MOMI DISCOVERS| Why we love Pop Tops

Aug 16, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

Kids are often easily encouraged to try something new because of its packaging.  They would all the more clamor for more after discovering its delightful taste.  Such is the case with Pop Tops, Australia’s favorite kid’s juice drink.

From the bottle to the juice, Pop Tops is a kids beverage designed to entice the young ones with its taste and packaging.  Each Pop Tops comes in a handy-lunch box sized 250ml serving.  It is perfect for little tot’s drinking needs and even for moms to carry in their purse.

Well, not all juice drinks are created equal.  Pop Tops can easily outstand other kids beverages because of the following:

MOMI DISCOVERS| Why we love Pop Tops

MOMI DISCOVERS| Why we love Pop Topspop

Why Filipino moms love Pop Tops

Pop Tops’ bottle has a child-friendly grip designed for little hands.  It also has a smaller drinking spout to avoid spills and mess.  With a pop-up cap, the drink is re-sealable, allowing kids to enjoy their juice during long trips without fear of again – any mess or spills.   With its right serving size, too, moms are assured their kids get the nutrients they need in the amount that they want.

Unlike most artificial drinks in the market today, Pop Tops is made from real fruit juice.  It also has 30 percent less sugar and less sodium and has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.  It is because Pop Tops is made with the highest quality and safety standards that the children deserve.  Its natural taste – coming in apple and orange flavors – has been universally enjoyed both by kids and parents for generations.

To entice little tots, the juice drink has colorful characters printed on its packaging – Alfi Apple and Oli Orange. Parents may also opt to serve the drinks on birthday parties and other special occasions.

What Pop Tops offers

In a statement, Atlas Global Advantage managing director Hans Nathan Ching said that “Pop Tops was developed with health and safety in mind.  It is not enough that each child is satisfied.  They have to benefit from what they consume.  Each drink they consume is an investment in their future health, and Pop Tops is the only kids beverage that delivers this in a way that children will love.”

What Momi Berlin recommends

Our children are the most special people in our lives.  They deserve something special like Pop Tops.  Try it.  It is now available in SM Snack Exchange, Rustan’s Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, and SM Hypermarket nationwide.

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  1. Louisa

    I’ve been seeing this on my feed but haven’t seen it at the grocery yet. When I do will make sure to give it a try. Jael just might like it for his baon. Maybe they’ll come up with mango?

  2. EINz

    Basta made from real fruit juice, highly recommended. I even like those with real pulp making it more of a freshly squeezed fruit drink. We haven’t tried this, will try to look at the grocery store and let the kids decide if they want to have this for their baon.

  3. Above Precious Rubies

    I haven’t seen or tried Pop Tarts yet. When I see this in the grocery store, I’ll give it a try. 🙂 Who knows, Nate might like it too, db? 🙂

  4. Shalene R

    You got me at “30 percent less sugar and sodium” 🙂 Hindi ko pa to nakikita sa grocery stores, maghahanap ako 🙂 My kids love fruit juices but I can’t always prepare smoothies. This is a great substitute

  5. Edel

    Super love the Orange Pop Tops! My daughter prefers the Apple one naman. This is a great drink suggestions for parents with toddlers or in pre-school coz it is easier to open than the usual tumblers.


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