When True Love Stops Seeing Eye To Eye

Aug 14, 2019 | Live, Love, Only Berlin

Many of us imagine that every day will be filled with joy once we find our lifetime partners. We picture the thrill of sharing a family with that special one, and the sheer unending pleasure of a partner who is so very in tune with us. 

Sometimes, though, we won’t see our partners eye-to-eye the way we might like. Our lifestyle might differ, too, or we may bicker about things we would have once agreed on.

When this happens, many of us worry that our similarities with our partners weren’t what we thought. In truth, though, any long-term relationship comes in stages, and some of them won’t be blissful. Instead of assuming a bad patch is the end, consider whether the following common problems are to blame.

The stars aren’t aligned

Whether we avidly check our Virgo starsign or don’t pay any attention to horoscopes, it’s fair to say that sometimes, the stars just aren’t aligned. During the long life of a happy relationship, there are bound to come times when something in the air makes us clash. Call it the stars, or fate, or whatever works for us. In these instances, even efforts to put things right are sure to fall flat.

If there seems to be some outside force working against our relationship right now, then, acknowledge that perhaps we need a bit of space. Like everything else, this period will eventually pass.

You aren’t checking in

When True Love Stops Seeing Eye To Eye

When True Love Stops Seeing Eye To Eye

Often, we become so aligned with our partners because we spend a lot of time together. We share ideas because of endless conversations which strengthen our connections. If we haven’t checked in for a while, these connections can become fraught. We may stop understanding each other’s reasoning. We may even stop sharing our values the way we used to.

Rather than seeing this as a disaster, consider it as a warning. It’s a sure sign we need to spend more time together so we can tether those connections once more, and make sure that we’re still on the same page when it matters.

You’re internalizing

Sometimes, it’s also important to note that relationship problems come from nowhere but inside. If we’re having a stressful time at work or with the kids, for example, our partner may begin to annoy us in ways they never did when we were carefree and in love. We may then get into the habit of snapping and even blaming our partner when the fault lies with us. Before taking anything out on our loved one, then, try to take a step back. Consider whether they are at fault, or whether our anger is coming from another place. Just bringing this awareness to our interactions could see our partner supporting us rather than holding the burden of our worries. And, that could see us as a happy family again in no time. 

When True Love Stops Seeing Eye To Eye

They say life is not always a bed of roses.  Same with being in a relationship, life can sometimes be challenging especially if our partners don’t agree 100% on some of our beliefs.  But that doesn’t mean we need to end our relationship already.  Sometimes, a break is all we need or perhaps, a little space. Don’t fall to the trap and quit.  After all, true love is worth fighting for.


  1. Julie Olleres

    yess mommy need dn tlga ng pagkakainti dihan kpag sa relationship ❤️

  2. Leira Bhagwani

    Important ang communication..you don’t have to see eye to eye all the time important pa rin ang love ang respect

  3. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    I don’t really believe in horoscopes, but I agree when you say that conflict usually builds up from inside of us. We need to be vigilant about our relationship. In true ”hunger games” style, let’s remember who the real enemy is, and it’s usually not anyone we love.

  4. Liz

    Great pointers to keep in mind when getting into a relationship. As they say, cliche as it may be, communication is always the key. Honest to goodness communication.

  5. Lani

    I’m just so lucky to have a very understanding husband. Kahit beast mode na ko, kalma pa din sya. Even if I’m wrong it’s him who always understand. I sometimes get angry at things na dapat pinag uusapan muna or tinatanong.

  6. Nicole P

    too true. na pag nagkakaproblema na, kesa itigil dapat irekindle yung relationship. na dapat wag mawala yung mini dates, mga little acts of kindness like kesa yung mommy ang mag cook ng breakfast eh si daddy ang mag cook, and talk things out. compromise, respect and understanding ❤

  7. Mhaan (@momyrockinstyle)

    This is so true. A relationship is not all about love, but acceptance na din. Not all the time, magkakasundo kayo sa isang bagay. You have to learn to accept and adjust din for the sake of your relationship.

  8. Michi (@michisolee)

    I agree, love and relationship is not a bed of roses. May mga challenges, disagreements and disappointments but these are not reasons to fall out of love.

  9. Cheanne

    Sometimes nga, we really have to look inside of us. Baka, the problem lies there. I have a couple of friends who share that their married life is in shatters and it’s always the partner’s fault. Our advice to her is to try and look inside also, because she herself might be at fault too. Para they can admit and work together to fix it.

  10. MrsEneroDiaries

    Totally agree with “True love is worth fighting for”. Kaya nakakatulong talaga ang couple time kahit may kids na. There will be disagreements, but at the end of the day, kayo at kayo parin 🙂

  11. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    Amen to this! Love isn’t always sunshine and roses, but true love can weather the storm. 🙂

  12. momhandsarefull

    Any relationship requires both parties working together. Mahirap at times, but like what you said, true love is worth fighting for.

  13. Peachy A.

    It’s true. In order for a relationship to work, you also have to work for your relationship.

  14. Mary G Suycano

    Keeping the love alive is always a choice. So yes to TRUE LOVE IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR. 🙂

  15. Jareds_mum

    I guess that is why they say a relationship is a commitment because you commit to love the same person each and every single day. And, I agree, it is not always a bed of roses, that is why it is a must to keep the communication line open to bridge the gap when one of you are becoming unlovable or hard to love.


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