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Aug 31, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin

Another helpful household nitty-gritty I found during my visit in a do-it-yourself hardware store is this non-slip hanger strip.  Found this very useful especially for my blouses and dresses that slide right off the ends of the hanger.

After a day though, the adhesive of this non-slip hanger strip fell off. Maybe because my hanger is made of plastic. I need to use a clip and twist to keep the strip from sliding off the hanger.

Then one Sunday while inside the National Bookstore, I chance  upon these colorful fuzzy wires.  I imagined wrapping it around my  hanger as a substitute to my non-slip hanger strip.


1.  Wrap the fuzzy wires on the hanger.  Start near the bent section of the hanger.

2. Continue to wrap until you come to the end of the wire.  Press the end of wire around the hanger. It will follow the shape of the hanger thus you need not do anything to fasten its end.

The product:

No slipping this time!


  1. wendy

    Galing! Gagayahin ko yan. Hehe

    • momiberlin

      ihiihi. anytime!

    • momiberlin

      hahaha. bili tayo sa national bookstore.

  2. Me-An Clemente

    Thanks for the tip. Which of these were cheaper and more time saving? The non-slip hanger or the fuzzy wires? By the way, there are also hanger wires with a hook included already right? But I still love the idea of the fuzzy wires because it makes a hanger wire pop with color and cuter <3

    • momiberlin

      i like the fuzzy wire more. and yes, cuter and more fun 🙂 ihihi


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