Why the need for a regular dental visit?

Dec 5, 2021 | Live, Only Berlin

Importance of regular oral checkup

One Tuesday, we visited a dentist for teeth cleaning. Doc. Darwin Ferrolino, the head dentist at Variahealth, commended how we were able to maintain our teeth in proper condition. We relayed to him that, thank God, we learned the hard way; thus we now give importance to our oral health since then.

Why the need for a regular dental visit?

Upon learning we have five boys, the amiable dentist conveyed the importance of nurturing our youngsters’ teeth at an early stage. Our three teens and two little ones are at the appropriate age for regular dental visits. We plan to schedule them for their teeth cleaning, too. And we encourage other parents as well to have their kids’ teeth checked regularly. Doc. Darwin recommended a twice-a-year dental checkup is ideal. 

teaches good oral health

We admit that we parents need to work with our dentists to instill good oral health care in our children. These professionals have charming ways to convince our youngsters to brush and floss regularly. And with regular checkups with them, our kids are also more likely to develop a positive attitude towards dental visits. Being accustomed to regular dental visits will turn into habits which they can carry into adulthood.

solution dental health problems early on

the importance of a regular dental visit?

Many of us, we assume, only visit the dentist when there is already a problem. However, a routine checkup addresses dental concerns as soon as they surface or worsen. This saves time and money on treatment later on.

Likewise, regular dental checkups include professional teeth cleaning, which is essential in removing plaque and tartar buildup, missed debris, and the like. These bacteria form plaque, and tartar are what cause cavities and tooth decay.

ensures healthy development of teeth

A regular visit to the dentist helps maintain and improve the oral health of our youngsters’ teeth. This is because baby teeth that are given proper care are more likely to develop into healthier adult teeth. Likewise, our little ones haven’t fully mastered their motor skills in handling the toothbrush correctly. But through routine checkups and dental visits, the dentist may check on teeth or gum concerns that may develop into problems later on if not given an immediate solution.

Why the need for a regular dental visit?

Oral health is just as important as taking care of our skin and hair. So let us teach our youngsters the benefits of healthy teeth and mouth. Having our dentist by our side to communicate the importance of oral health helps achieve this goal. A trained dental professional is the one who could help us maintain good oral health. He can also do preventive healthcare to avoid worse cases of oral problems. 

So parents, make your dentist appointment a vital family affair. More than the regular brushing and flossing of teeth, make sure to visit your family dentist at least twice a year. It is prudent, too, to have a trusted dental clinic as your health partner. This way, your dentist can keep your family’s dental records and use them to provide proper dental care needs and recommended treatment approaches. 

So happy we have found that partner in Variahealth. More than having a strategic location, Variahealth has trained head dentist who shows genuine concern for oral health. Doc. Darwin ensures that his patients understand the procedures by patiently explaining them. He even has the gentlest hands ever. He made me feel comfortable and adequately cared for throughout our teeth cleaning process. Thus, we also trust him to be as attentive and gentle to our five boys.

Have you booked a visit to your dentist yet? Do it now.

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the importance of a regular dental visit?


  1. Meriros Onilecram

    Imporatante na alam nating alagaan ang ating mga ngipin. Kaya dapat alam natin ang oral health care. Thanks for sharing this mommy

  2. Yanpaladquisol

    Agree po Mommy important talaga regular visit sa dentist para sa oral health natin. Thanks for sharing po

  3. Udie Tamo

    Importante padin talaga naka makapag palinis ng teeth once a month sa dentist ❤️

  4. Lovelyn Joy Lacorte

    Yes Po Mami.
    Sarap NG ngiti pag maganda Ang teethpo natin Kaya dapat lang natin pangalagaan at ipa linis Ang mga ito. Sarap Po xempre kumain din

  5. jennifer sarno cruz

    mahalaga talaga to pay a visit sa dentist para mapanatiling malusog ang mga ngipin

  6. Amiry Adams

    I agree po na we need a regular visit sa dentist for our oral health care. Para mas masarap ngimiti at tumawa ag walang sira ang ngipin.

  7. Sabina Green

    It is so important to keep up to date with your oral health. Especially to make sure your children go regularly and get used to visiting a dentist

  8. Jupiter Hadley

    I always avoid going to the dentist, but recently my dad had some tooth problems that he let sit, and he ended up having a lot of pain from it! I really need to start going more regularly.

  9. Ma. Cyril Creer

    Indeed po Momi. We must maintain a good oral health .. para palaging nakasmile ng bongga ..

  10. Mitra Lyka

    Napaka importante po talaga na maalagaan ang ating mga ngipin kase nakaka cause din ito ng sakit sa puso po lalo na kapag butas at sira ang ating nga ngipin.

  11. Mosaics Gift Guide

    I can’t agree more, i make it a point to regularly visit the dentist. Not my favorite thing but it has to be done.

  12. Ma.Elma Abe

    Apakahalaga talaga ng oral health..kaya kailangan natin na may time magpa check sa dentist para maalagaan ng maayos ang mga ngioin at maiwasan natin ang mga tooth decay

  13. Cynthia | What A Girl Eats

    It’s pretty standard to start children visiting the dentist quite early in the US. My dentist suggested bringing them as early as possible when I came for my cleaning, so they could see what the whole process was about. Fortunately my daughters were very good about brushing and flossing even at a young age.

  14. Julie Suba

    Importe po tlga ang good oral hygiene momsh, bago mag pandemic nakapalinis pa po kami ng teeth ng asawa ko at sakto naman na may nag dental event sa school ng kids ko kaya nakapa cleaning po sila ng teeth nila. Plan ko po by next year maka visit naman kami ulit sa dentist nian.

  15. Rosey

    I have never been scared to Go to the dentist and then I had a very bad visit. I won’t go into details, but it makes me so leery to return when it’s time for my next cleaning. I’ll go because I know how important it is, but I am definitely switching dentists

  16. Rhian Westbury

    You’re so right about being able to spot issues early on. This has reminded me that I need to book in for a check up x

  17. Thena Franssen

    Great tips. I love going to my dentist and never miss a checkup. Dental health is so important to the rest of the body.


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