Top Three Reasons Kids Can’t Sleep

Feb 5, 2020 | Only Berlin

If you’ve ever noticed that your child is having trouble sleeping, then it can usually be a cause for concern. The last thing you want is for your child to wake up feeling groggy or tired. This especially holds true if he has a long and productive day ahead of him. To help you out, we’ve put together a small list of things that could be interfering with your child’s sleep. By dealing with these potential causes, your youngster will have a better time sleeping.  In the process, too, he will surely get plenty of high-quality rest. At the bottom, we’ve also included an infographic that explains seven tips for improving sleep in children and teens.



Whether it’s a monster hiding under the bed or being afraid of the dark, children are very susceptible to irrational fears. It’s worth speaking to them about their concerns. You may also use a couple of strategies to help mitigate the effects. This could include leaving a nightlight on if they’re afraid of the dark. Reading a bedtime story with them to give them some company is also an option.



There are lots of reasons for your kids to get excited at night. Perhaps they’re looking forward to a fun day tomorrow.  Maybe, too, they’ve just finished playing a video game and are eager to play more. Make sure you end all activities and give them at least two hours to wind down at the end of the day.



Kids need to spend a lot of energy throughout the day. Make sure they’re getting plenty of physical activity and that they’re not eating dinner close to their bedtime hours. This will ensure they’re spending as much energy as possible before bedtime.

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  1. Nhet Mendoza

    Thanks sa info.momsh sa oras ng pagtulog. Pahirapan kami ngayon ng 4 y.o ko lalo sa gabi.

  2. Maria Teresa Figuerres

    I totally agree with the three reasons you cited here why kids are having a hard time sleeping. When I was so much younger, my fears, real or imagined, are usually the ones keeping me awake at night. In my son’s case, he usually can’t sleep when he’s too excited about what the next day will bring, such as when it’s his 1st day of class. The tips you shared on how to improve sleep are also quite helpful. Thanks!

  3. Owen ponce

    This are awesome tips and very well stated,I am more aware now

  4. jennifer sarno cruz

    thank you for this momi berlin…yung anak ko dti gayan nga po natatakot kasi anu anu naiisip bgo matulog tapos mananaginip ng masama kaya kinausap ko siya to assure him na safe siya and there is nothing to fear.


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