Sharp Philippines Celebrates 40 Years

Jan 1, 2022 | Likes

Sharp Philippines Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary 

“Great things come in small packages,” says an old saying. At least for Sharp, that was how their story began 110 years ago – with a belt buckle and a mechanical pencil. 

Sharp Philippines Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

In 1912, a company founded by Tokuji Hayakawa in Honjo, Tokyo, Japan, came up with the Tokubijo Snap Buckle. This belt buckle can be adjusted in length without fastening holes. In 1915, he invented the first-ever Hayakawa Mechanical Pencil, known as the Ever SHARP Pencil. 

Sharps continuously strives to bring comfort and convenience

Who would have thought that a brand with a well-established name in the Electronics and Appliances Industry started with items unrelated to its field? Staying true to its core values of Sincerity and Creativity, Sharp continuously strives to introduce innovative products with the latest technologies that would bring comfort and convenience to the daily lives of its customers. 

Sharp Philippines Corporation first set foot in the country on January 1, 1982, bringing the Black & White Television to the production line, followed by Colored TV, which brought joy to every corner of the country. In 1984, they started the production of Cassette Tape Recorder. Seeing the growing need and demand for other home appliances, the company subsequently introduced different types of Washing Machines that helped lighten all mothers’ cleaning perfections. To level up household entertainment, Sharp also produced Karaoke that showcased more the love of Filipinos for singing. In the most recent year, they even manufactured electric fans. 

Sharp Philippines Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Sharp listens to its customers

Indeed, Sharp truly cares for the Filipinos. This Japanese company listens to the feedback of its consumers and adapt Japan quality product to its local products through their Research and Development in compliance with the Philippine safety standards. Furthermore, as a way of giving back for the continued support of the Filipino people, Sharp commits to continuously develop and produce locally fit products for Filipinos, thus, generating more jobs contributing to the country’s economic progress.

Sharp’s innovative products currently in the market, such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, audio effects, home kitchen appliances, and Plasmacluster Ion Air purifiers Products and those for further development, prioritize the health and well-being of people and its environment. One of which is its Plasmacluster Ion (PCI), a one-of-a-kind technology of Sharp that deactivates airborne viruses, bacteria, molds, and odors by up to 99.9%. 

Sharps sets to organize Service Caravan

In commemoration of its 40 years in the country, Sharp will release its Special Edition products of Washing Machines, Electric Fans, LED TVs, and Karaoke. Moreover, the company will be organizing a Service Caravan to cater to service needs in the provinces to reach more Filipinos, especially in the rural areas. The caravan will provide 40% discount to its customers on parts and services.

Owing to its success to the continuous patronage of Filipinos for the brand – both consumers and employees alike, the company remains committed to delivering reliable products and providing customer satisfaction.

Sharp Philippines Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Sharp Philippines has been genuinely grateful to its loyal customers for the past 40 years. With a commitment to service and uplifting the lives of customers in mind, Sharp is excited to serve every Filipino household in the next 40 years with innovative, reliable, and trustworthy products every Pinoy can always count on.  


  1. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Happy anniversary sayo sharp the best brand ☺️☺️☺️

  2. Mariecar Tuquero

    Iba talaga ang sharp products. Subok at matibay. Naalala ko dati ang TV namin Sharp yung may umbok sa likod. Matagal din naming nagamit. Hanggang sa makaipon ng pambili ng bagong TV. Love ko talaga ang sharp appliances.

  3. Mariecar Tuquero

    Iba talaga ang sharp products. Subok at matibay. Naalala ko dati ang TV namin Sharp yung may umbok sa likod. Matagal din naming nagamit. Hanggang sa makaipon ng pambili ng bagong TV. Love ko talaga ang sharp appliances.

  4. Ma Gercel Elueso

    Happy Anniversary Sharp more more years to bring us good quality ❤️

  5. Owen Ponce

    Four decades and counting! Happy anniversary…been into our home with innovative and technology wise

  6. jennifer sarno cruz

    Happy anniversay sharp…amazing how it started and now known for quality appliances.

  7. Dhel Manog

    Happy 40 years anniversary Sharp.Pagdating sa mga appliances talaga isa ang Sharp sa pinagkakatiwalaan ko,yong mga produkto nila ay quality talaga pangmatagalang gamitan.

  8. Winnie Cruz

    Happy anniversary sharp .. ung TV namin na flat screen sharp po ung maliit po basta may pag iingat sa gamit tatagal po talaga mag 5 taon napo ung Samin…

  9. Meriros Marcelino

    Happy Anniversary Sharp! More quality products pa sana ang marelease niyo.


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