What is the true goal of education

Aug 7, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

The challenges of COVID-19

The first COVID-19 case in the Philippines was identified at the start of 2020. It seems many didn’t take it seriously until the unprecedented crisis started to affect the lives of many. It continues to spread and claim the lives of thousand Filipinos. The pandemic not only results in immeasurable suffering of many people but even disrupts the immediate and future careers of millions. Yes, even the teaching and learning methods of many are greatly affected.

The true goal of education

The introduction of online learning

The challenges COVID-19 present provides an opportunity, too. For example, the near-total closure of schools nationwide has reshaped the method of schooling. The Department of Education was quick to develop flexible learning solutions, too. The centuries-old chalk-talk teaching method has been replaced with distance and online learning.

Left with the choice to either continue or stop schooling, many still opt to adapt and embrace digital learning. There are also schools like Mapúa that understands the need for parents to be there for their children now that the new normal requires everyone to adapt to new ways of learning. And to guide and enlighten parents of their role in their children’s online learning journey, Mapua recently hosted a webinar entitled “Nourishing Your Teenager’s Well-Being in the New Normal of Learning.

The new normal of learning

The 3-hour webinar shared the school’s assessment of Filipino students’ readiness for online learning. It likewise touched on nourishing the students’ well-being to adapt to the new normal of education. The school’s Center for Guidance and Counseling also shared programs in enhancing the well-being of students.

The webinar made this mother feel comforted that schools like Mapua are showing readiness to distance and online learning. Such schools are using all possible methods with the innovation that exists today. And with strong collaboration among students, parents, and teachers, this online learning will run smoothly and successfully.

The true goal of education

The true goal of education
The true goal of education

Today’s advances in technology have made distance learning a viable option to temporarily replace the centuries-old chalk-talk method. As we are yet to find out if e-learning will replace traditional classrooms after the pandemic, one thing is certain – conventional or otherwise, it remains that the true goal of education is to create the best environment for students to learn.


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