Failproof Ways to Embrace an Active Lifestyle

Oct 27, 2021 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

All along, we thought that we needed to devote a long single time to finish an exercise. Good that we attended Herbalife Nutrition Philippines‘ online media engagement. Love how  Samantha Clayton and Denise Cervantes guided us through a healthy and active lifestyle and debunked some myths to achieve physical and mental fitness.

Failproof Ways to Embrace an Active Lifestyle

Ms. Clayton is Vice President for Sports Performance and Fitness and Chairwoman of the Fitness Advisory Board, while Ms. Cervantes is a fitness specialist and earned B.S. Kinesiology and Exercise Science. 

Split exercise over the day

We learned that we could split our physical activity over the day. It will still yield great results and benefit our health just the same. 

Because it happens a lot; it is so easy to put exercise at the bottom of our priority list. We always reason out that we are busy, and if given the time, we would instead use it to take a few rests. But thanks to Ms. Clayton and Ms. Cervantes, we learned that we can always try to squeeze short bursts of activity into our busy life.

For example, we may do a few exercises in the morning and continue again late in the afternoon. The important thing is, we choose the kind of physical activity that appeals to us, track our progress, and feel good about our achievements. 

Plan a realistic exercise routine

It also helps if we plan a realistic exercise routine that suits our lifestyle. This way, we indeed find time because it is something we want to do. Any form of physical movement is better than none. Therefore, making time for exercise will undoubtedly set us up for better long-term health. 

We can also incorporate our physical activities with something we already do. How?

Failproof Ways to Embrace an Active Lifestyle
Failproof Ways to Embrace an Active Lifestyle

As we walk our dog, we also do some walking exercises. Or instead of calling our child to help us get a glass of water; we may do it ourselves.

When we do our grocery shopping, we may park at the far end of the parking lot and do some brisk walking. And as we unload our groceries, we may lift the juice or milk carton, for instance, before putting it on its proper shelf. 

Or how about we do some squats as we brush our teeth? 

Know the benefits of being physically active

Being physically active can help us improve our immunity, lower our blood pressure and even improve our mood. Regular exercise likewise gives us more energy, even allows us to manage our weight, and highly helps us enjoy a good night’s sleep. From studies and many testimonials among those who regularly exercise, being physically active boosts concentration and make one happier and healthier.

Commit to healthy, active life

Even when busy, we can still inject and plan some physical activities in short bursts that fit our lifestyle. So let us not use being busy as an excuse and get in the way of good health. 

Remember, being physically fit is very much connected to helping us keep our mind and body fit. Thus, we need to overcome our fear of exercise and start to keep our body moving.  

Let us commit to living a healthy, active life, not for others but to become the best version of ourselves. We may start slowly and, in the process, progress steadily.

We can do it. Let us start now.

Failproof Ways to Embrace an Active Lifestyle


  1. Owen Ponce

    So accurate and complete details of how to live a healthy lifestyle and… Into wellness.. motivational reminder that we need this now ! To start a day with those listed

  2. Jen Guzman

    Wow pwede pala yun Momi😳 pwede palang paputol putol ang pag e exercise , sa totoo lang Momi hirap po talaga ako mag laan ng oras sa pag e exercise dahil na rin sa pagod mas gugustuhin ko nalang mag pahinga. Pero nang mabasa ko po ito magandang panimula nga ang pag lalakad at pag bubuhat ng mga pinamili. 🥰🥰 Salamat dito Momi may natutunan nanaman kami 🥰🥰🥰

  3. jennifer sarno cruz

    pag gusto maraming paraan kailangan lang natin ng motivation to push through…maraming benepisyo ang ehersisyo kaya dapat na sikapin nating paglaanan ito ng oras.

  4. Julie Suba

    Wala ng reason not to exercise.😁 Dahil kahit paputol putol pwede.😍 Para sa mas malusog na pangangatawan at kaisipan. Gawin ko po ito momsh di lang para pumayat ako kundi para mas maging healthy ako at ng maiwasan ang mga sakit. Salamat po sa mga tips and motivation na shinishare mo po sa amin.☺️

  5. Ma. Cyril Creer

    Wow. Malaking tulong po itong mga ways na ito para maachieve natin ang healthy and active lifestyle .

  6. Ma. Cyril Creer

    Very important po talaga ang pag-eexercise upang mapalakas ang ating resistensya at malayo tayo sa mga sakit .. Kahit nasa bahay lang tayo ay marami tayong pwedeng gawing exercise. Kahit Ang simpleng paglalakad ay isang way din ng pag-eexercise .. Mahirap man gawin (o kaya’y tinatamad lang😅) dapat magbigay tayo ng time para dito .. HEALTH IS WEALTH. YES TO ACTIVE AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE .. 💪

  7. Ruby Grace Pagar

    Kahit sa bahay pwede tayong mag exercise yung simpleng pag lilinis ng bahay di natin alam exercise na din yun kaya malaking bagay na physically fit tayo lalo na ngayong panahon

  8. Ellaine parame

    Mahalaga talaga ang ehersisyo araw araw upang mapanatili ang ating magandang gaganda din ang daloy ng ating dugo..Samahan ng pagkain ng masustansya at iwasan ang mga pagkaing magdudulot ng hindi magandang resulta sa ating katwan..

  9. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Yes salamat momu sa motivation na ito or reminder yes mahalaga satin ang mag exercise kahit saglit kaya naman ang wag natin kalimutan gawin ito kahit ilang minutes lang sa isang araw

  10. Karen

    Thank you for sharing momi agree ako jan momi kailangan natin na mging physically and mentally healthy para sa ating pamilya

  11. Mitra Lyka

    Sa panahon po nayin ngayon eh napakahirap po talaga mag exercise dahil sa mga restrictions. Pero buti na lang po kahit nasa bahay eh pwede tayo makapag exercise kahit paputol putol pa.

  12. Maribel Cordovilla

    Yes we must commit to a healthy active life, I also do walking and ay monitoring of daily steps din ako. Nakakatuwa kaoag nakikita mong ganun pala kadami ang ginawa mong steos in a day kc big help na. Din yun as workout or outdoor activity. I also do jumping rope but at least twice or thrice a. Month only. But it’s a big help na din to improve and support a healthy life routine. Thanks for sharing this momi.

  13. Yanpaladquisol

    Agree po Mommy mas maganda may exercise kahit paunti-unti kesa sa wala. Sarap kaya sa feeling kapag nakapag exercise mas nakaka energize maganda pa sa health natin. 💕

  14. Lea Bandola

    Wow! 😊 Ang damii ko po natutunan sa blog nato. Nakakatuwa, nakakamotivate at nakakainspire yung kahalagahan ng pag eexercise, paputol-putol man ito, at napakahalaga ng ganitong lifestyle para sa ating kalusugan na maaadopt din ng ating mga kasama o mahal sa buhay. Thankss for sharing this blog Momi Berlin.. ❤️

  15. Joan lacida Andal

    Ako po putol putol ang exercise,, basta every day my exercise ka khit di mabuo ang taget mo kong ilang minuto heheeh

    • momiberlin

      nsku ung ginagawa mo araw araw exercise na yn, na[aka active mo mommy.

  16. Anarose Lucero

    Any form of physical movement is much better than none po tlaga,I agree po..commitment and knowledge for a healthy lifestyle is also important in achieving our goal.

    • momiberlin

      naku, agree ako dyan sa yo, mommy.


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