MOMI TIPS| How to stay fresh this summer + giveaway

Mar 20, 2018 | Likes, Only Berlin

MOMI TIPS| How to stay fresh this summer + giveaway

MOMI TIPS| How to stay fresh this summer + giveaway

Husband and the boys went to Pangasinan last weekend.  The children climbed trees, rode bikes, and caught fish.  Husband relayed that they ate under the tree and only went inside their small kubo to wash and sleep.  The next day before they left for Manila, they again stayed most of the day outdoors.  No wonder they smelled amoy-araw.   Yes, even my 2 1/2 years old boy smelled amoy-araw already when left for too long under the sun.

Now that summer has officially kicked in, surely this familiar scent wafting through the air when the boys come in for an afternoon of play is set to fill the house.  I guess our toddler could avoid such foul smell with some of these tips:

Wear cotton clothes

Quality and lightweight cotton is a natural fiber, thus it absorbs moisture instead of repelling it.  It is also one of the most breathable fabrics.  Opt to use cotton then for your active kid.  Preferably, use light colors as dark-colored shirts absorb heat.

Bring extra clothes and a towel

It is prudent that as you go to the park or outdoors, you always bring an extra shirt for your toddler.  More than avoiding the sweaty smell, you also avoid letting your child’s sweaty back dried by air. If you don’t like to change clothes, at least bring a towel to wipe dry his face or back.

Schedule outdoor activities late in the afternoon

The sun’s rays are at their strongest between 10 am and 4 pm.  It is prudent to play outside or take a walk early in the morning. If you can’t catch the morning sun, then reserve playtime for beyond 4 pm.  Be sure, though, to be home by 6 pm, giving your youngster about two hours of ample playtime.


The hot temperature causes the body to work harder to stay cool.  This then results in an increased need for water.   Drink plenty of water every day and increase the number with each physical activity.

Make bathtime a habit

Encourage your little one to take a bath daily.  Allow him to play a little during bathtime.  You may add small toys in his bathtub to make the experience fun.  It would all the more inspire him to take a bath if he enjoys and love the scent around him.

MOMI TIPS| How to stay fresh this summer + giveaway

MOMI TIPS| How to stay fresh this summer + giveaway

One trick I do is use the latest gift we got from Tupperware.  We got a set of the limited edition Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats products.

We tried first the Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley (Pink Cotton Candy) and I so love the sweet smell it leaves on my boy’s skin.  It is like a sweet candy scent that you can’t resist smelling repeatedly.  Though he is a guy, I never mind using this variant on him.

Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley Shampoo

My son has long hair and sometimes, with the wrong shampoo, we need to deal with knots and tangles.  But not with Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley (Pink Cotton Candy).  I also love that my Little Man’s hair remains soft, silky, and easy to manage.

Yesterday, we played catch the ball.  And seriously, despite the sweaty face and hair, his hair smells amazing still.  As we wash his hair that morning, the shampoo doesn’t hurt his eyes as well.

Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley Hypoallergenic Powder

As for the Hypoallergenic Powder, I like it that it all the more make my toddler smell fresh and clean.  The Baby Powder works like a moisturizer.  My boy has some rough patches near his ankle.  I rub a bit of baby powder on it and his leg feels smoother and looks less irritated.

Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley Hypoallergenic Cologne

I dab a few drops of cologne on his neck and he didn’t complain of any burning sensation.  I just hate it when after a few drops of cologne, I would see that his skin will turn red and he will complain of itchiness.  With the Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats, there is no such burning sensation or red marks.  And I just so love his smell. The scent lasted for about three hours.

Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley Blue Sherbet

The Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats comes in two lines – Cotton Candy Pink and Blue Sherbet.   We also got a set of the latter and we are yet to try it.  I just would want to finish first the Pink Cotton Candy variant before starting with the Blue Serbet.  But no doubt, it will surely give the same sweet and fresh scent.

How to stay fresh this summer + giveaway

Smelling and feeling fresh and clean all day is easier said than done. Especially for toddlers who seem to have the gift of great energy, how can they remain fresh given their active lifestyle?

As a mom to a very bright and active toddler, we manage to keep our Little Man fresh and clean.  We see to it that he change clothes often, hydrate from time to time, and play outdoors when the sun is not at its strongest.  He also takes a bath regularly and we use Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley for a fresher and cleaner look and feel.  There is no exaggeration when I tell you that with the Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley, our Little Man remains that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower feel and look all day long.

