Our Tesalate Beach Towel + Giveaway

Mar 12, 2019 | Likes, Only Berlin

The boys are all set for next week’s third-trimester examinations. To help them relax some more, husband suggested we go nature tripping. We believe that nature gives a sense of peacefulness. It has the power to refresh our battered soul and mind and give us a fresh perspective about life and things.

The most accessible place we can visit is La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City. It is just an hour drive from home. More than the usual greens and blooms, the eco-park is also that perfect venue for nature-filled activities like bird-watching, biking, and trekking.

We found a spot just between the bike area and the kiddie playground. We set up our Tesalate beach towel where I stayed most of the time while the big boys learn to bike and the younger ones took turns on the slide.

Our Tesalate Beach Towel + Giveaway

Our Tesalate Beach Towel + Giveaway

Yes, a beach towel. This Aussie style beach towel isn’t like the usual ones we can buy at department stores and even online. This revolutionary new type of beach towel is so lightweight yet large, super absorbent but quick drying, and sand-free. When we checked the Tesalate website, we learned that they had sold more than 50,000 towels to happy customers in about 130 countries. Pretty impressive. And when you check the designs available you will surely be impressed, too. Allow us to enumerate the reasons we love this towel and use it even on picnics and other outdoor activities.

Ultra Absorbent

When buying a towel, we always consider one with excellent water absorbency. Wiping away any form of liquid is useless when it can’t absorb water. What we look for is something that can hold more than its weight in water. Tesalate answers that need. A Tesalate beach towel can retain up to a liter of water. It may seem unbelievable but believe me, it is possible with Tesalate.


The boys love the beach so much that they can stay there long and return a dozen times despite the request to have some break. So imagine the many wet towels hanging by the bathroom or our cottage. Often, we go home with wet towels in our bag which makes it pretty heavy to carry.

Now, imagine my happiness when our Tesalate beach towel dries in half the time than a regular towel! That means there are no more post-dip wet towels, making Tesalate perfect for travel.


We bet you’ve experienced this a hundred times. You tracked sand into your cabin after a day at the beach. The sand got everywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen area and even at your bedroom! It was challenging to clean up that you would end up giving a bigger tip than usual to the housekeeping to compensate for all the cleaning at your rented place.

Well, having a beach towel that repels sand is a total game changer. Usually, such sheet is made of polyester or nylon that sand won’t stick to. A cloth made of cotton holds moisture and sand sticks to a damp towel. Thus, to enjoy a sand-free beach adventure, opt for towels like Tesalate which has AbsorbLite’s engineering quality that allows sand to slip off easily. With just one quick shake, we can go without taking half of the beach with us.

Compact & light

Our Tesalate Beach Towel + Giveaway

Our Tesalate Beach Towel + Giveaway

We’ve got five boys and that means five towels, too, whenever we go to the beach. I haven’t counted mine and my husband’s. Bulky towels, too, take more space that sometimes, we would request the boys to bring just the right number of clothes to save on luggage space.

But not anymore with our Tesalate beach towel.  It is so lightweight that we can even roll it into a compact size to fit into the travel bag. It can also be hand carried and still fit in a tote bag.

Stunning vibrant designs

The first thing I noticed about Tesalate beach towel is its dynamic and stunning designs. Everything is just so lovely to look at. If one encountered one problem during his purchase, it would be what design to opt to. We’ve decided to get the Bohemian design despite having second thoughts to also go for either Tuscany or Leaf me Alone.

Its premium stitching is also impressive, and by just looking at it, one knows it is made of quality materials that can stand up to the test of time.

Tesalate Giveaway to Momi Berlin followers

Now here’s the deal. Tesalate is so generous to let you experience this kind of beach towel. This is open to all Momi Berlin subscribers and social media followers. So if you aren’t subscribed yet to this blog, click the subscribe button by the sidebar. Open from March 12 to 26; you have two weeks to decide on the design you love. The announcement of the winner is on March 31. For complete mechanics, please find below:

1. Subscribe to Momi Berlin blog. Type in your email address and click the subscribe button by the sidebar.

2. Like and follow Tesalate Facebook page

3. Follow Tesalate Instagram page

4. Like and follow Momi Berlin Facebook page

5. Follow Momi Berlin Instagram page

6. Share this blog post on Facebook and tag at least three friends. Use the hashtag #MomiBerlinforTesalate #MomiBerlinShares


Repost our Tesalate Instagram post and tag at least three friends. Use the hashtag #MomiBerlinforTesalate #MomiBerlinShares

7. Comment here the Tesalate beach towel design you would love to own. Don’t forget to include your Facebook and Instagram name.

Thank you and good luck!

Our Tesalate Beach Towel + Giveaway

Our Tesalate Beach Towel + Giveaway

By the way, those who can’t wait to have their Tesalate beach towel, you may order now and use our discount code MOMIBERLIN15 to avail of 15% discount.

