MOMI SMILES| The other side of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew

Apr 16, 2018 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

MOMI SMILES| The other side of McDonald's Kiddie Crew

It was his second time to be part of the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew.  This time, though, he felt old enough to join the gang.  He, however, did every task just like any professional, even exceeding my expectation.  He is such a team player.  And a complete charmer.  

Be part of the McDonald’s Kiddie crew

MOMI SMILES| The other side of McDonald's Kiddie Crew

MOMI SMILES| The other side of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew

Yes, mommies and daddies.  Summer is here once again and no better way to enjoy the brief break than play and learn something new.  The McDonald’s Kiddie Crew, for one, offers play and learn in a very friendly set up.  

Now on its 26th year, this annual summer program allows kids six to 12 years old to undergo play-based activities, learn good values, build confidence, and discover new talents, all in the company of new friends.  One activity to await is making their all-time favorite McDonald’s Cheeseburger.  They will also get the chance to serve customers with their orders from behind the counter and drive-thru window.  Of course, singing, dancing, and doodling are also part of the five-day workshop.

What is new this year is that McDonald’s added a two-day weekend workshop with three hours per session.  This change is to accommodate kids who would love to be part of McDonald’s crew yet their parents are busy with weekday work.  Of course, there is still the five-day weekday workshop which lasts for two hours each session.

The other side of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew

Did I mention my Big Bunso joined the Kiddie Crew workshop last week?  Because he was the tallest among the kids, he thought he was also the oldest.  He somehow felt uneasy working around.  But the situation didn’t last long.  McDonald’s employees were so compassionate about children’s feelings.  As the little kiddos were dancing with Ronald McDonald himself, one staff invited my Big Bunso to join the crowd.  He didn’t leave my boy and they both danced, giggled, and laughed with the other kiddie crew.  

I have witnessed how compassion improved the situation that time.  And I am positive that compassion shown there wasn’t a first time.  Perhaps most of McDonald’s people work with great concern, kindness, and warmth.  Because these qualities cannot be easily faked when not done consistently.    Which made me think that possibly, the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew started out of its management’s feelings towards customers, other people, and staff.  That within their group, they have this wonderful human capacity to act with respect, kindness, and concern.  And coupled with play-based activities and life lessons about responsibility and commitment to work, each can also learn compassion when practiced every day.   That beyond the skills to make burgers, the smiles to impress customers, it is compassion that brings back patrons.  The same compassion that has made this annual summer fun activity to last for 26 years and more.   

MOMI SMILES| The other side of McDonald's Kiddie Crew

MOMI SMILES| The other side of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew

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