mom, I’ve become even more discerning about products for the family. We research what we can give them, and we take time to find things out,” shares AlphaMom Isabelle Daza. “Right now, we’re lucky we have resources available. You can learn almost everything online; you can consult with experts. For us, I made sure to do some research before Baltie started drinking Promil Gold Four. I know that DHA is not enough, and it’s great that Promil Gold Four has such a superior formulation to promote faster brain connections.”

the Golden Window of Opportunity

“I agree! I’ve always been very science-based, and everything has to be factual. However, after learning about the Golden Window of Opportunity, I realized that I have to take advantage of this period, so I need to know what maximizing the first five years looks like. Then, as the children grow, I hope that I become a more informed, more experienced AlphaMom, ” echoed fellow AlphaMom, Georgina Wilson.

In addition to providing optimal brain nutrition, Dr. Galang recommended regular and healthy mental stimulation and encouragement. “Every moment can be an opportunity to develop fast-thinking skills,” shares Dr. Galang. “Everything we do—from learning how to read and write, move, process our feelings, and relate with others— is powered by how our brain forms connections in each of those experiences.”

Dr. Galang also reminded parents how it is vital to monitor progress. “These days, there are many ways to track your children’s progress. For example, parents can use journals and even learning tools to see if they are on track in their cognitive development.”   

true #AlphaMom fashion

In true #AlphaMom fashion, Belle and Georgina ensure that their young children enjoy various activities to help them learn and think of new ideas. “There’s nothing like the way the kids’ faces light up when they’re excited about a fresh new idea,” shares Georgina. “It’s amazing how they’re not only like sponges, but they know how to process information and even offer great insights,” adds Belle.

With the help of reliable partners like health care providers, child development experts, and superior products like Promil Gold Four, more #AlphaMoms like Georgina and Belle can raise fast-thinking, independent, and confident young children. The Golden Window of Opportunity is crucial to a young child’s development, and that’s why mothers who want the best for their children should invest in the best products, like Promil Gold Four. 

Raise your AlphaKid right and unlock their fast thinking with the help of Promil Gold Four. Available in supermarkets, drugstores, Lazada, and Shopee.


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