Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol Introduces Richard Gutierrez’s Family as Brand Ambassador

Dec 21, 2020 | Live

Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol welcomes Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, and kids as brand ambassadors 

Defensil 70% Solution Isopropyl Alcohol remains to be Filipino families’ ally in germ protection in the new normal as they welcome Richard Gutierrez’s family as their brand ambassador.

Adjusting to the New Normal with Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol

Richard and Sarah got married early this year and celebrated their new life together in quarantine. As they take the opportunity to spend time together, they also go through adjustments as a family. 

One adjustment is to look for better ways to protect their family against germs, with the threat of the virus still present. The family found their ally in Defensil 70% Solution Isopropyl Alcohol. The brand promises a high level of protection against germs and viruses. 

Sarah shares that they considered Defensil because it is recommended by experts. Likewise, it comes from a company they trust. The gorgeous mom also loves how Defensil not only kills germs and bacteria but also has moisturizer to not dry the skin.

We all know that one way to prevent the spread of germs is regular disinfection of hands. Disinfecting high touch surfaces using rubbing alcohol is also highly recommended. And to provide a high level of defense against germs in the new normal, the Philippine Society for Microbiology recommends Defensil 70% Solution Isopropyl Alcohol.

Defensil 70% Solution Isopropyl Alcohol is created by Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. It kills 99.9% of germs to give Richard’s family the peace of mind that they are well-defended. The product starts to kill germs on contact and upon constant use, provides up to 12-hour protection.

New Normal Holidays

The Gutierrezes share they will keep in mind the importance of social distancing. They will make sure as well thatthey will keep themselves sanitized and disinfected using Defensil.

The family wishes to go on a local holiday trip with the family bringing their new ally, Defensil. With this, Sarah shares three simple tips to fellow parents on how to keep their family safe from germs during the holiday season. 

First, social distancing is a must. Second, always wear a mask. Parents need to teach their kids the importance of wearing masks, which help to prevent the transmission of the virus. And, lastly, always disinfect with alcohol that makes sure you and the family are well-defended— like Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol. 

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  1. Gabe Rielle

    Nice choice for family ambassor.❤️
    Agree din ako, kasi we as moms priority natin sa safety at health ng family natin,, lalo na ngayong panahon na may virus dapat secure ang family specially ang kids,, dapat marunong tayong kumilatis ng mga produkto na safe,,at the best ang protection na naibibigay just like defensil alcohol. ❤️


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