MOMI SHARES| Why the need for a travel insurance?

Apr 13, 2018 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

MOMI SHARES| Why the need for a travel insurance?

MOMI SHARES| Why the need for a travel insurance?

It’s that time of the year again.  My mom and three boys traveled outside the country for their needed vacation.

Last year, we all went to Hong Kong.  This year, they are at Singapore and I was left here with my two little ones.  I wasn’t able to process my baby’s passport thus my mom and three boys traveled without me.

Before they left the country last Saturday early morning, my mother handed to me four envelopes.  They contained their travel insurance papers.  Which made me ask her, “why the need?”

Why the need for a travel insurance?

My mother is a non-life insurance agent, thus, she understands the importance of an insurance in every travel.   As vacations are milestones in our lives, it should be enjoyed.  The experience needs to be pleasurable for everyone.  And a travel insurance from a Philipines company is the best companion to make this experience definitely worthwhile. Such insurance will give one peace of mind and handle sudden accidents abroad, lost luggage, and trip cancellation.

What is the most comprehensive travel insurance?

And speaking of travel protection,  perhaps the most comprehensive of all is from Malayan Insurance.  With Malayan, any unforeseen but possible inconveniences and emergencies can be given an immediate solution.

My mom secured the travel insurance policies days before their trip.  The amount of coverage is based on the cost of the trip as well as the traveler’s age.  To some, they may get it from their travel agents.  My mom, though, made sure to get them from her trusted travel insurance provider.

What is our preferred travel insurance?

MOMI SHARES| Why the need for a travel insurance?

MOMI SHARES| Why the need for a travel insurance?

My family left reassuring us they are well protected and covered.    They sent this photo to me, showing they are happy and enjoying. Thus I also felt at peace that though they may be miles away from us, I know they are in the right hands.  Thanks to Malayan Insurance.  I trust it because my mom trusts it.  My mom knows whom to trust as she’s been in the insurance business for over 20 years.



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