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Apr 2, 2019 | Likes, Only Berlin

One of the things we truly enjoy as a family is dining in.  Of all the cuisines, Chinese cooking is what we enjoy the most.  Aside from its generous serving,   Chinese food stands out because of its aroma, taste, and appearance.  I once read that China has the most popular culinary heritage in the world. That perhaps explains its food’s interesting flavor, aroma, and texture.

Everything one sees in a Chinese menu is easily understood even by a child.  A typical meal has either carbohydrates like rice, noodles or buns, and stir-fries, veggies or fish and meat.  And I love that a Chinese meal has lots of fresh vegetables to offer.   From tofu to mushroom, water chestnuts, and peas, a youngster could easily be trained to love and appreciate vegetables.  I love the rich umami taste as well as the seasoning and sauces used to cook Chinese dishes.  The seasoning is what truly makes the food taste extra flavorful and look vibrant.

This explains my eagerness to bring my boys at Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine in Hemady Square in Quezon City after I got an invite over a sumptuous lunch. 

Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine Feel

The place is very welcoming as diners could enjoy the natural light passing through the big glass windows.  That perhaps makes the food look extra yummy and gorgeous; the natural light coming from the outside serves as a spotlight to provide that perfect glow on each dish. The restaurant is also filled with modern furnishing, upholstered booths by the window, and wooden slat accents in the ceiling and divider.  And aside from the food, of course, I love the extra walkable spaces in between each table.  Guests could easily walk to their table of choice without bumping into others.

I learned that the menu at Yeah Yeah is inspired by the personal concept of the owners and their in-house chef.  This easily translates to well-loved dishes served with passion. 

Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine Taste

As the specialty at Yeah Yeah is Hong-Kong style cooking, they serve a variety of dim sum.  I thought I have eaten the best xiao long bao in one Taiwanese restaurant but wait till you have tried Yeah Yeah’s.  I enjoyed sipping its light savory broth the same way I couldn’t resist munching down the entire dumpling.  It is that great.  I bet you could finish everything inside the bamboo basket where it is served hot and steaming.  Another favorite is the Crab Row Sio Mai.  Every bite is indeed filling, bursting of umami taste with an earthiness reminiscent of Shiitake mushrooms.  I also love that its wrapper doesn’t harden even if left on the bamboo steamer for an hour or so.

Aside from the dim sum, I enjoyed Yeah Yeah’s roasted meals.  They are all tender, flavorful, and juicy.  I particularly love the roasted duck which looks like glazed with honey-balsamic kind of seasoning to give the duck a beautiful roasted skin. I also enjoyed the duck’s crispiness and rich zest.  Other equally must-try dishes are the soy chicken, fried pigeon, and lechon Macau. 

My goodness!  The lechon Macau is a must-try!  Its tender, savory meat is perfectly topped with a crispy skin. You could eat a plateful of it if you are not so conscious about your diet.  It is that great!

Another favorite which I know my mom would also love is the Hot Prawn Salad.  This fancy appetizer of fried prawn with fruit salad is slightly sweet, creamy, and delightful.  The prawns are crunchy, a little too big for one bite, but is nonetheless gratifying.

Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine Experience

There are a lot of familiar Chinese dishes served at Yeah Yeah.  But what sets it apart from other Chinese restaurants is its impressive and consistent food concept.  Each dish served truly aims to satisfy everyone’s taste buds from soup to dim sum, main entry, and even the roasting. 

The place, too, has a vibrant ambiance, not too crowded that may quickly turn off potential customers.  Ample parking space is readily available as well, all the more encouraging big families to stay a little for some coffee and tea because they know their car is safely parked at the basement.

More than sharing with you my Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine experience, I want to invite you as well to try their All-You-Can-Eat Lunch and Dinner promo.  On weekdays from 11 am to 2 pm, you can enjoy a happy feast of eat-all-you-can dim sum, congee, and fried rice at only P380 per head.  This promo is inclusive of unlimited iced tea as well.  Children below three years old are free of charge.

Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine food review

Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine food review

For the eat all the dim sum, ala carte, and fried rice during dinner, one pays for P598 per head for the adult, while kids are charged P380 per head.   This promo runs from 6 pm to 9 pm on weekdays only.  Both lunch and dinner buffet are available today until April 30, 2019.

Our Firstborn will be moving up from Junior High School to Senior High School a week from now.  And I plan to bring my family at Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine to celebrate.  With its All-You-Can-Eat-Dinner, I bet my boys would genuinely enjoy a great feast of their favorite Chinese food.  Plus, the place isn’t too hard to find as when we first went there, it is easily searchable via Google Map.

Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine food review

Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine food review

If you aren’t a fan of Chinese cuisine, I invite you to try Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine.  Your whole concept of Chinese food may be refreshed.  This restaurant goes beyond the basic dishes commonly found in ordinary Chinese diners.  The taste, too, of their meals is undoubtedly an upgrade of most Chinese restaurants we frequented before. 

If you are a Chinese food fanatic, all the more that I encourage you to take a visit at Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine.  At Yeah Yeah, you can enjoy one of the best if not the best dim sum, congee and noodle soup, roasting, and more with an atmosphere and taste genuinely distinctive from most Chinese restaurants in town.

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  1. Chin Enriquez

    Parang masarap yung roasted duck ah… hehe salamat nalang sa Chowking lol sana more branches of this Chinese food resto.

  2. julie tagum olleres

    sana meron dtong branches nian sa valenzuela
    sarap kumain dyn

  3. Love Compoc

    masarap din yan lechon macau Momsh

  4. Atheena Reyes

    ay wow .momi bongga ito yes talaga namang favorite din natin ang chinese foods momi kakaiba kasi ang aroma at lasa nito at yung mga spices kaya swak sa panlasang pinoy .. perfect kumain ngayon dito momi … lalo ngayong graduation ng mga anak ntin..

  5. Queenie Gallardo

    Wow momshie saraap kumain dyan love na love ko din ang chinese cuisines di nkkasawa sa QC lang sya kaya nmn namin puntahn pag sinipag hehe perfect sa accasions

  6. Dhiasalazarrivera

    Nkakain na din kmi jan ng hipag ko.. sulit na sulit ung binayad nmin.. Masarap talaga❤️

  7. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    Yay Ang sarap Naman kumain sa Chinese food na ito momsh . Sana soon mkatikim Rin ako Ng mga foods San ganyang resto kaso Wala talagang budget ..


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