MOMI SMILES| Brand new beginnings with Beginnings Baby

Oct 5, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

Clothes are like a second skin.  We feel comfortable wearing what suits our mood for the day.  Sometimes, we communicate through the colors we wear.

Just like when we’re preparing for a baby girl, we buy a lot of pink dresses.  And to communicate that we’ve got a boy, we purchase blue shirts, blue pants, and even blue booties and mittens.

But there are others though who would instead opt for white.  Perhaps, white symbolizes purity and innocence. Aside from that, others see the birth of a child as a start of everything and white represents such new beginnings.

Brand new beginnings with Beginnings Baby 

Such is the same principle of Beginnings Baby, the first all-white newborn baby apparel brand.

MOMI SMILES| Brand new beginnings with Beginnings Baby

MOMI SMILES| Brand new beginnings with Beginnings Baby (photo grabbed from Beginnings baby FB Page)

This mother spotted this baby brand at the recently concluded Into the Jungle Baby & Kids Fair at The Playground, Bench Tower in BGC.  Among the over a hundred mom and baby brands on display, Beginnings Baby remained one of the top picks in the bazaar.

Brand new beginnings with everything white

Beginnings Baby offers a full range of baby necessities, each crafted from soft cotton.  And quite noticeable is its strict adherence to all things white from tie-sides, shorts, pajamas, booties, caps, bibs, and blankets to name a few.  Pediatricians, too, prefer white garments especially for babies in their first year.

For one, white shirts are cleaner and look neat when worn by babies.   One could easily detect insects or other unwanted objects against the white background.  Spots, specks of dirt, and stains are readily seen as well; thus the mother or caregiver could change the baby’s clothes at once.  Even Science explains that white attracts less heat, making sure that the infant feels relaxed and comfortable.

Brand new beginnings with our little one

Babies bring joy into the world.  It is no doubt then that their parents opt for only what is the best.  Such an act is quite evident when you see parents rave about Beginnings Baby.  Perhaps, there is really something about the brand.

MOMI SMILES| Brand new beginnings with Beginnings Baby

MOMI SMILES| Brand new beginnings with Beginnings Baby

I got to try the suit up.  Not only my baby looks like an angel in his all immaculate white outfit. I could sense he enjoys his sleep as the soft fabric allows his skin to breathe for optimal comfort.

I may say that indeed, it is always a fresh new beginning with Beginnings Baby.


  1. Indrani

    That is a nice choice of color for a bay! So pure so innocent!
    No I recollect I too had preferred whites for my babies… comes subconsciously to all mothers I think. Great brand.

  2. Louisa

    I used this for Jael when he was a baby. I even joined a contest that Beginnings Baby had. Jael won! White clothes always give a feeling and look of cleanliness and freshness.

  3. Kylie

    I absolutely love the colour white on children, I always found it so sweet! These are no exception they look soooo cute!!

    I would have thought (not that I know because I don’t have children) that white would also be a little impractical to clean for children? If so, do you have any tips because I should sure use some help with maintaining my white laundry! 😉

    Keep up the amazing work!



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