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Jul 19, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

Go on, date yourself!

You are single, and you hate it. But have you wondered those with their dates are just as envious as you were to them?

Fun Ways to Date Yourself

Being single means ultimate freedom. Though this does not suggest being committed is a trap, it only implies that you have time to catch your breath and realize who you are and what you want. Often, when you are in a relationship, you are responsible for that person and to the relationship itself. This sometimes hinders you from growing as a person you have imagined yourself. If it frustrates you not having someone to spend the day with, all you need to do is a chance of mindset.

As being committed to someone can be inspiring, being single is just as enjoyable. You could date yourself and have fun the same way you are in a relationship. Sometimes, it is more liberating to go out by yourself. Remember, you are your own individual, and there are many fun ways to do things alone. Momi Berlin gives you a rundown of fun ways to date yourself.

Dress for a date

Shower, put on your feel-good makeup, and do your hair. Wear your personality and head to your usual work or errand. You do not need a sweetheart to meet to feel beautiful. Do these every day, and make time. This practice would help improve how you look at yourself and even the world around you.

Indulge in a hearty breakfast

Indulge in an equally indulging breakfast. Don’t just eat at the office cafeteria or sit in traffic while eating your drive-thru. Wake up early, take a hot shower, and dress smart. Have your breakfast al fresco at your fave cafe near your office or on your route to work. You would feel energized and well prepared for what the day has to offer after having a delicious breakfast and starting your workday with a little decadence.

Take a road trip

Fun Ways to Date Yourself
Fun Ways to Date Yourself: Take a road trip

Taking a road trip alone can be stimulating. As you learn new places, you also discover a part of yourself. Driving outside the city relaxes the mind with your favorite soundtrack in the background and appreciate the scenery from time to time. When in a hungry, pull over for a leisurely meal. Or you may also drop by a convenience store and grab some chips, candies, and chocolates to keep your mouth busy as you drive. Indeed, driving alone can be liberating and magical.

Go for a walk

Walking liberates the soul. It also helps you unearth the soul of a city and appreciate it more than ever. Imagine taking a quiet walk around your neighborhood or a park within your place. How liberating the experience could be as you make your gaze to the houses that speak their culture and the bridges and roads that reflect their history. It is also your chance to commune with nature or have more in-depth communication with yourself. 

Take backpacking alone

As you work, allot a budget for travel to visit your dream country or city. Then apply for a vacation leave and travel. Book at a fancy hotel and eat for the first time at diners you haven’t tried yet. Take time to visit the beach if you love the sky, sea, and sand in one backdrop. Stare at the sky and admire the birds flying nowhere. Lay in the sand if that pleases you as you relax and listen to music. Or be a mermaid for once. Or be whoever you want to be.

Cook a nice meal

Fun Ways to Date Yourself
Fun Ways to Date Yourself: Cook a nice meal for yourself

Cooking a nice meal for oneself is an excellent way to treat yourself. You do not need a reason or an occasion to do so. You certainly deserve it. Try that beautiful recipe you found on Pinterest. Set your table, use your impressive Chinaware collection, and savor each bite. Drink wine if you want and bring out that book you’ve wanted to read and lose yourself in the story.

Pamper self

Get your nails done or have a fresh new haircut. It won’t hurt if you have that sauna first then a full body massage later. Imagine how peaceful the place would be without chit chats or gossips but only complete silence. You would surely feel the special treatment being thrown to you.

Romance yourself with a bubble bath

Indulge in your favorite essential oils, and light those scented candles. Add rose petals to the water if that would wake up your senses more. You have your bathtub all by yourself to enjoy the inviting water, the sophisticated colors around, and the luxurious scent. Get lost for a while, and indulge.

Go shopping or thrift hunting

You have a thing for anything Beatles or Van Gogh. How about a visit that shop about vintage collections you have read and continuously read from time to time? Drive to the place and stay in longer than necessary. You have no one to push you to leave because he is bored or hungry.

Take an art or dance class

You certainly have a dream of trying painting, dancing, or perhaps guitar classes. Only that you prefer to wait for your sister or friend until the plan remains a plan. Enroll now, have that class, and create your masterpiece, just like how Tyler Sheilds create hers. Learn a new skill free from your sister or friend’s catty look. Instead, get to enjoy the lessons with equally excited individuals who aim to learn and earn friends. Do not strive for perfection, either. Attend the class because you want to learn. Find time to nurture it, and even practice at the comforts of your home. You now have something to make yourself busy and productive during late nights or weekend, or anytime you feel like practicing.

Fun Ways to Date Yourself
Fun Ways to Date Yourself: Take an art class

Fun Ways to Date Yourself

Do whatever you want, even if that entails staring at the sunset or those butterflies flying from one flower to another. Or you may opt to try those extreme sports you’ve imagined yourself working for years. Go cliff diving or kayaking. Do whatever makes your heart pump or even stop for a second.

Do everything that would make you happy. Date yourself, and do not dare cancel on yourself. Often, the best way to finding happiness is not through having a relationship and dating someone. Do not depend on others, your plans, and happiness. You are your own individual, and there are a lot of fun ways to do things alone. Do not be afraid to try. You are fearless.

Fun Ways to Date Yourself


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