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Feb 3, 2014 | Love, Only Berlin

Congratulations, Big Bunso!

daniel 3Q feb 2

Congratulations, Big Bunso!

How was Big Bunso’s performance for the third quarter ?  His class standing slid down from second to the third rank.  His general average though improved from 93.50% to 94. 06%.

He woke up early that Sunday.  He reminded me that I  need to see his teacher and get his report card.  He even requested if he could come with me.  He was very eager and excited to look for his name at the bulletin board.

I was also confident that day that he will be part of the honors roll.  He treats his schooling with great importance.  Sometimes he would stumble, perhaps to remind him to slow down a bit, but he would always stand up and keep moving.   Why?  because more than fame, he would always tell me that he wants his mama be proud of him.

I am always proud of you, Big Bunso!

Congratulations, Second Son

Such loss of faith was one of the saddest acts I made.  I thought second son would not make it on the top.  Some of his quarterly exams weren’t perfect as before.  I rechecked some of his quizzes and mastery exams, and they weren’t as impressive as before.

It was I who failed.

miguel 3Q feb 2

Congratulations, Second Son.

Second son was still his class’ top one.  And his general average was pretty much  impressive.

Sorry, second son, for not holding on to you.  It was not fair how I doubted your perseverance and excellence.

I will never ever lose faith in you again. I have seen your struggles and perseverance. I have witnessed how you draw your inspiration and faith from the Lord.  And I should do the same.

Congratulations, Firstborn

I was not able to join Firstborn on stage to get his much-deserved recognition.  Though he slid down from second to the third rank in class, his general average  improved by almost one percent.  He also maintained his Principal’s List standing, giving me the impression that he truly gives significant time for his studies.


Congratulations, Firstborn.

He was also awarded Best in Civics and Culture.  No doubt then for an eleven-year-old boy who almost knows by heart our country’s history from the Spanish colonization to our Philippine independence and current administration.


What I am happiest about was his “Most Independent” award.  Firstborn has somehow become less reliant on me.  He wouldn’t wait for me to help him with his assignments.  He also has the initiative to help me with the household chores whenever he doesn’t have  any school works.  Though I haven’t seen him in his classes, his teachers would attest that Firstborn shows initiative  especially if my boy finds the subject quite interesting.


And just this afternoon, as we had our usual before 4pm phone conversation, he relayed to me that he is his school’s representative for the Math and Science Inter-school Competition to be held at the Philippine Institute of Quezon City.

I am so happy for my boy.    He is now more motivated to study on his own and discover his strengths.   He is also more careful now on weighing the pros and cons of his actions giving him the opportunity to decide what he thinks is best.  I am seeing in him a responsible, close to disciplined boy who gives opportunities a realistic try.  And above all, he is enjoying the freedom to experience life fully — which includes enjoying his studies — and learning life’s many important lessons.

You will surely go places, my boy!  Mama loves you very much.



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