MOMI SHARES| What’s inside our diaper Bag?

Dec 16, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

Whenever we go, we always have a toddler and an infant in tow.  Carrying them can be quite a struggle but with love, everything is possible.  As we go to malls or parks, I often babywear our four-month-old.  We bring our stroller, on the other hand, for our two-year-old.

As we stroll or travel with the boys, one common concern we often receive –

What’s inside your diaper bag?

Ours is a stylish quilted nylon fabric we got from Sara Bella.  It is durable and spacious enough to accommodate all baby essentials we need for a day trip.

The good thing about having three brothers before them, I have somehow mastered what would be inside our diaper bag.  I somehow know what are the most essential to the least needed.  I would like to share with you the important stuff inside a diaper bag.   My focus, though, is centered on the needs of a baby in the first six months of age and a toddler between two to three years old.

Changing pad

MOMI SHARES| What's inside our diaper Bag?

MOMI SHARES| What’s inside our diaper Bag?  The Mini Sara which comes with a free changing pad.

Call me Obsessive Compulsive but I always have with me a changing pad for my baby.  Sometimes, changing tables in various public comfort rooms are hardly clean to put the baby on them.  Thus, I use my changing pad instead.   I, too, use the changing pad, whenever I would put down my baby on a flat surface.  It is useful, too, even when in the house to protect the bedsheets from accidental spillage.

Ours comes free from the Mini Sara bag we got from Sara Bella.  It has a snap so we could always keep it neat inside the bag.  The pad is waterproof, easy to clean and comes in a chic design.


As we never know when we need to change a diaper, it is prudent to bring two to three pieces of diapers for at least an eight-hour trip.   These are thin pads only that wouldn’t consume too much space.

Baby wipes

As there may be places where water isn’t available, we always have baby wipes with us.  And even if we use water to clean our baby, we still use wipes to dry his bottom.  We likewise use wipes to clean his hands and even surfaces where we will put our things.

Extra clothes

Accidents happen.  A baby may spit up.  Or his pants may get poop stain.  It is wise to have at least two pairs of clothes unless you are fine with the idea of returning home with the baby in his diaper only.  Same with a toddler who can easily get dirty when he runs and plays around.  I also keep a hoodie or a blanket for both my boys just in case we will be inside a place that has a cooler temperature.

Nursing cape

Though I often wear a nursing dress, it still makes me more comfortable to have with me my nursing cape.  I always use it anytime any of my two boys ask for milk.  Sometimes, too, when my four-month-old is in deep sleep and I need to grab some bite, I use his changing pad and my nursing cape as his temporary bed.

Burp pad

Instead of using a small bib to wipe clean my boys, I use burp pad instead.  It is longer and thicker.  I even use the burp pad to wipe my toddler’s sweat.  I use the boys’ bib instead as my handkerchief.

Disinfectant, Hand sanitizer, Alcohol, Diaper rash balm, and Insect repellent patch

The hand sanitizer is for cleaning our hands, the disinfectant to clean surfaces, while we use the alcohol to either clean our hands or surfaces.  The diaper rash balm is also intact to apply in our baby’s bottom should it turns red due to not changing diaper asap.  While the insect repellent patch is to shield my boys against mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.  I just stick them in my boys’ shirt or pants.

Diaper pouch

The clothes, bottles of alcohol, sanitizer and disinfectant, and diapers are placed separately in different pouches.  This is to keep our bag organized.  I also have an extra pouch or biodegradable plastic for storing soiled diaper or clothes.

Healthy snacks 

I always have at least two to three cups of various healthy snacks for my toddler.  That would certainly keep him busy as we wait in line or when stuck in traffic.  Often, we have his favorite rice crispies, cubed fruits, and baby cookies.  Also, we have a bottle of water readily available for our little one.

What’s inside your diaper bag?

MOMI SHARES| What's inside our diaper Bag?

MOMI SHARES| What’s inside our diaper Bag? Our Kelly Bag with my name on it.

A well-stocked diaper bag can save the day.  It is best to choose a waterproof bag with multiple compartments to keep things organized and easy to locate.  We have two bags and we alternate using them.  Our Mini Sara Bag is for quick trips with any of the boys while the Kelly one is when we have the two boys with us.   I love the Kelly most when I babywear our four-month-old.  Because as I carry my baby in front of me, our Kelly bag, on the other hand, is at my back.   Plus I love that our Kelly bag has my name on it.  It is simply uniquely mine.

So, are you in search of a chic diaper bag?  Check Sara Bella and you may like their bags as much as we did.

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  1. Kylie

    Wow! Most of my friends have children and I never considered how much work was involved! I always wondered why most of them carried around huge bags and why some of them were always late but I never knew why! Now I know! I’m saving all your pages for when I have my own kids so then I’ll be well-prepared!

  2. Jazz

    This is really interesting! I’ll be sure to send this to my brother and his partner who are expecting


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