Make Health A Priority, Not An Option

Jun 3, 2019 | Only Berlin

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A friend, who is into healthy eating, introduced to this mother Healthy Options about nine years ago. At first, I honestly find the food too expensive. I also couldn’t understand why make healthy chips when these shouldn’t be healthy in the first place. These crunchy packs have the perfect blend of salt, sugar, starch, and fat that make cravings too sinful yet fun.

Anyway, through my friend’s recommendation, I tried Healthy Options’ Zinc food supplement. I had acne problems. Most of the skincare clinics I have been to just gave me short hopes for a clear and pimple-less face.

Healthy Options as a Vital Part of Our Choices

Healthy Options Taught Me: A Healthy Lifestyle Isn't an Option, It's a Priority

Healthy Options Taught Me: A Healthy Lifestyle Isn’t an Option, It’s a Priority

Lo and behold, that Zinc food supplement did wonders for my skin. One by one, my pimples disappear as if they’ve just decided to leave my face. From my frequent Healthy Options visits, too, I would buy and try all-natural and organic cooking ingredients, fruit juices, and baby food. The habit becomes so natural that Healthy Options becomes not as an alternative only but a vital part of our choices.

Perhaps, it’s branding as the Philippines’ top store chain for natural products wouldn’t be possible if it doesn’t put a premium to its offering. And that’s what I love about Healthy Options. Its team is committed to providing top quality, nutritious, and great-tasting natural and organic food to health-conscious Filipinos.

Healthy Options Products are All-natural and Organic

From my readings, I’ve learned that Healthy Options‘ local farm produce is planted and harvested free from harmful antibiotics, growth hormones, and artificial chemicals. Its vegetables and fruits, for instance, are natured by organic compost, sunlight, and pure spring water to make sure their nutrients are on the optimum level. The eggs, too, are harvested in an all-natural environment free from wild bugs and insects. The chickens grow normally minus steroids and are fed with wholesome grains.

Make Health A Priority, Not An Option

Make Health A Priority, Not An Option

Healthy Options Vibrant SM Megamall Store

Recently, I visited the Healthy Options SM Megamall branch. It relocated and expanded its 100sqm store to a more visibly prominent and brighter location. Just across its old location near the parking area on Level 2 of Building B, the new 300sqm store boasts of a broader selection of all-natural and organic products. Its spacious interiors are designed in such a tasteful manner, patterned after its flagship store in Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

We enjoyed our shopping experience at the SM Megamall branch. Customer Advisors are readily available in just one call to provide exceptional customer service. The aisles have a broader space to help us maneuver our cart with ease. I particularly love its wider open walkways.  They not only create gathering spaces when friends bump to each other, but also provide the space needed for light to penetrate and create a happy and vibrant ambiance, making shoppers feel relaxed and so at ease.

Healthy Options Supports Healthy Lifestyle as a Priority

Make Health A Priority, Not An Option

Make Health A Priority, Not An Option

From its first store in Shangri-la Plaza Mall which opened in 1995, Healthy Options now owns and operates over 32 stores in key cities nationwide. It has been available in the Philippines for more than two decades already, and I believe it will continue to grow and even evolve. A lot of individuals now see the beauty in healthy living, and since its inception, Healthy Options has been there to help take control of our health through its premium all-natural food and health products. And it is what I love best about Healthy Options. It doesn’t push its products to its customers; Healthy Options let us realize a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be an option but a priority. And they are there to provide healthy options for us.

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  1. Farhanna Kabalu

    I wish they could think of expanding Healthy Options branches in Mindanao expecially here in Cotabato City.

  2. Julie Olleres

    ang galing nmn tgala n pla nila since 1995
    natural na natural lhat❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hnhfua

    Ang daming options momshie organic goods are love ❤.. favorite ko yung sa foods hehe

  4. Kate Bautista Atkins

    Sana makatry din kami sa healthy options. Kahit too expensive, sure na healthy foods.

  5. Dhiasalazarrivera


  6. Dhiasalazarrivera

    Perfect ito sa mga concious

    • Dhiasalazarrivera

      Perfect ito sa mga healthy concious

  7. Narcisa Berroya Pepito

    Everyone deserves to be healthy and I love to he my healthy back I’m diagnosed have a breast cancer but I continue fighting because we like to lived longer to all people not priority your health please come on wake up because health issues is very important specially when you old thanks momi Berlin to this blog site to more about health #momiberlinshares

  8. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    Don’t talaga alagaan Ang health , Lalo na tayong mga mommies pano nalang Kung di naten alagaan self naten kawawa Rin mga anak naten Kasi Tayo Rin Ng aalaga sa knila Kaya sobrang laking tyLong talaga satin Ng mga organic foods Kasi dami nyang matutuLong na benefits sa health naten .. I love organics too ..


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