3 Simple Tips for Pursuing Your Dream Job

Jul 24, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

MOMI TIPS on pursuing that dream job

While some people spend their whole lives never knowing what they want to do, there are others who identify from a young age what their dream job will be. Whatever the case, the majority of people find themselves in careers which they had not anticipated, and may not enjoy. Having a job role which satisfies you is not only crucial for professional success; it also benefits your happiness and general success in life. Discovering and finding the right profession can be challenging, but the benefits are likely to be high. So if you are looking to pursue your dream job, here are three simple tips to help you get to where you would like to be.

Figure out what you want

While you might have some ideas of what jobs you are academically and intellectually suited to through aptitude tests, these types are not always accurate, especially if you don’t know yourself well. Hence, the first step in getting your dream job is to figure out what it is that you’d like to do. Write down lists of all of your best skills.  Figure out what types of things you enjoy. Also, check out what types of jobs you’ve considered undertaking in the past. Once you’ve decided what direction you’d like to go in, you can then start to pursue that career with confidence.

Put your best foot forward

3 Simple Tips for Pursuing Your Dream Job

3 Simple Tips for Pursuing Your Dream Job

Getting your dream job isn’t just about doing well in the interview.  It also requires you to do a lot of preparation beforehand. It is essential to be well-read in your chosen sector.  Knowing more than the minimum amount of knowledge will give you an edge over your competitors. You should also try and get involved in any events, projects or activities which would support your chosen career.  You may opt to volunteer in your sector or learn a second language. The more activities and learning that you can get involved in, the better your resume will appear when applying for jobs. Make sure to use a functional resume builder. This will help give you a professional finish. It will also help you look better to your employers.

Be realistic

Although it is exceptional to strive high and go for a job that you would love to do, it is also important to be realistic and make sure that your goals are achievable. Make sure that you are aiming for a job role which you will eventually be able to achieve, and that you have the means to support your decision. For example, if you have a family to help on a low income, it may not be the best idea to go for a job which would require you to go back to school to get the necessary qualifications. That doesn’t mean you can’t go for something if the process is complicated.   It only implies that you should always think long term, and consider all of the possible outcomes: the good, and the bad.

3 Simple Tips for Pursuing Your Dream Job


And please, don’t forget, too.  

Know Your Value

Once you have identified the job you see yourself to be doing in the next couple of years, you should have a salary benchmark of what you should be earning. If you get to get your dream job, you should also get an outstanding compensation rate. Keep in mind that doing what you love is not just enough. You must also determine if your monthly income is capable of providing your needs, paying your bills, and more.


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