Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

Aug 15, 2019 | Likes

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Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

We got an invite to what we may call as close to perfect paradise for brownie lovers like us!  All our favorite brownies and even new exciting treats from Brownies Unlimited are readily available at their first-ever flagship store in SM Makati.  

Brownies Unlimited started as a corner counter only in 1988 in that same spot in SM Makati.  I remember I used to buy a box of brownies for my boys and a pack of Munchies for myself.  Now, Brownies Unlimited continues to grow with more branches.  They likewise opened their doors to franchising.  

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At their SM Makati store, we got to taste, see, and even smell Brownies Unlimited’s new product offering.  The dessert table was full of delectable goods from Brownie Pizza to Toasted Marshmallow and Molten Brownie.  There were also chocolate cupcakes made extra special with colorful and sweet toppings. 

Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

We got to try Brownies Unlimited’s Make Your Own Brownie Pizza and it was such a fun experience.  We regretted not bringing our Little Man with us.  Surely, he would love to create his own Brownie Pizza and decorate it with lots of nuts and star sprinkles.  Such station is also perfect for kid’s parties. 

Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

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Indeed, that small nook by the second floor of SM Makati is every brownie lover’s paradise.  Just by looking at the delectable brownies may make one smile and even brighten one’s mood.  More than the delish sweets by the counter, the place makes one feel light and give hope.  Perhaps its the happy food crew or venue’s layout.  Or maybe, the brownie products themselves.

So if you’re within the area, do drop by the second level of SM Makati.  Grab a bite and make your cheat day worth it.  As they say, 

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Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

By the way, sharing with you here as well is the party package just in case you would like to bring the rainbow to your little one’s party.

Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

Keep Calm and Have Some Brownies

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  1. Nhet Mendoza

    Awwww.. makulay. . Gusto ko matutunan ang ganito para bonding kami ng anak ko.
    Gusto ko yung keep calm and taste the rainbow.
    Mura na ang package Ma ah.

  2. Hnhfua

    Wow ang daming sweets momshie daming pagpipiliAn sulit na then pag package

  3. Amber Myers

    Yes please! I would love to have a dessert table. I do have a sweet tooth.

  4. Krysten (@WeirdGirlBlog)

    Oh. My. Goodness. That table looks SO YUMMY! I’d want to sample everything, yum!

  5. andiecomala

    Oh wow their cupcakes look so delicious. And their store is so colorful. I would have enjoyed being invited to this.,

    Andie Comala

  6. Cindy Ingalls

    Creating a brownie pizza sounds like fun for the whole family. And a great idea for a birthday party.

  7. Cindy Nico

    Look at all these delicious brownies. Looks so good I want a few right now !!

  8. Steph Social

    Wow that dessert table looks amazing!! I love brownies but I’m gluten free! Do they have any gluten free options!?

  9. Dana Peller (@Pellerini)

    The idea of getting brownies and staying calm would be ideal since we’re expecting a hurricane here in South Florida.

  10. alexandra cook

    My daughter really loves to eat brownies, her reaction would be so epic if i buy here those lol

  11. Tisha

    This place looks awesome!! Not only would my girls love this (brownies + unicorn theme= win) but my bestie and I always have brownies when we get together without the kids and would equally enjoy! We need one closer to us!!


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