Leave your child true riches

Mar 27, 2021 | Live, Love, Only Berlin

Your child’s true riches

Without a doubt, education is the best legacy parents can leave their children. This doesn’t only mean sending them to the best schools but also teaching them the necessary life skills to survive. 

We have five boys, and we take the “hands-on” approach to raise the kids. My husband and I resigned from our corporate work years ago. While my husband manages his businesses, I am at home to run the household and look after the boys. We may say we are pretty much hands-on parents. We felt that with this kind of practice, we develop a better relationship with the boys and reduce their risk of exploring the company of peers, drugs, and other vices.

Allow us to share some learning tips the children and we do together to ensure that our youngsters enjoy life’s true riches.  

Think abundantly

Instead of saying you can’t afford something your child wants, sit together and discuss ways to earn the money needed to make the purchase. This creates a mindset of abundance — instead of being defeated by scarcity, show how hard work and being smart can get us what we want. Money is always there; we have to figure out a way to earn it.

Business and investment

It’s so easy nowadays for young people, even children, to start a business. Many people are now selling food, products, and services online. Take the time to Google ideas for a business that your child can put up. As for investing, there are online resources that can help you teach the basics to your child.

Spend on needs before wants

When it comes to their allowance, spending on food, school supplies, and school requirements should prioritize toys, accessories, and other non-essential wants. This basic principle is the foundation for teaching your kids how to create a proper budget.

Have a dream

Encourage and support your child to have as many interests as he can. If you see him too focused in one area, let him excel in it. The important thing is you allow him to dream, and every time he speaks of that dream, his eyes light up. We remember how husband knew since grade three he is going to be an engineer. He builds houses using the blocks his father gave him. And that is the same sight we see our five-year-old does now. 

Savings for your child’s future

Explain to your kids the fundamental reasons for saving regularly and consistently: we save for anticipating emergencies, and we save to prepare for a future, essential expense. Give examples that your youngster can relate to.

Teaching your child the habit of saving money is so much easier when you work with your bank. BDO, for example, has a Junior Savers Account specially designed for kids. With an affordable initial deposit and a low maintaining balance, the Junior Savers Account is easy to open and maintain at any BDO branch. 

Once your child already has a BDO Junior Savers account, help him grow his funds by scheduling regular deposits using your BDO Digital Banking account. Setting the amount and date of transfer can easily build his savings and teach him more money lessons.

Learning to save money is the essential step for anyone, even a child, to learn proper money management and, eventually, start building wealth. By taking these first steps with your child, you’ve already given him true riches.


  1. Rose-Ann Obejas

    Agree Momi napakahalaga ng pag iipon para sa kinabukasan ng anak natin,kahit pakunti kunti pag pinagsama-sama ay dumadami rin.Kaya hanggat maaga pa suportahan natin sila sa mga bagay na gusto nila gawin kasi ito ang magiging pondasyon nila sa paglaki..Nakakatuwa na may ganito ang DBO na pwede kahit na bata pa lamang sila ay makakapag ipon na.Para sa kinabukasan ng anak natin mag ipon na gamit ang BDO Junior Savings Acount.

  2. Karen Joy Daban

    Saving For their future is very important..Kaya tama pong hanggat maaga pa ay mapagipunan na ang kanilang kinabukasan.Good to know po na affordable and safe place kung saan pedeng ilagay ang pera nila..Maraming Salamat po sa Pagshare nyo ng experience nyo with BDO

  3. Madel Prane Genito

    Maraming Salamat SA motivation momi,importante po talaga na may ipon Tayo,mahalaga ito para may maipamana Tayo SA Kanila. Napapag usapan din po Namin mag asawa,gusto Namin magkaroon Ng savings account Yung anak Namin,malaking tulong po ito SA paglaki nila.

  4. Karen

    Maganda may ipon tayo momi para s ating mga anak s future nla at pag aaral kaya anjan ang BDO junior para mkapagsave tayo ng unti unti

  5. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Ganda naman ng BDO may junior account nadin sila para sa mga kids natin na may panngarap sa pag laki maganda ito para naman po maging ready tayo sa futurw na gusto nila tahakin pag lumaki na sila❤️❤️❤️

  6. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Ganda naman ng BDO may junior account nadin sila para sa mga kids natin na may panngarap sa pag laki maganda ito para naman po maging ready tayo sa futurw na gusto nila tahakin pag lumaki na sila dahil bilang magulang ito lang din po ang maipapamana natin sa kanila ang pag aaral na kahit sino hindi makukuha sayo

  7. Joan lacida andal

    Bata pa lng tinuturuan ko na ang dalwa kong anak ng pgiipon, lalo na pg my natanggap silang pera deritso yun sa kanilang iponan, sa ngaun wla pa akong time kong saan ko ilalagay yung mga ipon nila salamat momi Berlin sa bdo mgandang mgipon ng saving for the future ng bagets

  8. Cristina Petrini

    Very useful advice that every parent should read and write down in order not to make mistakes in acting and thus offer their children the best future.

  9. Jennifer Passmore

    This is a great article on children saving! I actually have a savings account for my son for when he becomes of age and then I will turn it over to him for college or a car.

  10. Marysa

    These are all good things to consider when raising kids. Such valuable things to keep in mind.

  11. proseccobefore7

    I love this post! Certainly the best we can leave hour little ones are dreams to get fulfilled and tools to make those happen. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Melissa Cushing

    Loved the post and agree whole heartedly that education is the most that we can do for our children to ensure the best for them and their futures. Getting a good education is key but I have to say that I hate the stress that parents put on their kids about attending the ‘best schools’. I disagree here totally as there are many smaller schools that can bring your child a good education. It is also about instilling the right values in your child as my daughter works her butt off and no matter what due to that vigor and desire to be the best… she will outshine others. It is much more than getting your child into the ‘best schools’. There are lots fo good schools and that attitude only causes anxiety issues with the younger generations….as the pressure is too much. Not everyone can go to the ‘best schools’ nor can they afford them. I believe in instilling values and ensuring they have the best education by working with them in the younger years as their brains are like sponges and this sets into motion good habits that will follow them for life.


    This is a great post with useful info for parents. What a child needs and what a child wants isn’t always the same. Saving for their future is important and helps them so much.

  14. Sondra

    These are great tips. I will definitely keep them in mind.

  15. Catherine

    Such a wonderful source of information for parents with young children…it’s so important to start investing early for the future. Great post!

  16. Yeah Lifestyle

    As a mum, I feel teaching my children to save money is so important, even if it is a pound a week as it adds up and they also learn the value of money that way

  17. Cynthia | What A Girl Eats

    I read a book when my kids were small (20+ years ago) called Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees. Every week they got a modest $5 allowance. They had to put 10% into a charity box, 35% into long-term savings, 15% was discretionary spending and and 20% into short term savings (I can’t remember what the other part of the pie was). At the end of the year (or so) they decided what charity they wanted to give to, what they would spend their short term savings on etc. They are still frugal to this day!

  18. Anosa

    Saving for the future is so important, I don’t yet have kids but I am slowly saving for my future kids so they don’t have to suffer for some things the way we did but will still need to learn to work hard and save.

  19. Melanie

    I think engaging children in discussions to train them to problem solve and plan is so much more valuable. I know I wasn’t as prepare going into adulthood as I’d like my children to be.

  20. Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

    Yes saving for the future is important and I believe every child should be made aware. Thanks for this post. It was very insightful.


    Yessss mommy true. This is so great and important .Ang pag pag iipon Lalu na sa kinabukasan ng mga anak natin .Dpat maliit plang sila pinag iipunan n natin Ang future nila,


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