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  1. Chin Enriquez

    I want the Keidoscope design thought of my baby who would love those vibrant colors… if we win hihi
    FB: Chin Enriquez
    IG: @chinenriquez20

  2. Farhanna Kabalu

    Good morning Momi Berlin. I would love to have the same Tesalate Towel as yours. It’s attractive to babies and kids kasi and I think my baby girl would love seeing the colors of it too. Sa ngayon, we do not buy or choose things na gusto lang natin, I always consider my daughter if may mabenefit din ba sya doon o wala. Hehe

    • Farhanna Kabalu

      FB: Cantik Farr
      IG: @cantikfarr

  3. Jasmin Binarao

    I like the flamingo design
    FB: Jhas Mhen
    IG: dark_kittie08

  4. Grace B Moreno

    i love anything green, and the leaf me alone design caught my attention and would love to have one.

    IG: mom_of_twins1208

  5. Anafe Compoc

    Omg..ang ganda naman nito momshie…perfect talaga to kahit anong klaseng outdoor activities lalo na kung may kasamang kids..ang ganda ng quality ng tela..halatang makapal

    Fb: Anafe Bantugan Compoc
    Ig: @iam_anafe08

  6. Jonna Cielo

    Pink color any design 🙂
    FB: Jonna Cielo
    IG: jonnacieloo

  7. Hanah

    Hello momshie berlin maraming salamat sa pa giveaway nyo po always ❤ I like the Muertos Mambo design po.. hoping na manalo usually banig lang talaga dinadala naman plus pillow para kai baby perfect din for my 3 kids ,…

    FB: Han Fua
    IG: hnhfua

  8. Jennifer

    Momi Berlin yung flamingo design po gusto ko sna..

  9. Cherry Tajunio

    My daughter will surely love the Bohemian design because of it’s colors same as yours momi berlin..we love the color and the design.
    FB: Cherry Baldomero Tajunio

  10. julie tagum olleres

    my kid super paborito nia ung ganyng kulay kc super nkk attract at like the muerteros mambo design at tsak kpag umupo man sya momiay limit alam nia na ung uupuan nia po hehhe hoping to win

    • julie tagum olleres

      my ig:iamjulieqtqt
      fb julie tagum olleres

  11. charisse joy espinoza

    I want the montego bay its super perfect for my personality vibrant color and my daughter would surely love this its super millenial color!!

    FB: Charisse Espinoza
    IG: @akosirissejhoy

  12. Alma Loren Fajardo Pumares

    Any design po thank you po
    Fb alma lorrn fajardo pumares
    Ig mhayang822

  13. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    Wow sobrang ganda nya momsh perfect talaga ngayong summer , lalo na pag picnic . I really need this lalo pa pag mamamasyal kami sa circle walang maupuan at mapag latagan ng mga pagkajn perfect ito ngayon.. Super ganda ang vibrant ng color nya ang colorful. Gusto ko po momshie ung katulad sa inyong designs ang ganda nya for sure magugudtuhan ito ng baby ko at talagang matutuwa sya sa color ..hoping to win ..

    FB: Maria Catherine Matugas
    IG: @ma.catherine24

  14. Donna Ria Mahayag

    there’s so many design i dont know what to choose but the the Paradise Found stands out for me.
    Hoping to have this. #MomiBerlinforTesalate #momiberlinshares

  15. Donna Ria Mahayag

    na send agad sorrry FB Name: Donna Ria Mahayag
    IG: @dimplecrusher

  16. Rojean mae lamsin

    I want the sakura design since I’m very fond of pink flowers e specifically sakura or cherry blossoms. ☺

    Fb; rojean mae lamsin
    Ig: @rojlamsin

  17. ms_mona 08

    I love the Cali Sunset.❤ It’s perfect because we love doing outdoor activity.
    IG: @ms_mona08
    FB: Mona Malibiran

  18. Cecilia Sta Rita

    I want the Sakura Design po. Thank you po. I love flower design po. My daughter will love it coz she love flowers too.
    Thank you po.

    Fb: Cecilia De Leon
    IG: @staritacecil

  19. Babeth arcede

    I want the bohemian design. Super ganda and very Catchy to the eye kaya perfect na perfect for summer outing or picnic at the park.

    Fb: babeth arcede
    Ig: @betchayarcede

  20. Maria Eva L. Remoroza

    Hi Momi ang Ganda talaga ng Tesalate… Any design for my baby girl will do. Hope we will be the lucky one

    FB ID: Maria Eva Leyco-Remoroza
    IG ID:mominiisha

  21. Paul Lamsin

    I would love to win the phoenix design. Very elegant and classy. I love the combination of the two colors, white and black, and the asymmetric design. Just perfect for our family’s summer outing! ☺
    Fb: paul r. Lamsin
    Ig: @paullamsin

  22. Trixcy Bunao

    I would love to win the bohemian design or dream catcher design cuz for me it’s so eye-catching yet simple

    Fb: Trixcy Ann Bunao
    ig: _twixxcy

  23. Roselyn A Jose

    I want to win the heartbeat design i love the rainbow colors and how it perfectly rock the summer! ☺ Hoping to win para may magagamit kami kapag nag beach kami or picnic sa luneta park ng.family ko.

    Fb: roselyn a jose
    Ig: @roselyn.a.jose

  24. Jovelyn Jose

    Ang ganda ng bohemian design! ☺ Bet na bet ko talaga ito. Saktong sakto magsa summer na at kabilaan na ang mga summer outing.. Perfect ito gamitin at mageenjoy ka talaga kasi ang ganda ng beach towel na ito.

