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May 2, 2019 | Live, Only Berlin

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The generation today dominates the use of the internet from online searching to shopping and banking. A lot of platforms were introduced already to help individuals fulfill even the most mundane tasks in an easier and more convenient manner.

At your fingertips

Take for example the online platform I recently discovered, This platform enables users to get an insurance policy at their fingertips. at Your Fingertips at Your Fingertips

A comprehensive listing of the country’s best insurance providers provides a comprehensive list of the country’s leading insurance companies offering vehicle, home, travel, and personal accident insurance products. That alone already gives us peace of mind. Remember, we are acquiring insurance to protect us financially; thus we need to go for a financially sound company. Knowing that offers insurance options from the country’s best providers, we are assured of quality products and services. A few on the list of accredited companies under are Standard Insurance, FPG Insurance, and Prudential Guarantee.

A comprehensive online insurance platform

When we tried the site, I love that allows me to compare, personalize, and select the ideal insurance plan according to our preference. We have the power then to opt for a product we can afford from the insurance company we prefer.

A hassle-free online transaction

After acquiring the preferred insurance, the users can now take full control of their policy as shown in their insurance dashboard. They can monitor their policy, transact, and submit documents for insurance claims. There is also a live chat and help desk feature to efficiently connect users to an insurance analyst in real time.

Even the payment of premiums is convenient and hassle-free. Users may opt to pay through PayPal or at any Cebuana Lhuillier‘s close to 2500 branches nationwide.

A well-thought-out innovation

We find this kind of innovation well-thought-out. More than using technology to provide a thorough service to the people, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to, an online platform that provides insurance for free to those who cannot manage to fund their insurance needs. Soon, too, will include more financial products and services as well as more insurance company partners. Microinsurance is also in the pipeline. at Your Fingertips at Your Fingertips

We always admire companies coming up with innovative products that show significant consideration for the needs of other people. With, individuals can quickly and conveniently window shop for the insurance service they need until they have decided to get it. More than the time and money they were able to save in the process, they were able to help others, too, because of the corporate social responsibility program of

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  1. Julie Olleres

    wow maganda to

  2. Hnhfua

    Mas maganda talaga momshie pag may insurance lalo na health insurance. Ng family



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