All Aboard For A Family Adventure

Sep 27, 2019 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

One of the joys of being part of a loving Filipino family is the importance that is placed on spending time together.  It is no surprise then that travellers from the Philippines are among the keenest holidaymakers, with 62% enjoying five or more family holidays in 2018. 

For that next surprise treat for the family, have you considered a boating holiday?  With a little careful planning, you can make this a stress-free way to travel, helping your family to create new and exciting memories together.

Setting sail

All Aboard For A Family Adventure

All Aboard For A Family Adventure

Your first step is to choose the right boat for you and your family.  Usually, easy options are between a sailboat or a powerboat.  Sailboats are often seen as more eco-friendly. If you’re one of the increasing numbers of consumers who are prioritizing environmental factors when choosing products, sailboats may appeal to you. However, such kind of ride can be a little tricky to handle.  There might be a slight struggle operating it for starters or if your children are keen to get involved. 

For a family trip involving a significant number of members, the seating capacity and the size of a boat are vital factors. A bowrider boat is a popular family choice for this purpose, given its ample room.  Kayaks and other man-powered canoes are other options, too. 

An action-packed adventure…

Boating holidays offer plenty of opportunities to learn new practical skills and to enjoy diving, snorkelling, and other watersports.  A Go-Pro or similar camera is a great way to capture all the action and look back on it together later.

If your children are not a confident swimmer, ensure that they have well-fitting buoyancy aids. It is prudent, too, to appoint an adult to stay with them at all times.  Best as well to try to find gentle ways to encourage them in the water.  Research has shown that learning new skills can slow cognitive ageing, so just as your children develop and flourish on the trip, the same applies to your brain health and happiness.

…But don’t forget to relax

One of the vast benefits of a boating holiday is the relaxing effect of being around water.  Not only is being in nature an uplifting way to soothe the mind and body, but being on a boat makes a digital detox almost inevitable.  A recent survey finds that Filipinos spend the most time online at just over 10 hours per day. Given this, a sailing vacation is an ideal chance to reset everyone’s habits and reboot the most critical connection- being with loved ones.

Planning a family vacation can be tricky as you need to balance everyone’s needs and preferences. A boating holiday can be something new and exciting to consider.  Plan your boat itinerary which the whole team can look back on for years to come.

All Aboard For A Family Adventure

All Aboard For A Family Adventure

So here’s us saying, take to the water for a refreshing change.



  1. Nhet Mendoza

    Ay gusto ko to maranasan boating boating. Pero laki akong isla kaya lang bangka na hindi ganito. Love ko ang sea nakakarelax.

  2. Nate

    Planning a family vacation is not easy. My wife is doing that right now and just the prep work and budgeting all goes with it. Thank god for her!

  3. Patricia M.

    I love boating vacations. I love so much that I have a trip schedule for next year that we are not getting a hotel. We are staying on the boat.

  4. Jeremy Park

    It is not easy to have a trip with my kids. Sometimes it would be good or make me and my wife tired. But I think your idea is good. I’d like to try it when my kids are getting to grow more.

  5. Art & Home

    I think 5 or more family get-aways per year is amazing! We get so caught up with day-to-day life that sometimes we take time with the family for granted.

  6. Norma

    It’s important to take time to relax and recharge. Trying new experiences is a great bonding experience for the whole family.

  7. TweenselMom (@TweenselMom)

    My husband has water phobia that’s why we haven’t been to natural water trips like these. But i’m planning to have the kids (and me) for swimming lessons next summer so we can get to enjoy trips like this.


      I love boating so much that at least every three months I go

  8. HilLesha

    Planning a family vacation isn’t always easy, but it is still fun, nonetheless. My family and I are hoping to do more traveling next year!

  9. Olya Amanova

    It is a true family adventure. The place looks amazing. The landscape is mesmerizing. You had a rattling good time.

  10. Joanna

    I do love days out which involve being on the water, being that boating, rafting or kayaking. They are all great family activities.

  11. mudpiefridays

    filipino families are the best in the world they are one of a kind through thick and thin they would be together whatever happens that’s what make them so special.

  12. Sadia Munir

    Sounds fun! Loving your pictures.


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