    Fb: Jovelyn jose
    Ig: @jovelynajose

  25. munimuninitanie

    So many lovely prints! I think I’ll go for Paradise Found so summery!
    IG @taniebinuya
    FB Otanie Binuya

  26. khriz armada

    momi berlin super ganda po ng mga design.halos lhat po nagustuhan ko.

  27. Mariya Bektorya

    This is timely for our upcoming ministry recollection activity at the beach. I would love to own the Tesalate Sakura Towel. Thank you for this opportunity! ^_^

    FB: Mariya Bektorya
    IG: @mariyabektorya

  28. Love Compoc

    I want the Mahalo Mommy or just same as yours kasi and vibrant. We were at Bohol early this year ang ganda nito for picnic or beach trip. Maganda ang quality kaya grabe 50000 towels sold Hoping so we can bring this to Baguio or bet ko din nature tripping Mommy sa Qc , Matutuwa kids
    ig: iamlove_iloveyou
    fb: love fullido compoc

  29. Merelle Romaraog

    I love their Tropicana design that is perfect for summer. So vibrant colors

    Joined in IG : @merelle27 and FB: MERELLE JOY TIMOTEO

  30. Karen Romaraog

    I would love to win sakura design,.super love ko po kasi ang mga flower.hoping poh and Godbless!!

    FB: Romaraog Karen

  31. Elizabeth Lastrella

    Hi, I love reading your blog. Being with your kids and having time for them is awesome. I also love the Tesalate beach towel, is beautiful and colorful. What I like most is its quick drying and sand free.
    I like the BOHEMIAN design. Thank you for giving your followers a chance to have these towels.
    FB Name: Elizabeth Lastrella

  32. irine layam sarreal

    i want to win just the same of yours momi berlin ❤ ready na for outdoors this summer. hoping to win tesalate beach towels ❤

    fb:irine layam sarreal

  33. EmCel Fajardo

    i like the color like yours its vibrant and unique especially this summer season
    FB: Emcel Fajardo
    IG: Emcel Fajardo

  34. Jamela German

    I want the bohemian design Momi Berlin! Love the vibrant color and eye catching design! Hope to be the lucky one! IG@frtzgrmn FB@fritz ziven anthony german WP@Jamela German

  35. Mary Christine Joy Esteban

    I would love to win sakura dessign mahilig po ako sa mga flowers design nakaka relax tignan.
    Fb: Christine Esteban

  36. Dangelyn Natividad

    Bohemian Momi Berlin nakakaakit sa mata ang iba’t-ibang kulay at desinyo na ikatutuwa ng aking anak, gusto ko rin ang Phoenix momsh, napakasimple lang. Hope to win.

  37. Dangelyn Natividad

    FB: Dangelyn Natividad-Taotao
    IG: iamdangge25

  38. Imelda Palad

    The Tesalate Beach Towel design I would love to own is the BOHEMIAN design because I love its vibrant colors and festive design, it makes me feel more energetic and lively, I know it will surely make my beach time more fun and enjoyable…I am really hoping and praying to win one through this promo so I can have this awesome sand-free, absorbent, fast-drying and very lightweight beach towel
    FB: Imelda Jaylo Palad
    IG: @imeepalad

  39. Aldrin Montierro

    I am really looking for a beach big towel that will address my needs of not carrying it back home super wet and heavy and the towel that will not occupy big space of our luggage. Thank you Momi Berlin for sharing this. This TESALATE beach towel captured me and I love the ‘Montego Bay’ design. It is so feminine, so me! I would love yo have this as my first TESALATE beach towel. And, will have more like the ‘Tamarama’, Acapulco, To Tuscany, and maybe all?
    FB: Aldrin Montierro
    IG: @abmontierro

  40. Roxane Cabile-Montierro

    I found my new love in terms of having an absorbent and lightweight beach towel. ‘Leaf me alone’ is really my bet, it is like I am one with nature.So excited to have this and use it this summer.

    Facebook: Roxane Cabile-Montierro
    IG: @rcmontierro

  41. Stephanie Novio

    Same here Momi Berlin mahilig din kami magpicnic ng buong pamilya at malapit din kami sa Ecopark at your right na talagang nakakarelax ang nature yung tipong hindi lang katawan mo ang marerelax pati na din ang isip mo.Must have talaga na may dalang Beach towel dahil isa siya sa mga kailangan natin lalo na ngayon Summer na at uso na naman ang summer getaway.Tesalate Beach Towel lahat sila sobrang gaganda ng prints and designs yung tipong pag may nakakita sayo na may ganyan kang kagandang towel they will ask kung saan mo nabili kasi super catchy and refreshing siya sa mata.Its hard to choose pero I think “Montego Bay” just like Bohemian ang catchy din ng print niya.Hope na matry ko din ang Tesalate Beach Towel lalo na at may Summer getaway kami ng buong pamilya this April.Thank you Momi Berlin and enjoy Summer Season ❤❤❤
    FB:Stephanie Novio


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