Bring out the best version of you with the Colgate Uplifting Collection

May 30, 2021 | Likes, Only Berlin

Be the best version of you

Does it ever occur to you that you feel heavy, hard to stand up, and can’t find that inner drive?

Getting motivated is sometimes hard, especially when we are too overwhelmed with things or too stressed out for not producing anything expected of us. Pushing ourselves to do things, or let alone drag ourselves out of bed is often easier said than done. But it is possible, and there are ways to uplift ourselves, celebrate our being us, and express ourselves. The first thing we need to do is know our individuality so we may confidently bring out the best version of ourselves.

Timely is the release of the Colgate Uplifting Collection, an exclusive limited-edition Colgate SlimSoft Advanced toothbrush specially designed for Gen Z. Its playful packaging features inspiring messages for us to celebrate our individuality. 

If we haven’t found our personality, the Colgate-Palmolive store on Shopee can help us find out which brush best fits our personality. We need to take the Colgate Uplifting Collection Personality Quiz. After knowing the Colgate SlimSoft Advanced toothbrush specially designed for our personality, we may use the exclusive Uplifting Collection’s filter on Instagram and express our true colors to our social media apps. Because there is no other time than now to celebrate being us and express ourselves. But first, download the Shopee app on Google Play or Apple Store and make the most out of the deals and perks Colgate has to offer.

Choose happy

Choose Happy encourages us to bring out our inner optimist and embrace a healthy glass-half-full mentality!

Be all in

Be all in encourages us to bring out our inner achiever and focus our energy on slaying our goals!

Find your tribe

Find your tribe encourages us to be surrounded by people who will allow us to grow as a person and realize our potential.

Embrace your weird

Embrace your weird reminds us that we are all imperfectly perfect, and that’s us- no filters and pretentions.

Brush your way with the Uplifting Collection

All four designer toothbrushes come with a stylish handle boasting a vibrant print, brightening our day and even our bathroom. Each innovative dual-core soft bristles and ultra-soft slim tips gently reach 7x deeper below the gum line* and clean 2.4x deeper in between teeth for superior plaque removal*. Plus, it’s clinically proven to make gums 300% healthier*.

So let us all brush our way with these unique designs, and may we not be afraid to flaunt our individuality. Because only when we start acknowledging our uniqueness will we be motivated to stand up, find that inner drive, and celebrate our bold personality.

*vs. ordinary flat trim toothbrush


  1. Joan

    Tha best talaga ang colgate kaya nman mula noon hanggang ngaun colgate brand parin ang gamit namen

  2. Karen Joy Daban

    Trusted Brand din po namin ang Colgate from their Toothpaste mouthwash and their toothbrush..Ang ganda po kasi talagq ng Quality..

  3. Maria Cristina Sadicon

    The best po talaga ang Colgate pagdating SA pag aalaga ng ngipin.Proven na po Yan.Ang Ganda ng toothbrush ng colgate

  4. arlene obien

    this is our toothpaste, one of our trusted brand and partner when it comes to family’s oral care

  5. Cheng Broquiza

    ” Choose happy, encourages us incourages us to bring out our inner optimistand embrace a healthy glass half full mentality” napakagandang nito Momi. Ang Dami namomotivate sa salitang ito. Colgate number 1trusted brand na po tlaga Yan.

  6. Ellaine Oarame

    Recommnedable talaga ang COLGATE TOOTHPASTE,proud user din ang family ko jan..

  7. Karen

    Always be happy like colgate they release the new toothbrush the colgate uplifting collection dami design n pde pag pilian available sya s shopee

  8. jennifer sarno cruz

    This is such a nice campaign to promote happiness and positivity through their SlimSoft uplifting collection. I’m a fam of colgate toothbrushes…will surely try this.

  9. Owen ponce

    Nothing beats it ,such a wonderful products and always embracing their initiatives


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