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Oct 24, 2018 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

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The Love for My Little One

My little one-year-old boy smiled at me.  His smile washed all worries and fears.  And for a while, I just felt peace. Indeed, a baby’s smile makes me see the beauty of the world.  My son is God’s perfect reminder that I am more than blessed. 

Thus, when friends announce that they have a baby shower, christening or birthday celebration, I always look for a gift that speaks to their little ones personally. The present becomes more than just a gesture of my appreciation for them and their parents. It becomes a special connection, a message saying they are unique, accepted, and loved for who they are. 


The Love for Personalized Gifts

Lovingly Signed, Momi Berlin


Usually, the gifts I love to receive the most for my boys are personalized ones.  Such presents show that the giver exerted added effort to connect with us.  That they value our relationship, thus give specially curated tokens of appreciation. 

As such, it is also our practice to give personalized gifts.  These presents are branded with their names and packed beautifully.  At first glance, the receiver will feel appreciated and valued.  

As I scout for personalized gift providers, one online shop that impressed me the most is Lovingly Signed.  


The Love for Lovingly Signed

Lovingly Signed, Momi Berlin


As I shop for gift ideas for a dear friend’s baby girl, I have come to know that Lovingly Signed was born out of a desire to revolutionize the gifting market in Asia. 

They first started with the thoughtful idea of coming up with a virtual personalized baby gift shop in Singapore.  One of their ever impressive and carefully curated gift set is a combination of all things a new parent and baby would need to celebrate their first year of life. 

As one browses through their website, one will undoubtedly find that perfect gift for a baby announcement, baby shower, childbirth, and even the little one’s first birthday or Christmas. Lovingly Signed boost of the broadest selection of luxury personalized gifts just for the adorable cuties.

A favorite at Lovingly Signed is their personalized pony print storage basket. Filling the basket with my baby’s laundered clothes seems to make the items genuinely fresh and clean.  And who wouldn’t fall in love with their Fuddlewiddle Puppy and Blanket Gift Set or the personalized Baby Girl Welcome Gift Set?  Ow, they are just the most adorable gifts ever. 

Lovingly Signed, Momi Berlin


Lovingly Signed, Momi Berlin

So you have a baby shower to attend this coming month? How about sending the precious little munchkin a lovely welcome gift set. Admittedly, the collection is fitted for any prince or princess.  More than that, your friend would undoubtedly feel the value you put into the relationship.  That is how personalized gifts make a lasting and valuable impression.


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Lovingly Signed Website



  1. momhandsarefull

    Soo cute 🙂 I love giving and getting personalized items for gifts. There’s something heartwarming about it. Will check this out just in time for Christmas 🙂

  2. Ciara Magallanes

    There’s just something about customized gifts. You know the giver thought of you and the gift carefully ♥️ I, too, love receiving such presents

  3. Janice

    I love personalized gifts too! The ones from this shop are so adorable. I’m sure the babies and there moms will love the items.

  4. Mommy Levy

    Perfect for this holiday season. I will check their website, gusto ko ng towel na may name 🙂

  5. Teresa Dumadag

    I agree with you. These personalized gifts are adorable. I would also love it when someone gives my kids something like this.

  6. Peachy A.

    I am a sucker for anything personalized. Lovingly Signed has the most adorable gift sets!


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