Is Home Pest Control Essential

May 16, 2019 | Likes, Live

A month ago, we had our scheduled pest control services.  We availed the quarterly preventive pest control program.  Though our house’s foundation is made of stone, a massive part of its interior structure is mostly wood which bugs love to chew on.  More than controlling and killing wood-eating insects, the pest control also targets rodents and other insects that carry diseases.  Remember, pest carries harsh viruses and bacteria which may worsen an existing medical condition like asthma, for instance. Other pests cause severe intestinal illness, too.  Thus, it is safe to say that pest control helps keep our family safe and healthy.

It just started with a cockroach

I was happily sipping a favorite fruit tea when I happened to see a cockroach by the wall.  Pest like cockroaches can easily make a nest in one’s house; it can only take one or two to start a colony.  In a matter of hours and even days, they can easily make themselves comfortable and grow in number. Thus, before these freeloaders rule our house, I asked my mom to contact a pest exterminator.

The right pest exterminator

Not all pest control professionals, though, are the same.  Sadly, the first group we contacted misapplied the chemicals that left most of my children sick.  Also, the smell of the chemical was so strong that it caused stressed and discomfort more than peace of mind.  

With the second group that did the pest extermination, they did a pre-inspection service.  The technicians inspected each room and looked around to find the source of a possible problem.  I guess they are more into taking the right step to treat the house properly and ensuring no future issues from occurring.

This experience taught us to look into a pest exterminator company that gives real quality services.  

No more pest one day at a time

I love the second group who did the pest control services at our house last month.  They explained to us that they also treated the edges of our roof because there might be pests nesting on its borders.  Treating the area will most likely prevent future infestation from happening because their nest has been destroyed already in the first place.  They likewise explained to us that it might take time to eliminate pests. However, with regular follow-through services, continuous treatment of home will help completely and permanently rid the house of pests.  

Is home pest control essential

Is Home Pest Control Essential. Termites love to chew through wood and flooring and can feed the house’s structure.

I do not enjoy the presence of any pest in our house.  More than the health issues, it is the sanitary and safety of the home and our kids that I am after.  A single cockroach may seem harmless; however, its number can multiple before you know it. And their presence may rob the peace of mind you deserve.  Thus, it is essential that you get rid of them the first time you knew about them. It is equally crucial to hire a pest control company that offers quality services and not just empty promises. And I am speaking here all because of past experiences.


  1. Julie Olleres

    tama ka dyn momsh d tlga ako nag eenjoy kpag may mga peste sa bahay lbanas nkikitaira na lng minsa nangngagat pa e

  2. Hnhfua

    Wow we need that here momshie hehe yung hubby ko na mas takot pa sa ipis … Mahal ba service nila momshie?


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