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Jul 14, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

I am one hands-on mom.  I prepare my boys’ food and tend to their needs personally.  Except lately that I stay in bed most of the time because of the false contractions I’ve been experiencing.  I am on my 39 weeks and five days of pregnancy.

Anyway, now that the boys are back in their schooling, the more that I take that extra effort to keep them healthy.  This extra care will help them maintain their energy to perform in school and excel in their chosen passions. And one great way to do this is by giving them the right Nutrawell Nutraceuticals every day.

Nutrawell Nutraceuticals are food supplements that can help boost my boys’ overall wellness.  And these are exclusively available at any Generika Drugstore.  Let me share with you what my boys take every day.

Nutrawell Probiotics for Kids

Healthy and Happy Boys with Nutrawell 

Healthy and Happy Boys with Nutrawell

This is a grape flavored powder mix I usually prepare for the boys either in the morning or late in the afternoon.  Taking it regularly helps restore the good bacteria in the digestive system, helping the body improve its defenses against disease.

Actimed Ascorbic Acid

This is the boys’ vitamins that help in the proper absorption of iron and aid in the speedy healing of any cut or wound.  An overall immune booster, it also assists in the repair of blood cells, tissues, and bones. It likewise functions as an antioxidant that serves an important role in many of the body’s functions.

Healthy and Happy Boys with Nutrawell 

Healthy and Happy Boys with Nutrawell

Ample rest and balanced nutrition

As these Nutrawell Nutraceuticals by Generika Drugstore are food supplements to aid my boys, proper diet, ample rest, and a balanced lifestyle are still needed to keep my children in tip top condition.

I also encourage the boys to take sports.  Aside from teaching them life lessons like discipline, responsibility, and teamwork, playing sports helps them stay healthy and in shape.  It sort of gives balance to their life, giving them the opportunity to have fun and not just focus on academics.

I am also happy that because of our 22-months old boy, my three older children are now encouraged to take more fruits.  Our Little Man loves fruits thus we always have a few at home.  We likewise lessen eating processed food and now prefer to eat more vegetables, lean meats, and seafood.  We even make our own ice cream, bread, and vegetable or fruit chips.

Healthy and Happy Boys with Nutrawell

I am sure most moms are giving their kids the gift that truly lasts a lifetime – their good health.  It is just a matter of choice and one option you may consider is Generika Drugstore’s Nutrawell Nutraceuticals.  They are safe, effective, and affordable.  Yes, with four growing boys under our care, we value affordability but never compromise quality.

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  1. Indrani

    This is such a boon for moms of growing kids. Less immunity would mean sickness and absence from school. And add to that their crankiness. Making a note of this.

  2. Michi

    Our Pedia doesn’t like prescribing food supplements but I still buy vitamins for my son because he doesn’t eat a lot of veggies and fruits, He only likes yellow fruits daw, mango and banana. hehehe! Good for you that your little man likes fruits.

  3. Mommy Rockin' In Style

    We are lucky Cloud is not a picky eater as he grows. But he lacks in fruits, ang gusto lang niya mango and banana. Ayaw niya nung iba hehehe.Will consider Nutrawell for Cloud, hope he likes it.

  4. Maaya Legaspi

    I just wonder on up to what age is the supplement? Being a mom is really tough coz even though you’re not feeling well, you still need to attend to their needs. I like it when you still think of them and what’s best for them so you look for other stuff you think they can benefit from. Hands down to hands on moms! 😀

  5. Above Precious Rubies

    I haven’t heard of Nutrawell before. Is this a new brand? For Nate’s food supplement, I go with Ceelin and Biofit. Pero ung pedia, pinapa try sya ng Nutri10, di pa nga lang nauubos supply. lol.

  6. Mommy Gracie

    I haven’t heard about this product, but I have a Generika Card, mas mura talaga sa kanila ang vitamins. I’ll check this out sis, thanks also for the tip to engage “boys” into sports.

  7. Melisa Sanchez

    I haven’t heard about this Vit but I think this is really good for kids. My ZD I prefer to give him supplement vitamin and also Vitamins C, kahit palakain sya ng fruits but still di parin ako kontente sa mga nutrients na pumapasok sa body nya. Buti nalang at tumaba na sya ngayon.

    • momiberlin

      Very good talaga si ZD. Mahilig sa fruits. yes, bigyan mo sya ng fruits hanggang gusto nya. And I also believe in the nutrients our kids get from food supplements.

  8. Madz | Mommy N' More

    My daughter takes probiotics as well. I think it helps with digestion and overall gut health. Buti ngayon madami na options unlike before. it’s great that they are more affordable too.


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