MOMI SMILES| and you shall be named Kael

Jul 5, 2017 | Only Berlin

I am 38 weeks pregnant. Anytime this week or early next week, I will give birth to our Fifth.

For the few days I will be gone, I made a few preparations for the loved ones I will be leaving behind.

Batch cooked  

As all the necessary mom and baby essentials we will be needing at the hospital are neatly packed inside my bag, I also prepared food for my boys.  That way, they will have food readily available during the few days I will be gone.    All they need to do is reheat them.

A number of viands can be stored long-term without spoiling, as long as the temperature and moisture conditions are properly maintained.  And one of the safest to cook viand that doesn’t spoil easily is Adobo.  I need not worry if the kids would forget to put it inside the ref.  It could survive overnight.

MOMI SMILES| and you shall be named Kael

MOMI SMILES| and you shall be named Kael| Batch cooked for the boys

Another viand I cooked which could survive overnight even if outside the ref is sweet and sour.   I also made them about three dozens lumpiang shanghai and cheese sticks for merienda.  They only need to deep fry them and I’ve already taught them how to.

Grocery for the boys

Last Sunday, we went to the grocery and stocked on canned goods.  I had some difficulty walking around the supermarket but luckily survived the day.

Canned meat and seafood can last for years in many cases. Canned meat is an excellent source of protein while canned fish is a fantastic source of omega 3 fatty acids.  We stocked a number of canned sardines, tuna, cooked meat, and sausages.

We also got canned fruits and pancake ready mix.

Finished the laundry

The boys and I helped each other finish the laundry.  Having a mountain of dirty laundry can be daunting and at times, depressing.   I do not want the boys to face that massive pile of clothes all by themselves so I encouraged them that we finish everything by Tuesday.  Looking at the bright side, we are lucky to have modern conveniences like a fully automated washing machine.  All we need to do is hang dry the clothes and fold them after.

Sanitized the house

MOMI SMILES| and you shall be named Kael

MOMI SMILES| and you shall be named Kael| Sanitized the whole house

I may perhaps overdo it but I literally bleached the house from top to bottom.  This wasn’t included on my to-do list.  The agony, though, of waiting for my true labor signs led me to scrub every wall in the house, the bathroom included.  We also changed curtains, bed covers, and pillow cases.  I donated all the mugs, plates, and water jugs kept inside the cupboard.    It made me doubly excited to imagine the baby coming home to a clean and sanitized home.

And you shall be named Kael

It was last night when suddenly, I whispered Kael.  And from that instant, I know our baby shall be named Kael.

Kael means “Mighty Warrior.”  Very appropriate as he has shown and proven to us how much of a fighter he is.

His name is of Celtic origin.  It is the language mostly spoken on the north-western edge of Europe, notably in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

He will be our fifth prince; his mama’s last boy and his brother’s little bundle of joy.  He will bring his family closer and will forever remind each and everyone that love is the way we speak, listen, and do things.


  1. Nilyn Matugas

    How is it pronounced? Is it like Yael’s? Or like “keyl”? Excited to see him. I’m commenting this with Nate on my lap and he keeps saying, “ang cute ni Yael”. haha.

    • momiberlin

      yes, pronounced like yael’s. though the husband prefers samuel.

      • Nilyn

        No offense, Joema, but I’ll go with Kael. Hehe

  2. Michi

    Wow, ready na talaga, parang ako napagod sa dami mo ginawa. 🙂 I also prepare lumpia shanghai and store it in a container para ready na for cooking. Have a safe delivery.

    • momiberlin

      thank you. yes, lumpiang shanghai are like canned goods and processed food, readily available if you have nothing to serve.

  3. Janice

    I love the name. So nice! 🙂 I found myself smiling while reading your post because I remember myself doing the same things last year when I was also waiting to give birth. Have a safe delivery, Berlin. I’m so excited for your new blessing. 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. Love the name and sound of it. Though my husband would love to name him Samuel. Hehe. let’s wait if sino masusunod. 🙂

  4. Nerisa

    Have a safe delivery momi berlin. 🙂 Will be praying for your and Kael’s safety. Good thing your older boys can manage themselves na. galing ng preparations mo. 🙂

    • momiberlin

      thank you. need all the prayers. 🙂

  5. Michelle

    Super lapit na pala! God bless you, Momi Berlin! Parating na si Kael. Kasi nag-nesting ka na. Hihi. Ang galing mo nga kasi pati food ng kids naiprepare mo na din. Super momma ka talaga! <3

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. The food I prepared, ubos na. Haha, Inabot na naman ako ng isa pang week. Now I need to make new food preparation dahil this week, ito na talaga.

  6. EINz

    Fifth? Wow! As much as I wanted to have 3 or 4, we’ve decide that it’s more practical to settle with two. Plus, I’m turning 35 so I fear that it wasn’t easy for me to gave birth unlike before.

    So I envy seeing big families like yours. But who knows? Maybe I can take the courage to have one more, giving my youngest a baby sister that can be her bestfriend. I grew up with four other siblings, two sisters and two brothers, so I know the fun and chaos of having a “louder house.”

    Goodluck to your big day, welcoming Kael! … sarap ng may baby.

    • momiberlin

      thank you. yes, sarap may baby sa house. and yes, the house can be real noisy with so many kids around, then puro boys pa. Having two kids is just fine. At least you could give your attention to them fully. with five boys, nahihilo na ako. eheheh.

  7. Maan

    OMG you go momma! Nesting at its finest. I’m really liking the preparations that you did for baby’s coming, as if you’re welcoming a royal prince; then again, you are! Love the name, too! Have a safe delivery!

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for appreciating the name. Husband prefers another name. We are still debating on it. Ehehehe. Yes, it seems we are indeed welcoming a royal prince. ihihi.

  8. Melisa Sanchez

    Oh that name so lovely and I like it. Kumusta na? wala pa din?reading ready kana pero si Kael ayaw pang lumabas. Praying your safety delivery Berns and also to your little Kael. I am so excited to see him soon.

    • momiberlin

      Excited here as well. Medyo in pain but then there are times I find my contraction tolerable. Haahha. nag eenjoy pa ang baby sa loob ng tummy ni mommy.


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