Flourish this 2020: 4 Toxic People To Avoid

Jan 14, 2020 | Life, Only Berlin

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To a mom whose 2019 ended with a major meltdown because of the several little problems that piled up, she now aims to be gentle and kind to herself. Part of her goal is to block negativity and live the life she has always wanted –  contented, productive, and happy. And to make this very much possible, she needs to properly manage her emotions and remain calm, especially when under pressure. It’s a significant factor, too,  to shy away from toxic people and, if possible, block them off. 

As toxic people may or may not be fully aware of the negativity they spread, it is best then to keep a distance from them. They are, after all, not worth the time and energy. More so, they take so much energy creating chaos and even pushing one’s patience to the limit — the very thing that happened to me and hope not to happen anymore.

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As we may not be aware of who the toxic people are in our circle, allow us to help you differentiate those who are pleasing and annoying. We have listed here at least four types of toxic drainers you should stay away from. Our goal here is not just to allow them to cling on you but more so as you do not become one yourself.

Toxic People To Avoid

The Dementor

Flourish this 2020: 4 Toxic People To Avoid

Flourish this 2020: 4 Toxic People To Avoid

As J. K. Rowling describes in her Harry Potter series, dementors are evil creatures who suck people’s souls out of their bodies. These creatures leave poor individuals too weak and fragile. The dementors in your life are the highly negative people who suck your happiness and energy.  They are just too pessimistic and often depressed. They may come to you unburdening even the little worries in life, leaving you all drained and troubled to even think of your concerns.

The Envious

Though the pasture may be greener on their side, sadly, the envious aren’t too satisfied as they measure their fortune on how you fair. They often see your progress and successes but find it hard to congratulate you on your accomplishment. Deep inside them, they see you as undeserving of such recognition. For them, they are the superior that deserve all the attention and good fortune. 

These are the same people who had a sudden change of heart to you when something beautiful happens your way. They do not want to be seen around you and they even throw hurtful comments about you. You find it puzzling and hurtful at first, but then realize their envious persona is stronger than your supposed friendship.

The Manipulator

The manipulators are disguised as your ally, only that in reality, they are molding you to be someone to serve them instead. They can easily twist you to always go to them for guidance, only that there purpose is often self-serving. 

They have this effective way to make you run to them and make you indebted. You trust them more than you believe yourself. And before you could even realize, they had already kept a score of every favor they made for you. And they can use that to blame you should things don’t work for them.

The Self-absorbed

Flourish this 2020: 4 Toxic People To Avoid

Flourish this 2020: 4 Toxic People To Avoid

Self-absorbed individuals believe that they are better than others in terms of intelligence, status, or looks. They would want to be treated better, too, because of the superiority status they believe they have. They often seek to be the center of attention and demand the crowd to agree with them.

Such kind of people find it too hard to empathize and even quickly lose patience to those they find weak in mind and spirit.  

Flourish in 2020

Allow yourself to grow this 2020.   Do things you’ve been meaning to do. It will help the more if you surround yourself with the loving support of the people who are truly happy for your welfare and success. Be the master of your fate, too, and never allow toxic people to come near you. They will drain your energy and put you down.  It is not cruel to dump them unless you want to end the year without any progress and your 2020 aspiration just a mere list. 


  1. Proud Inay

    Yes to this especially to those negative people that only give more stressed to you. We deserve to grow and flourish so it is better to surround ourselves with positive people that will help and empower us to be better 🙂

  2. Purple Pieces

    The envious! They can be really toxic esp if they speak to other people telling lies about you, kasi naiinggit sila 🙂 This year I’m getting rid of people from your list haha

  3. Maribel Cordovilla

    Toxic people don’t do well with boundaries. Pick your battles wisely. It’s tricky to balance being cordial with not wanting to normalize someone’s emotionally abusive behavior. Recognize and distance yourself from their behavior. Focus on the positive. Utilize our support system. Ignore them and don’t waste your time to this kind of people.


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