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Nov 24, 2020 | Likes, Live

COVID-19 is not only a public health crisis. It has severely affected the global economy and financial markets. A significant rise in unemployment, disruption in transportation and many services, and businesses’ closure were a few of its immediate effects.

Not severely as the Great Depression

Though our situation today may not equal the severe effect of the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939 still, the pandemic has caused an economic downturn, too, and panic. Perhaps between the crisis before and now, the difference is that people today are given more opportunities.

After schools, food businesses, and services temporarily closed, many business people and proprietors were able to figure out ways to get online and continue their businesses. This is because, nowadays, what passes for everyday life happens almost entirely online. Over the years, technology has revolutionized the world. Technology has paved the way for smartphones, machinery, and computers, putting useful information at our fingertips. Thus, technology offers solutions.

Facing the battle

A couple of weeks before the lockdown, Diwatang Maria Corporation was all set to push its premium organic soap Diwatang Maria to the market. However, the sudden lockdown became the company’s biggest hurdle, leaving them unprepared for the situation. That didn’t stop Diwatang Maria president and CEO Ma. Concepcion ‘Macon’ Macalintal, though, to let the pandemic stop her plans for the brand.

Gaining little successes

Through Macon’s guidance, the brand turned to an online platform to move and market the products. And now, the company is celebrating its little successes from overcoming the challenges brought by the pandemic. And who would have thought that the crises even helped Diwatang Maria realize its goals for the brand?

Realizing goals

To help those who are looking for livelihood while in quarantine, Diwatang Maria launched the Bayanihan Program. Those under the program got an affordable reseller kit to offer Diwatang Maria products. Through the Bayanihan Program, not only did the resellers earn a decent amount, but Diwatang Maria was able to grow the community of its resellers all over the county and even abroad. This opportunity allowed Diwatang Maria to reach a more significant market and be known as an effective brand.

Reaching the globe

As a beautiful product speaks for itself, those who have tried the soaps partnered with Diwatang Maria. Even Macon’s former colleagues based from across the globe shared her passion for promoting Filipino products. This made Diwatang Maria reach the shores of Bahamas, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Conquering shelves and stores

Another milestone worth celebrating was All Day Supermarket accepting Diwatang Maria inside their shelves. SM Kultura and Sesou followed next and agreed to offer Diwatang Matia soaps in their stores. Diwatang Maria premium organic soaps are also available in Shopee, Lazada, and other online stores and social media platforms. Likewise, the company is looking at more effective distribution channels considering the demands from consumers nationwide are becoming bigger.

Looking forward to 2021

With Diwatang Maria organic soap’s continuous success, the company is set to launch a new product line. This new organic and eco-friendly product line will likewise carry the same branding and use of Filipino names Diwatang Maria is known for.

“We have several projects in the pipeline that will push the brand to the market and, of course, to continue to support our small entrepreneurs to earn while at home. While we are still navigating and learning the curves of the new normal, Diwatang Maria next year will be offering new products that will benefit many people who have sensitive skin concerns,” Macalintal said.

More so, the young CEO also stressed that with all the brand’s achievements this year, she hopes to inspire other entrepreneurs not to give up and persevere more. “I know it is hard, actually really hard to see if whatever we are doing will eventually lead us to success, there will be days that we want to give up, and there will be days that things look okay…we just need to focus on our goal, and that is to succeed,” she quipped.

For sure, we all have that something to achieve in life. And sometimes, no matter how much we want it, there are times we will hit a challenging phase when our motivation may hit the wall and pressure us to give up. Well, Macon’s experience is saying this to us all – The most challenging times may make even the most motivated person consider giving up. But we are not that person. Look at Macon’s Diwatang Maria now. Macon’s story may also be our story, with our vision, faith, and perseverance guiding us.

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  1. Karen

    Ganda talaga ng diwatang maria momi laking tulong po ito para sa mga nwalan ng kabuhayan support this bayanihan programs


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