MOMI SHARES| Get involved at your child’s school

Apr 27, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

MOMI SHARES| Get involved at your child’s school

When you are a parent, you may find it challenging to feel a connection with regards to what your child does in school. You may help him prepare for school early in the morning.  Both of you might have established a parent-child moment before hitting the sack and update each other on how your days fared.  But how would you know what happens in between?

When you volunteer at your child’s school, you will be able to maintain tabs on his learning.  More than that, you will also help him improve his overall learning experience.

Whether your child is at the elementary level of education or is about to complete high school, there are a number of good reasons a parent should be involved at his youngster’s school.   For one, it shows you have an interest in his education.   It also supports his learning in many ways, just like when you read to him his favorite book Cuentos de Amor. 

Allow us to share with you various ways to get involved and in a way, help both the school and your little one reap the numerous benefits of a parent’s involvement in his child’s schooling. 

Join a relevant school organization

There are various organizations you can join to easily keep a tab of your child’s progress. There are parents’ association or parent clubs. If there are no such clubs, perhaps it is time that you take the lead and form one.  Another way is to maintain a good connection with other parents.  Doing so gives you quick access to information about the usual activities in the school.  Having your own set of mom friends is also a great avenue for discussing successes or solutions about school or parenting problems.

Get involved in school activities

A visit to the school even once or twice a month gives remarkable value, too.  It gives you an understanding of the happenings at the school.   Likewise, you get to familiarize yourself with the daily activities of your kid.   

MOMI SHARES| Get involved at your child’s school

MOMI SHARES| Get involved at your child’s school

There are schools that require a chaperone during an educational field trip.  Grab the chance as it is one of the best ways to see how your child actively participates in such activities. 

Another way to get involved is pledging time to help the school tutor some of its struggling students. Remember, opportunities are endless.  You just need to keep in mind your objective.  And these are to know more about the school and see how your child progresses under the institution’s care. 

Set up check-ins with your child’s teachers

Teachers are often happy when parents show the desire of being involved in their children’s education.  They are also the best source to know your child’s progress in class.  Though communicating with them is but prudent, take necessary precaution not to overdo it.  

You may ask for a copy of the teacher’s syllabus at the start of the term.  You may also volunteer at classes whenever an opportunity arises.   But again, do not overdo things.  Students do not want the feeling of being micromanaged.  Teachers as well do not want to be overshadowed by parents.

Make education a family priority

Having an involvement in your child’s education is such a noble act.  Normally, students learn fast and appreciate things if they have an inspiration- their supportive parents.   Invest time for learning as a family in order to educate yourself and the kids. Create a space conducive to studying and reviewing.  Make sure to equip your child, too, with school supplies and learning aids. With the materials you gather from teachers, you can create a study plan.

Get involved at your child’s school

MOMI SHARES| Get involved at your child’s school

MOMI SHARES| Get involved at your child’s school

Being a parent does not mean sending your child to school alone and letting his teachers do all the teaching.  It is prudent that you get yourself involved at your child’s school.  It not only shows you take an interest in his education, it likewise sends a positive communication that you regard school a worthwhile cause.  After all,  educational institutions work with parents in providing opportunities to match with each student reach his goal. Plus, of course, isn’t the purpose of education to help the child decide “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

MOMI SHARES| Get involved at your child’s school


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