MOMI SHARES| Ways to foster creativity in kids

Apr 25, 2018 | Life, Live, Only Berlin


MOMI SHARES| Ways to foster creativity in kids

Looking at my boys, I must say that creativity is more than an inborn talent.  It is a skill developed not only because a child is intelligent.  The kid took advantage of the opportunities presented his way just the same that his parents help him develop new and known skills.  

I find creative people more flexible, perhaps even greater problem solvers.  They can easily adapt to technological advances as well as create wealth from new possibilities.  They don’t easily give up but consider the situation a blessing to learn and accommodate new learning.

Allow us to share with you ways on how kids can nurture their creativity.

Provide resources that encourage creativity

Resources do not mean brand new and expensive store-bought materials to help your child unleash his creative side. I remember when I brought with me my then four-year-old Second Son to a dentist.  He would play with his fingers and do some thumb wrestling.  That time, his available resource was time.  Time is a key resource.  Such a joy to know that children have lots of time for imaginative play.  Let him use his time then to learn and discover. 

Another resource you can give to your child is space.  If you can just allow him to use the front porch as his playground, surely a lot of invention and discoveries will happen there.  Let him use the small space of your living room to play with his Lego pieces and building blocks.  

Make a haven for creative individuals

Do not suppress the creative side of your child.  I remember my boys would draw stick figures and anything on our wall.  My husband and I just allow them to draw until such time they find the act silly and funny.  The boys also grew up enjoy coloring giant posters and their mom would stick everything on their wall.  There was even a time we let the children paint our house yellow because they love Spongebob’s pineapple house.    

Give full liberty to explore

Sometimes, kids can be so artistic and imaginative that they would think of the extremes.  Anyway, I still allow them to think that way.  If they like their mountains violet and their sun red, then allow them.  If they love their food with pineapple or strawberry jam toppings, then so be it.  Should they mess around while doing a project, always tell yourself you could always clean up later.  It is only when they see, taste, hear, and feel would they learn the beauty or plainness of things.  

Cheesevention Kit

Allow me to share this with you.  We recently got a lunchbox aptly called Cheesevention Kit.  Inside are snack ideas and a few items that are sure to spark any kid’s imagination and creativity.  With the Cheesevention Kit, one could make snack time more enjoyable and innovative by following the Certified Cheezventor’s Guide.  Of course, one also has the option to think of the most extreme ideas and just let creativity flow.  

Solar Cheestem

MOMI SHARES| Ways to foster creativity in kids

MOMI SHARES| Ways to foster creativity in kids

That’s the Solar Cheestem.  My boys just spread thick Cheez Whiz on top of the cupcakes then laid out the solar system placemat on the table.  They placed the cupcake on each planet outline then stuck the toppers into the tiny cakes. Now, they have their own edible cheestem.

I just love the idea that Cheez Whiz, with its thickness, could be used to create such fun art.  Indeed, Cheez Whiz’ thickness is an explosion of flavor that goes with everything. Cheez Whiz is not only for making Creamy Cheesy Sandwiches but for creating different “Cheeseventions” snacks as well. Kids of all ages can enjoy creating and mixing Cheez Whiz with other ingredients. Its two amazing flavors Original and Pimiento can drive kid’s imagination to create snacks!


MOMI SHARES| Ways to foster creativity in kids

MOMI SHARES| Ways to foster creativity in kids

Here’s another snack the boys did.  Indeed, the possibilities are just so endless. Cheez Whiz, the number one cheese spread in the country, has been spreading goodness during snack time for over 50 years. What makes it the leading cheese spread in the county is its thickness and amazing cheesy flavor.  Plus the fact that it can also be a resource for the kids to display their creative side.

Foster creativity in kids

With school wrapping up this summer, my three boys seem to enjoy their vacation.  They have been to places from Pangasinan to Baler and Singapore, and even make their stay at home productive.  Yes, who would even imagine that creating everyday snacks can be a great source to be productive and creative?  Grab a jar of Cheez Whiz now and let your youngster create his Cheeseventions.  Submit them at for a chance to win 10,000 pesos and be featured in the Cheez Whiz Facebook page.

MOMI SHARES| Ways to foster creativity in kids

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  1. Angelica Amigo

    Thanks for sharing mommy Kami kahit papano advantage ang location namin ngayon dito po kasi kami sa Albay province kaya kahit papano e maganda ang atmosphere at hindi polluted. Pero as a mama I always make sure na healthy at safe ang place where my child can explore



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