New Downy Powder Detergent Review

Oct 7, 2019 | Likes, Live

Before, my mother didn’t use her automatic washing machine for most of her clothes.  She only used it for her comforters and bedsheets.  She would always tell me that the constant spinning and heat of the laundry process damage clothes.  

We introduced to her the use of a fabric conditioner.  Good thing, she was convinced that fabric softener protects clothes from the damage of the wash. She bought the idea that fabcon smoothens and strengthens fiber to maintain the clothes’ shape.  And by smoothing the fibers, the fabcon reduces the friction between them. After all, it’s the friction that causes the fibers to break, leading to dull and faded looking clothes. 

As my mom can be quite particular with brands, she only trusts Downy Fabric Conditioner for her sheets, towels, pants, and everyday wear.  She adds a cup of it every last rinse cycle. 

The New Downy Powder Detergent

New Downy Powder Detergent Review

New Downy Powder Detergent Review

Last Saturday, I accompanied my mom to do her grocery. She showed me the new Downy Powder Detergent. She got a pack in Sparkling Clean Garden Bloom and told me she is yet to try it.   As she is confident with the powers of Downy Fabric Conditioner, she never doubted that the new laundry detergent would be equally effective. I also got a pack to try on our clothes.

With the dozen and more laundry detergents we’ve tried and tested, we could already point out what soaps can barely clean and which can truly deliver. Common stains we usually face are blood, chocolate, dirt, and body oil, and as expected, the new Downy detergent meets our expectations. And more.

Perfume Boosters and Sparkling Clean

We like that the new Downy Powder Detergent has tiny little beads that act as the perfume boosters. These innovative scent boosters dissolve in the wash and leave a lasting fragrance. The long small white beads present, on the other hand, are for removing the stains, restoring the radiate white of clothes, and keeping the fabric sparkling clean. 

After our initial try, we may say that the new Downy Powder Detergent is tough on stains but not on the fabric.  It has a refreshing fragrance of sunrise fresh and garden bloom, too, which all the more make it the perfect laundry necessity.

New Downy Powder Detergent Review

New Downy Powder Detergent Review

When I visited my mom yesterday, she was washing their clothes.  She was using her automatic washing machine and happy doing her laundry. From afar, I could smell that familiar scent of the Garden Bloom variant.    And that confirms she instantly used her new discovery.  I am seeing she will also be a loyal Downy Powder Detergent user just like her daughter.

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  1. Nhet Mendoza

    totoo nga yun momsh . nasisira damit namin sa washing machine, nasstretch yung mga garter.
    gusto ko matry to momshie..mukang ang bango sa packaging palang.

  2. Art & Home

    Downy has always been a trusted favorite of mine for fabric softener, so I can only hope their detergent will live up to the Downey name!

  3. Kate Murray • Vogue Media

    I didn’t even realize Downey had a detergent too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. World of Faz

    Downey.. I havent heard of them before. Its interesting to see everyone’s experience with different products.

  5. Patricia M.

    I use downy fabric softener and the beads on my laundry, if this detergent smell just as good as the other product, it’s a must for me.

  6. Nate

    For years and to this day I used their fabric softener. This is awesome news!

  7. Jen

    This is something new to me, didn’t know they have a detergent. I’ll be checking my local supermarket for this and will give it a try.

  8. TweenselMom (@TweenselMom)

    Just about time they have the powder detergent, but I wish they will have the liquid one, I prefer liquid kasi.

  9. Catherine Santiago Jose

    I already saw their advertisement and it makes me feel so excited to try that product.

  10. Eileen M Loya

    This post reminds me of my mom. She still believed in good old handwashing for clothes. I have already tried that Downy detergent and I am very pleased with the results of how my clothes came out clean and smelling so nice.

  11. delhifundos2014

    Never heard about this brand. I will definitely going to check out this Downy Detergent Powder if its available in our country

  12. Lyosha Varezhkina

    never heard of it before but it seams like a nice product, I might give it a try

  13. Joanna

    I didn’t hear about this brand before. I usually use 3 in 1 pods for my laundry as they are easier to use and have the exact quantity of detergent in them.


    A new product of Downy, I never heard this before. I will truly try this asap! it looks a long lasting smell on clothes.

  15. arun

    I need to try their detergent. Would love to have crispy fresh fragnant clothes.

  16. jessica may

    I bet this smells so fresh and gets clothes so clean!! I want some!!

  17. Marrel Notov

    So cool that they make powdered laundry detergent now and that it has that familiar scent.
    XO, MJ


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