Affinity Dental Clinics Review

Jul 18, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

MOMI MUSINGS on finding the right dental clinic partner 

Affinity Dental Clinics Review
The nonstop nagging

This mother always believes in preventive care.  But despite my constant reminder, our kids do not see the problem early on, saying those reminders are mostly a mother’s nagging ways to insist on things.  But what they don’t understand is that dismissing something important may mean ending up with more significant health issues.  And in the case of not regularly brushing their teeth would mean more massive dental bills later on.

So a week before the start of classes, we headed to the Affinity Dental Clinics to take advantage of the preventive care they offer. Though raining, we spent our morning there to make sure the boys’ oral health is okay.  We also aim to catch problems before they arise, rather than waste resources to fix the problem we missed by not finding time to visit the dentist in the first place.

The big change

This mother is happy with the result of their visit.  Upon returning home and the day after that, and even in the following days that come, I saw a significant change in the boys’ oral practices.  They spend real time brushing their teeth.  They have included oral hygiene as part of their lifestyle.  A big thanks to the Affinity Dental Clinics’ dentists.  My boys learned from these professionals about proper oral hygiene techniques like brushing and flossing to keep the mouth clean.

There is nothing too serious about the three boys’ teeth.  The dentists mentioned to me that among the three boys, only one needs dental filling.  The other two need to brush and floss their teeth regularly to avoid cavity buildup.  

The take-home knowledge

On our way to the house, my 12-year-old gave us a quick lecture about oral health care. He told us that not giving much importance to oral health may lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Our teeth, according to our Big Bunso, naturally build up plaque.  If not removed, the plaque can go underneath the gums and cause disease.  There are reports that gum disease is linked to the increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. It can also lead to the loss of tooth because the bacteria in plaque use the sugar in our food to produce acid that eats away the tooth enamel.  

Another common dental disease is tooth decay.  A small cavity if not given notice at first may turn to a large pit and become a big problem over time. More than the pain and swelling, it can lead to loss of tooth if not correctly managed.  

The positive attitude

Just this morning, my Second Son approached me and asked me when we are going back to the Affinity Dental Clinics. I like it that he was able to develop a positive attitude towards dental visits.

His dentist mentioned to him he needs to return for his tooth filling. More than the caring and gentle approach to make him comfortable, his dentist was able to explain to him the what and why such services are needed. I told my boy I would call for an appointment.  And I am just so happy that he has the initiative to follow up on his mom. 

The great impact

Which leads me to think, his dentist has such an enormous effect on him.  It helps, too, that the dental clinic has created such a good impression on kids for them to request for another visit. 

Affinity Dental Clinics, for one, has been able to create a positive impression on my boys.  It has invested in its modern dental care facilities and customer service amenities. For one, its receiving area spells comfort, convenience, and elegance.  Each dental room is equipped with state of the art dental care facilities and modern day conveniences.  The rooms also utilize modern design elements in warm and inviting tones, creating a calming environment for the patients as they arrive.  The clinic in Makati even has an under the sea themed kiddie room to make their kid patients at home. 

The highest Quality Dental Care

As I called for another appointment, I further learned that Affinity Dental Clinics provides multi-specialty services from the primary treatments to more complex procedures.  Just a few of its services are Oral Surgery, Dental Implants, Orthodontic Braces and Retainers, TMJ treatment, Cosmetic Dental Treatments, and Root Canal Therapy.  

Affinity Dental Clinics Review

Affinity Dental Clinics Review

I may not understand those complex procedures, but one thing is sure, for me, Affinity Dental Clinics delivers the highest quality dental care.  Not because of its elegant look or its strategic location.  But because they have dentists that genuinely care for their patients. These professionals have the convincing power to instill good oral hygiene to children.  Plus, as my three boys describe, it helps, too, that a dental clinic has stylish yet functional rooms that come with its own big TV screen with access to Netflix.


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  1. Laurie

    That is great that they offer all of the services under one roof. My son loves his orthodontist which has made the process of getting braces easier. But the regular dentist for preventative care is a different practice and he sees someone new each time – so not as much of a rapport.

    • Berlin | momiberlin

      Rapport is really important in this kind of service. Those we also keep on changing dentist because that connection is vital.

  2. kylie cre8tone

    Great dental clinic… dental health care must be well taken care of… nice one… time for check up for teeth..

  3. Mitch Ryan (@mitchryan23)

    Great to have all those services in one place. Dental care is important, and so having a dental clinic where children are comfortable with lessens the burden of having to argue and discuss about the importance of it.

    • Berlin | momiberlin

      Couldn’t agree more. I believe so too that children should see it’s importance and have that special bonding with their dentists so there will be less worry and unnecessary concerns.

  4. Caroline Agoba

    Taking care of your teeth is vital! Great post

  5. brittany

    Ok, people think I’m crazy because I love going to the Dentist! Maybe I just have a great one and I love the facilities! HA Thanks for sharing your review.

  6. Scott Gombar

    So helpful. I do not like dentists but we found a great one for our kids thankfully. They never mind going to the dentist.

    • Berlin | momiberlin

      That, I believe, is important. To find that dentist your kids will not be afraid to visit.

  7. The Beauty Flicks

    Very good dental clinic That provides many services under one roof .

  8. Natalia

    Finding the right dental clinic is very important and it makes a real difference. Kids should be taught how to take care of their teeth from the very beginning. 🙂

    • Berlin | momiberlin

      Couldnt agree more. Finding that right dental clinic is crucial.

  9. tita05081415

    Dentists are so important, I am 28 years old and I hate them. However I am trying to make it so my son has a different additude. I want his dental health better than mine

    • Berlin | momiberlin

      We always wish our kids would always be better than us. I too wish my boys would see the importance of dental health.

  10. Heather Tomoyasu (@USJapanFam)

    SO important to find a great dental practice!! We love ours, the dentist and office staff are all so friendly and kind, they have a waiting room filled with amazing toys and things to keep the kids happy. My 5 year old recently needed fillings (PSA: please floss your toddlers’ teeth!) and it was so easy peasy, no drama, no tears, they were great with him!!

    • Berlin | momiberlin

      I love that idea with the toys around. How I wish our fave dental clinic will provide one as well for toddlers.

  11. Fran Jorgensen

    what a great review! It’s important in my family to attend a dentist with a great practice. Thank you for sharing this!

  12. sundeep

    really very good dental clinic may fews are there who provides so many services like this.

  13. Ruma

    If they can make the scary visits something to look forward to, they have to be good. I wish they were nearby my area.

  14. lavandamichelle

    What a cool post! Taking care of your teeth is super important. Finding a food dentist is essential too. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  15. Kaitlyn

    This is great! I hadn’t thought about checking reviews for a dental clinic before. I actually recently had a negative experience at a dental office. Thank you for the tips. This seems like a great place!

  16. Reuben Raj

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a safe and comfortable place to help with dental care

  17. kellyimbert

    Having amazing teeth is vital, I take care of mine as best as possible.

  18. Debby

    Dental hygeine is very important. Starting toddlers and young kids with good habits is key. And partnering with the right dental clinic!

  19. David Elliott

    That’s great your child was positively impacted by the experienc. I know so many the dentist scarred for life.

  20. Kiwi

    This look like a trusthworthy dental facility. I need to find a good dental office where I am at.

  21. Shannon H

    A lot of services provided in one place! This is pretty awesome! We have similar dental offices in Austin, TX as well.

  22. liev cruz

    I think its a necessity to have your own family dental clinic. Choosing one is also important. You have an awesome and trustworthy dental partner with Affinity.


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