Quick Ways to Appreciate Your Spouse

Mar 27, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

Quick Ways to Appreciate your Spouse

You’ve been married for more than 17 years now and it feels like you’re living together just for the sake of the children.  Or maybe after being in the relationship for so long, you’ve just got the hang of it. Perhaps it’s time to look at your spouse again and simply appreciate him/her. Sometimes, we tend to disregard their importance and mere existence given the many pressures of work and home management. Momi Berlin gives you a listing on how to show appreciation to your better half.

Never belittle your spouse

Never put your partner down especially in front of your kids.  A parent – or the mother, for instance – left at home, is most likely the one to discipline the children too.  Belittling her in front of your kids would make the children doubt their mother’s authority.

Verbalize your appreciation

Saying “thank you” aside from “I love you” is a nice way to show your appreciation to your partner.  Though you’ve been together for years, verbalizing your sincerest gratitude will surely be valued. Communicate your gratitude clearly rather than let them assume they know it already.

Exercise consideration

You have seen your partner a little tired. Perhaps you could take charge of the babysitting even for a few hours. That short time to look after the baby is indeed a big help already.

The same is true with making decisions – big or small.  Always consider your spouse in every decision to make. Let your wife, for example, know she is part of your life by sharing with her your decisions about the company business and even your schedules. That shows you care and respect her.

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Quick Ways to Appreciate your Spouse

Quick Ways to Appreciate your Spouse

Pretty strange that we could be the most courteous person to friends and even strangers.  But we cannot extend the same courtesy to our partner. We treat them instead with rudeness, often giving reasons that we are tired or lacking sleep.

Another classic example would be not paying attention to your partner during a conversation.  Instead of listening to his/her stories, your eyes are all fixed to your gadget and mobile phone.

Be sensitive

There are certain house rules that need not be reiterated.   Simple things like tidying the bed, putting the towel in proper places are a big help.  Sometimes, these small favors are what make living harmonious and maintain peace inside our own household.

Respect boundaries

Though they say you are one after marriage, there is still personal stuff you would rather want to keep for yourself. Checking on cell phones, wallets, and bags is one practice you should avoid doing.  Surely you also would want the same respect to be extended to you.

Protect your partner

There are some plights your partner faces.  Support him/her rather than be another enemy.  All the more that the third party would have the guts to bully your loved one because he sees you not supporting your spouse.   Never compromise your partner’s physical or emotional well-being.

Appreciate your spouse

In any marriage, it is but sensible to focus on the good attributes of our spouse.  That way, we fall more in love with them. Let us gently guide them in realizing their flaws if there’s any, and together let us live harmoniously.  Most importantly, it wouldn’t hurt if we look at them lovingly and appreciate their efforts. Sometimes, too many responsibilities make us too preoccupied.  Remember, we got into the relationship in the first place because we appreciated even the simplest things they did for us before. Now that we have children, it is but proper to show appreciation.  Now how about start by saying “thank you” when you return home?

Quick Ways to Appreciate your Spouse


  1. Nhet Mendoz

    Yes po! Thank God responsible and good husband partner ko. .

  2. Raquel Chiong

    Very informative momsh. Wala pa ko husband but i wanted to share this to my kuya and hipag. Sometimes they tend to belittle each other and i feel bad for both of them. Your always inspiring. Thank you!

  3. Love Compoc

    Thanks Mommy. Really helpful post lalo na sa dami ng nangyayari wala na time na ma appreciate ang loveones. Belittling your partner won’t do good tlga kasi aside sa bababa tingin ng kids mas bababa din ang self esteem ng tao kapag makarinig nyan ny mismong tao na dapat ina-uplift siya. Appreciation is a must talaga. Now na magkasama na kami, i enjoy our time together kasi dati i always look forward sa weekend or long weekend para nasa bahay lang siya na. Now na andito siya, i make use of the time and appreciate his efforts. I say thanks most of the time lalo siya ang nalabas lagi now to buy our needs. Inaasikaso din pagkabalik nya and assist him while the kids are upstairs kasi he has to go directly sa sa bathroom to take a bath so inoopen ko na ang door at ready his things. That way less hassle for him na. Also, mas marami kwentuhan na these days to divert attention. I sometimes give him a massage to show how thankful i am sa effort nya lalo mas madami siya time sa kids and less stress ako hahha. Lastly, ung gaya dati na i asked him to dance with me nagagwa namin ulit. Any actions as long as napapsaya sila aside sa thanks and i love you eh malaking bagay na for them. Thanks sa mga tips Mommy Berlin ❤️

  4. jennie narciso

    Thank u for this me and my partner doesn’t have a fairytale lovestory but we respect each other in our own little ways..


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