There are a lot of baby products on the market nowadays and sometimes, we just don’t want to risk trying those new products for fear they will bring more harm to our little ones.  We meticulous moms would want no harmful ingredients to come in contact with our darlings.  I have tried Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley and its maker Tupperware Brands is giving away the same set I got for you to try, too!


MOMI TIPS| How to stay fresh this summer + giveaway

MOMI TIPS| How to stay fresh this summer + giveaway

  1. Re-gram the photo of my Little Man with his Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley collection.
  2. Share with us why you want to have your own set.
  3. Use #KPSweetTreats and #TWBxMomiBerlin.
  4. Tag Tupperware Brand’s official IG page and Momi Berlin IG page plus three friends.
  5. Do not forget to leave a comment here with the link to your giveaway entry and IG name.

This giveaway will run from March 20 to 31, 2018.  It will be open to all Momi Berlin followers in the Philippines. The announcement of one winner will be on April 1, 2018 via Momi Berlin’s Facebook page.  I encourage you to follow me as well on Facebook so you get the latest announcements and updates.  The winner, by the way, will pick up her prize at the nearest Tupperware Brands branch.

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  1. Samantha Aguilar

    WOW! gusto ko yan matry for my son! tlgang malakas pangangamoy nya po kapag pawisan! hays! gusto ko sana tlgang palagi syang fresh all day long eh pero super init tlga ng panahon now and uso pa rashes! huhu! I need a product na makakatulong sakin na maiwasan mga sakit sa init ng araw! salamat po sa review na ito madam! salamat din po sa chance manalo!
    Joined po!
    IG: @sammercute

  2. Shiela May Laynesa

    I really want to try ..reading your blog reviews is makes me so much excited. And It really help me lot as A MOM especially your tips . More Blessings to come .. napalaking na iyong Puso.. Godbless . sAlamat Po sa opportunity .

  3. Joseph Banghal

    1. To stay fresh this summer use the Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats Medley collection as to feel the baby or kids as gentle, smooth and cleanse all the time.
    2. I want to have my own set because i love the product and i want to experience my kids the skin care health benefits of the Kids Plus + Sweet Treats Medley collection. Its recommended by the experts and trusted quality brands.
    #KPSweetTreats #TWBxMomiBerlin

    IG: josephbanghal7544

  4. Rachelle Beraña

    Nice blog mommy.. Malaking tulong ang blog mo na to.. Lalo na ngayong summer, para feeling fresh parin ang kids

  5. Rishierl Capindo

    I would definitely love to have this for my kids of course. I know, this products would help my them stay cool and fresh all day long. Plus, the sweet smell you’ve mentioned above could also freshen up themselves especially the summer class is fast approaching.

    Joined on my IG account! @thesuperish ❤ hope to win!
    Entry link:

  6. Melisa Sanchez

    Hello my babye Yael, you’re so cute and I miss you already!
    This summer I want my toddler Zd also stay fresh and laging mabango, kahit lagi syang pawisan Basta pag sya ay iyong lalapitan di ka magdalawang isip na sya ay iyong halikan at bigyan na mahigpit ng yakap mula sa inang mapag mahal. Dalangin ko sa Maykapal na sana ako ay mabibiyaan ng isang set ng Kids+ Sweet Treats Medley collection.

  7. Love Compoc

    i hope to have my own twb set for my 3kids. This summer they want to stay and play outdoors. They can enjoy whole day without being uneasy and feeling amoy pawis with this twb set. 🙂 Lalo pa na 3 sila and makukulit, i want them to enjoy summer and collect childhood moments as siblings together with their playmates. Done on ig: iamlove_iloveyou
    shared on fb too: love fullido compoc

  8. Love Compoc

    thanks too for sharing some tips 🙂 will jot it down 🙂

  9. Annabelle Amper Sinogbuhan

    I want to have this for my BABY Ace para laging fresh and smell good

  10. Aldrin Montierro

    I want to win my own set of Kids Plus+ Sweet Treats: Powder, Shampoo, and Cologne for my daughter. She is a certified of Kids Plus+ user and this new set will make her cool, smelling fresh and ready, set, go to bask the sun this summer.
    #KPSweetTreats #TWBxMomiBerlin

    IG post link:
    IG: @abmontierro

  11. Rodaliz C Dela Cruz

    Must try ❤❤❤ my little girl need this much I want to make her feel comfortable and staying fresh this summer hope to win more power and God bless you and your family Instagram account @honeyrodaliz

  12. Rodaliz C Dela Cruz

    Hope to win this for my little girl.. she’s struggling rashes and irritation… I’ve tried a lot of brands but still not effective I hope this would be the answer..

