Shop through Shopback and Get Cashback

Sep 10, 2019 | Likes, Love

I don’t enjoy online shopping before. I still prefer heading to the mall and fitting that dress.  Or I enjoy walking at each aisle and checking on the latest inventory.  But because I am stuck at home with two toddlers I can’t leave behind, online shopping has become a stress-relieving activity.  And just before I hit the sack, I would often spend another hour or two on the internet clicking and adding cart.

What is Shopback

Thus, when I heard of Shopback‘s innovative cashback rewards program, I spent no time in knowing more about it.  This cashback rewards program returns up to 30 percent of the money spent on online shopping.  To enjoy the reward, the user must enter the partner e-commerce site through the Shopback app.  He can then claim the money he earns back through transfer to his online bank account, mobile wallet GCash, or PayPal.

Upon checking, Shopback is present in seven countries in the Asia Pacific and counts over 12 million users. It enjoys a current partnership with over 2,000+ brands from all over the world.  This Singapore-based e-commerce startup also eyes the Philippines as one of its newest and most exciting markets.

Filipinos’ Shopping behavior

Shopback revealed through a statement that the top items many Filipinos purchase online are prepaid load and gaming pins.  Next on the list are electronics and products for moms and babies. Travel packages, tours, and hotel accommodations come next.  And the rest is a myriad of everyday essentials, from foodstuff such as brownies to toiletries like mosquito repellent.

It is interesting to know that since its entry in the Philippines in June 2015, Shopback has enjoyed 1.9 million downloads and has paid a total of P119,888,596.93 in cashback rewards. Another intriguing figured we learned was the biggest cashback paid in a single transaction at the amount of P422,055.34.

Shopback’s Shopfest on Sept 9

Given these figures, Shopback then is more than eager to expand its local operations and partner with more e-commerce outlets and brands.  But in the meantime, Shopback offers as much as 40% cashback and other items for P99.00 exclusive to the platform this Shopfest sale on September 9

I like this program of Shopback which makes online shopping not just enjoyable but rewarding as well.  And Shopback has been one of the reasons I love online shopping now. Imagine getting a cashback of up to 30 percent of the money you spent on online shopping?

Shop through Shopback and Get Cashback

Shop through Shopback and Get Cashback

If you haven’t tried Shopback, I encourage you to do your next online shopping through the Shopback app.  It feels just so satisfying and less the guilt that you get some cashback from your online purchases.


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  1. Michelle Anne Tumulak

    Ganda ng App nato Momi Berlin

  2. Angela

    I accidentally read your post while browsing!! Very thankful to you for sharing about the shop back app. As i am the person obsessed of cash backs, discounts and reward points, i felt this app is awesome every time i use it. I personally rate this app 5/5 as it is a smarter way to shop online and easy to access coupons, deals, and offers at over 500 stores. That is the reason I am attracted to ShopBack app.

  3. I'm Jess Traveling

    I’m the opposite of you and prefer to shop online than to do it in the stores…prob because I’m so busy these days. I also love when I get rewarded for my shopping with cash backs and points. I will check this app out now. Thanks for sharing

  4. kattyscreamery

    Oooh this is a good one! I use a lot of the airline sites so I can save points and go somewhere fun!

  5. TweenselMom (@TweenselMom)

    Once tried shopback and I got really good discounts and some cash back (hence the name). It was great and can help, bit by bit.

  6. Fae Celine

    I love this app, it can really help me save money

  7. Krysten (@WeirdGirlBlog)

    Ooh this is awesome, I love any chance to save money. I’ll have to try this out, thanks friend!

  8. Patricia M.

    I love finding out about websites that reward me with cash back. I have not heard of shopback before but will check it out.

  9. Mrs. Mira McDaniel

    I’ve never heard of shopback before but it sounds alot like ebates! I love using it on almost all my online shopping and then getting a check back in the mail for the amount I got back after a few months. Super awesome win!

  10. Samar

    Never heard about shop back before, but I am going to use it as soon as possible. Its tempting.

  11. Olya Amanova

    This is so nice to be able to get some money back from your shopping experience. This truly gives a boost to desire to spend more time doing this.

  12. Bree L.

    I have never heard of this before! But it sounds like a great way to save a bit of money while shopping!


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