MOMI WISHES| May you find your place under the sun

Apr 24, 2018 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

MOMI WISHES| May you find your place under the sun

May you find your place under the sun.

The school president

That was the advice of the school president to all graduating grade 6 and senior high school students of Kings Montessori School.  It was a short yet sincere closing remarks that I for one commend the school president for being an inspiration himself. 

He never wishes ill to anyone.  And most of his teachers and school staff display the same kindness and concern. Perhaps because he is able to emulate the right character that his staff finds too inspiring not to follow.  Or possibly, the teachers and school staff truly exemplify such caring attitude because it is what the school promotes.  Or perhaps, caring is in their genes- in their character.

The classroom president

My Big Bunso will be entering mid-school already.  And I only wish him the best.  May he truly find a place and voice out his heart in his new school.  May the sun be friendly as well to him and not drain his young mind and heart.  But should the sun’s rays are too much to handle, may he find the clouds as his perfect ally. 

I am positive, though, he can find his place.  My boy has always been competitive but remains empathic and considerate.  He was the class president.  He made names representing his school on various interschool competitions.  As he marched on stage to receive his diploma, he also brought honor to his family.  He finished his elementary education with honors.  I couldn’t thank him enough.  I just wish, just like what their school president wished for them, may he find his place under the sun.  

MOMI WISHES| May you find your place under the sun

MOMI WISHES| May you find your place under the sun| The school president and my Third, the class president

Good luck and I love you.


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