    Instagram account- honeyrodaliz


    Thank you sis

  13. Mary Ann Villanueva

    these products will definitely meet my standards for my baby too

  14. Maria Rodjeline Villadolid

    I am hoping to one to be choosen of Kids Plus+ Sweet Treat from @tupperwarebrandsph , my daughter had really a bad sensitive skin and im afraid to try other products that may affect to her skin
    As I notice that this product is Hypoallergenic tht fits for kids sensitive skin, ang seeing to your blogs that it’s safe to us, thank you @momiberlin for the ideas,
    And I hope my daughter could try those products, and perfect this summer, to keep her fresh and fragrant
    Ig : @airamvilladolid

  15. Arlene obien

    I want to win these for my son because I want to experience these sweet and fun treats especially now summer season to keep him fresh all day perfect for my son sensitive skin he will surely love these 🙂

    IG name @ilovearleneb
    My entry link

  16. Leslie joy Aljecera

    Thank you so much momiberlin for sharing this to us marami akong natutunan sa mga tips nyo po..kaya ngayon alam ko na kung anong dapat gawin with the helps of Kids Plus Sweet Treats it will stay happy and fresh ang aking mga kids..thank you so much momiberlin..

    My Entry link po:
    IG Name:@lovelhez18

  17. Aica Jellaine A. Mora
    IG NAME: @moraaica

    I really want to try this products for my two wonderful,full of energy kiddos.
    Lalo na ngaun summer,end of classes na and they usually spends their time na on playing and activities outside the house.More amoy pawis and lagkit feeling for them na and for me to keep looking for the right product for them,pero yung hindi nagiging amoy maasim kapag naabsorb ng skin nila.I know this would be our perfect match base sa mga reviews na nabasa at narinig ko about this product.Hoping to win para sa mga kiddos ko,Ang My Life..My Strength..My Happiness ko #KPSweetTreats

  18. Marlon Privado

    Hoping for my son
    IG: @marlon071188

  19. Kashieca Mae

    Wow super like ko po eto itry para sa aking dalawang baby. Lalo na ang baby girl ko lage xa pawisin at super need po nya eto para lage po sya mabango

  20. Deborah Dividina

    Perfect for summer, sobrang init ngayon at ang mga bata gustong gusto maligo maya’t maya for them to feel fresh, cool at ma comfort sila. This is the best for baby and kid’s skin because of it’s hypoalergenic na as a mom you can feel panatag na safe ang anak mo. I want to have this for my son and niece para happy kiddo sila.
    Thanks Mommy Berlin! ❤️
    IG: @dheb_dheb

  21. Jean Ricamata

    I want to win this giveaway because I want my baby to experience the freshness even if she already spend time playing under the sun. And since tupperware brands is hypoallergenic I know my baby’s skin will be safe.
    FB:jean ricamata

    #KPSweetTreats #TWBxMomiBerlin #MomiBerlinGives

  22. Angelie Namindang

    Wow!!! For sure magugustuhan po ito ng mga anak ko.. Lalo na yung bunso ko fan na fan kay tuppperware brand products. Gustong gusto niya po kasi yung amoy nito at hindi harsh sa ilong. And this KIDS PLUS+ SWEET TREATS set are best this summer season… Lalo na active po talaga mga bagets ko sa mga outside games. Best po ito para always silang fresh at amoy mabango..
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway mommy!! Really love to own this set.
    IG LINK :
    Ig name : @angeliecuna

  23. Maria Melinda David

    IG: mariamelinda_david

    It was an awesome product made by Tupperware Brand. My baby has sensitive skin that’s why I only use trusted brands. That’s why I trust tupperware brands because my mom also use this on me and Now I use it on my baby since she has a sensitive skin and I only trust tupperware brands and high quality product I use for her.


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