My Maya Kitchen Moments with my Boys

Nov 26, 2018 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

My Maya Kitchen Moments with my Boys
Three of my boys had acute gastroenteritis two weeks ago.  Until now, they are still taking their medication.  Aside from being reminded to prefer home cooked meals over dine in or take out from restaurants and fast food stores, this mother was advised to be careful about food preparation.  The more, too, that I got to be prompted by my very reason I resigned from work three years ago – spend more time with my children.

The everyday struggle 

Looking after two toddlers, though, can be quite challenging.  Most of the time, I am just with them, either playing or feeding them.  There are times that we are just lying in bed or sitting on the couch tandem feeding. I sometimes feel frustrated as I can’t start and even finish any household chore nor do my freelancing work.  

The opportunity to be with the boys

Until we got a gift from The Maya Kitchen. Those gifts helped me realize that I can do as much to indeed use the time and days I have with my boys.  Not every mom is given this kind of privilege; thus instead of complaining of being stuck with my toddlers, I must be grateful for the opportunity.  And since my three older boys are feeling grown up, The Maya Kitchen products are also instrumental for us to at least bond and bring out the inner kid in all of us.  

My Maya Kitchen Moments with my Boys

My Maya Kitchen Moments with my Boys

The Maya Hotcake Art activity 

Our last Sunday was somewhat different.  I made a few Maya Hotcake Art and one by one, my boys joined me at the kitchen. Everyone was just so happy to create visually appealing treats using either MAYA Original Fluffy n’Tasty Hotcake Mix or Maya Complete Quick N’ Easy Hotcake Mix. We designed our favorite cartoon and movie characters, logos, and just anything we could think of.  

My Maya Kitchen Moments with my Boys

My Maya Kitchen Moments with my Boys

My Maya Kitchen Moments with my Boys

It was a fun moment in the kitchen.  The laughter, teasing, and the fun continued at the dining table and even on our way to celebrate Sunday mass. I was delighted what a simple Maya Hotcake Art activity can do to help this mother connect with her boys.  At first, I even thought my children would not be interested in such Hotcake design making thing.  But I was wrong.  Perhaps, more than the thrill of creating an attractive cartoon character design, it was that longing to reconnect with the family that made our Sunday bonding one for keeps. 



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